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Build Healthier Template Mapping

Transcript: How do we get from where we are to where we want to be? Community Capacity Building Vision: Providing Technical Assistance & Support Toolkits, Trainings, Webinars and Resources Best practices and existing models for community capacity building and systems change (e.g. Collective Impact Model) Platform for shared practices among councils (e.g. Project ECHO approach) 1. Building Relationships 2. Branding and Promotion 3. Pilot Success (RGV) 4. Quick-wins and Projects Underway Define our "VMOSA" Vision Mission Objectives Strategies Action Plans Develop our Models 1. Monitor, track, and document 2. Evaluate and enhance toolkits and resources How do we determine impact? How are we taking action? 1. The Need Movement for a healthier Texas Statewide Needs/Asset Assessment with Community Health Collaboratives (July-Sept 2017) 2. Our Resources MHFC Toolkit, SHAC in Action, ITT programs (All in development stages) 2. The Science To effectively reduce the burden of obesity and related chronic disease, sustained efforts must be directed across levels and coordinated across sectors (IOM, 2010, Peters et al., 2002; Reilly, 2006). What health issues matter to Texans and what are our resources? Comprised of tools and resources designed to help initiate, enhance, and support Mayor's Health and Fitness Councils and School Health Advisory Councils in communities throughout Texas. Designed to encourage collaboration within communities, and empower those communities to drive local efforts towards creating healthier environments for Texans. ITT Build Healthier Build Healthier 3 Fundamental Streams of Sustainability: 1. Programmatic 2. Institutional 3. Financial All 3 Streams Influence: Garnering Enthusiasm Maintaining Engagement How do we keep Build Healthier going? Mission: Program Development Sustain Evaluate Plan Assess Act

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