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Building A House Powerpoint Template

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Building a House

Transcript: Building Sites free standing and designed for the members of one family Property tax and location of site matter! (hills=more expensive) House size is calculated in square feet (avg. house= 1,400-1,600 sq. ft Cost of land in some communities is high, so large buildings are used to house families Made from concrete blocks that is fastened together with mortar Outside of homes may be covered with: Walls may be covered with: Floors may be covered with: Advantages: House Design Utilities: electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage disposal What's the order? design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi The property they are built on is called a building site Identify different residential dwellings Explain the differences between manufactured homes and site-built houses apartments, townhomes, condos, Some building sites are better than others Foundation Basic Types of Homes Part of the house that rests on the ground and supports the structure House Construction Insulation is what keeps a house warm in the winter Describe how building site is chosen Explain how a house is assembled Advantages and disadvantages of building your own home Multi-family includes a low wall that allows for a crawl space Finishing touches (hardwood, interior doors, shelves, counters, etc) are the last to be done Structures of Homes Single-Family Housing 13 million units in the USA Residential buildings: where people live Electricity, water, natural gas, telephone lines, and sewage all need to be available Multi-Family Housing personal preference, building codes, cost, and climate need to be considered After determining design, the next step is to calculate the house size Interior Completed after the exterior is finished The floor is built after the foundation, followed by the walls (with door and window holes), and finally the roof. Built using the same technique as commercial buildings Single-family Manufactured houses, or prefabricated houses have parts of the home made in factories Building a House Ms. Emily Workers then install electric heating, cooling, water, and sewage systems Homes for People

Building a House

Transcript: We are all apart of something bigger. Even if we do not relise it we are all part of a global system. Our world would not work without all of us being apart of it. Convince yourself that you can do bigger things and that your talents are useful in the world around you. Learn where your place is. Global Citizenship: defines a person who places their identity with a "global community" above their identity as a citizen of a particular nation or place. Allowing us to relise our place in the world. My college essay I wrote about my experience at ANSER charter school. The ups and downs I had and the roadblocks I had to overcome. In my essay I also wrote about how my time there changed me into the person I am and the experiences that put me in the place Im at today. "There is no such thing as failure. There is only the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and create success. And success is what makes us who we really want to be". -Travis Young 1984 The Importance of being Earnest dives into the interworkings of a disfunctional family in the late 1800's. Its goes into depth about the importance of family and understanding the important aspects of life such as family, love, and happiness. 1984 is a novel published in 1949 that follows the life of a government clerk in a world where the citizens have no power and their happiness is all dependent on themselves. But soon Winston will find his place in the world he lives in. A place that would be agaisnt everything he once knew. Our role as a global citizen and even as a human being is to work for the greater good of ourselves and the people around us. “The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.” ― George Orwell, 1984 This quote perfectly describes the way Winston understood how his world worked. Winston also understood where his place in the world was and understood that being where he was would aid in the happiness of the people around him thus making his world slightly better. A presentation on the relation between my college essay, 1984, the importance of being Earnest to the importance of being a global citizen Book Covers Summary “I am not in favour of this modern mania for turning bad people into good people at a moment's notice.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest Global Citizenship is something that we are all apart of. It means to be a bigger part of the world around you. To learn and understand how the world works. Global citizenship teaches us to balance love, happiness, our personal being and the people around us. It also teaches us that for humans to survive all 7 billion of us need to work together. Through my time at ANSER and applying to college to reading 1984 and the Importance of being Earnest I have learned that my place in the world and the places people around me occupy, have such an impact on the way our world works. Being Global The Importance Of Being Earnest College Essay Framework

Building a house

Transcript: Building A House Leader: I need to be organized so our plan does not get messed up. I also need to be patient because the more I work on the mission, the better the outcome will be because I will have more time to think things through. Lastly, I have to be understanding because I have to understand how to fix a problem (if somenody has one) from their point of view. Character Traits and Description Provider: The provider provides what is necessary for the building of the house, like materials. After the researcher researches the proper materials for the house. She would inform the provider of the certain materials, and I would look for good prices of that certain material,(which takes patience), while also being cautious of the amount of money I spend. Our mission is to build a stable house that can handle the impacts of weathering (rain, hail, snow, etc.). I need to be patient because if I can’t find the information I’m looking for, I need to work with what I have. I need to be logical because if I select something for the house, it may not fit well for the other materials. I need to be organized because I need to know what to do, when to do it, and to contribute with others. Obstacles Researcher: -buying and deciding which materials to us -planning how to build the house -building the house itself -finding the money to buy materials for building the house -weather Characters -look for the best materials -find volunteers help build the house -have fundraisers look for reliable sources Leader: Organized, patient, and understanding Planner: Organized,responsible, and patient. Researcher: Patient, logical, and organized Provider: Frugal,cautious, and patient. Leader: Lisa Simpson Planner: Karla Researcher: Taric Provider: Sharkeisha Reasoning for Traits Building a house Mission Resolution Planner: I need to be organized,responsible and patient because it takes a lot of work to plan a nice stable house. If I don't do my part it could mess up everyone else. I have to have the blue prints organized to see which one would be better, and not take time to look for it. I have to have responsibility because I'm the one that plans how it's going to look and what the materials are going to be. By: Alinah Alam, Karla Rivera, Weam Elasmar, & Alaina Lam

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