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Budget Proposal Template Powerpoint

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Budget Proposal

Transcript: The Bedan Fair is to fill the given free time during the Sto.Nino Festival so that students wouldn't just lounge around and do nothing. Other than the usual food booths, Game booths will have more unique mechanics rather than the usual games as to food booths, we plan to invite more unusual food for the students to explore unique food. Overview Budget Proposal Date/Time: Jan. 23, 2014 7:00 am-5:30pm Venue: Soccer Field Title of the Proposal: The Bedan Fair Objective/s: To kill the free time that the Sto.Nino has given the students Intended Participants: Teachers and 7th Graders to 4th Year (2,000 participants) Budget Details: Item Unit Price per Unit Total Price Venue 1 Php 10, 000 Php 10, 000 Sound Systems 1 Php 5,000 Php 5,000 Banners/Decorations 1 Php 4,500 Php 4,500 (For Everything) Total Price: Php 19,500 Why it's a good idea The League of Legends (LoL) Bedan Circuit aims to provide a video game in which a team of 5 have to work together in order to win. This game will consist of strategies and situational awareness that will greatly help each student that participates. Thus will be a great addition to Bedan Tradition Proposal: Overview of Event I have three budget proposals for, what I hope to be, future Bedan events. These Event are the following: LoL Bedan Circuit, The Bedan Fair. Final Thoughts Budget Proposal Proposal: Overview of the Event Budget Proposal Why this is a good idea This is a good idea on several different aspects other than what is already mentioned. other than the fact that. It also gives other people who are not as intellectually gifted enough for quiz bees or athletically gifted enough for intramurals. It gives other people a chance for glory like what these people can accomplish. This is a good idea because of sheer amount of free time the students have. since most of the booths will pay us or sponsor us. So we would only pay for the opening ceremony, banners and decorations that would be used. We could even hold a contest for the decorations so that expense would be less. Therefore, there wouldn't be really anything much to lose. The opening ceremony would always be there so the addition of these booths wouldn't be that big of a change. Although these ideas seem to be a bit out of place for Bedan Traditions. I see them to be a good fit in Bedan Tradition. This will fit, but like everything else people would need to adapt and get use to these new activities. They must also be handled carefully and have proper planning to not have a half-baked program. Date/Time: Jan. 23, 2014 8:00 am-1:30pm Venue: Computer Labs Title of the Proposal: LoL Bedan Circuit Objective/s: To promote a Teamwork, strategic thinking, and situational awareness in a fun and competitive manner Intended Participants: LoL players, 7th Graders to 4th Year (80 participants) Budget Details: Item Unit Price per Unit Total Price Venue 2 Php 10, 000 Php 20, 000 Internet service 1 Php 5,000 Php 5,000 Prize Money 5 Php 200 Php 1,000 Total Price: Php 26,000

Budget powerpoint

Transcript: Vacation cost $530.00 / 12 = $44.16 Needs 2,055 Yearly Gross Income: Monthly Expenses: 24,660 -Geico I'm a private detective making 21,020 before taxes, married to a teacher whom makes 32,880 and we have one son who's 1 year old. To Colorado,CO! Make: Nissan Model: 350Z Year: 2006 Price: 9,996 $699 Total: $398 2,338.95 Brenda Valles 3rd Period $3,368.75 48 Months 9% Intrest rate $249.00 Monthly expences! 3,368.75 Private Detective Eating Out: $100.00 Baby Sitting: $80.00 Vacation Saving: $44.16 Cell phone: $100.00 Cable/Internet: $45.00 Dart Pass: $80.00 $3,221.11 Buying A Car I made it! Personal Expenses Surplus! of $147.64! Total: Car Loan Information Yearly Disposable Income: Budget Project How much is it all?! Rent: $699.00 Utilities: Electricity $150.00 Estimated Food expenses: $480.00 Clothing Expenses: $200.00 Car Payment: $249.00 Car Insurance: $360.95 Gas: $200.00 Activites: 1,313.75 $430.00 15,765 90 Monthly Disposable Income Wants $147.64 Your monthly gross income: Toileting/Cosmetics: $80.00 Beauty/Barber Shop: $90.00 Allowance/Lunch: $100.00 Gifts/ Presents: $40.00 Petty Cash(extra money) $20.00 Savings/Investments: $100.00 Vacational Trip Budget! Your monthly disposable income: 4,491.66 Subtract!! Cable Tv Phone Concerts Internet Xbox Puppy Luxuries Jacuzzi Piano and guitars Nissan GTR 2015 Accomodation Monthly expences Yearly Gross Income: Food Transportation hygene essentials shelter clothes furniture baby formula utilities medicaid money Car Insurance: Transportation : 350 to go and come back. Food: 12 hour drive eating 3 times at convinience stores- $30.00 2 night stays 3 meals x 3 = 6 meals $100 (we will be fishing for free ) = free fish = free food Spending cash : $50.00 What's the cost?? Teacher 21,020 Monthly Expenses Total: Yearly Disposable Income: Amenities 2338.95 A Deficit Or A Surplus? Legends At Lake Highlands Camping ! at Brown Lake in Pingree Park Road Ln Colorado, CO - At Zero cost $Free 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom Vacations!! Monthly Disposable Income: Monthly income? $32,880 Monthly Disposable Income: $449.16 Who am I? Air Conditioning Dishwasher Furnished Available Pool Fitness Center Rent Attending the lake & swimming- Free Hiking In the Mountains- Free Fishing- Free

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