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Budget Powerpoint Template

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Budget powerpoint

Transcript: Vacation cost $530.00 / 12 = $44.16 Needs 2,055 Yearly Gross Income: Monthly Expenses: 24,660 -Geico I'm a private detective making 21,020 before taxes, married to a teacher whom makes 32,880 and we have one son who's 1 year old. To Colorado,CO! Make: Nissan Model: 350Z Year: 2006 Price: 9,996 $699 Total: $398 2,338.95 Brenda Valles 3rd Period $3,368.75 48 Months 9% Intrest rate $249.00 Monthly expences! 3,368.75 Private Detective Eating Out: $100.00 Baby Sitting: $80.00 Vacation Saving: $44.16 Cell phone: $100.00 Cable/Internet: $45.00 Dart Pass: $80.00 $3,221.11 Buying A Car I made it! Personal Expenses Surplus! of $147.64! Total: Car Loan Information Yearly Disposable Income: Budget Project How much is it all?! Rent: $699.00 Utilities: Electricity $150.00 Estimated Food expenses: $480.00 Clothing Expenses: $200.00 Car Payment: $249.00 Car Insurance: $360.95 Gas: $200.00 Activites: 1,313.75 $430.00 15,765 90 Monthly Disposable Income Wants $147.64 Your monthly gross income: Toileting/Cosmetics: $80.00 Beauty/Barber Shop: $90.00 Allowance/Lunch: $100.00 Gifts/ Presents: $40.00 Petty Cash(extra money) $20.00 Savings/Investments: $100.00 Vacational Trip Budget! Your monthly disposable income: 4,491.66 Subtract!! Cable Tv Phone Concerts Internet Xbox Puppy Luxuries Jacuzzi Piano and guitars Nissan GTR 2015 Accomodation Monthly expences Yearly Gross Income: Food Transportation hygene essentials shelter clothes furniture baby formula utilities medicaid money Car Insurance: Transportation : 350 to go and come back. Food: 12 hour drive eating 3 times at convinience stores- $30.00 2 night stays 3 meals x 3 = 6 meals $100 (we will be fishing for free ) = free fish = free food Spending cash : $50.00 What's the cost?? Teacher 21,020 Monthly Expenses Total: Yearly Disposable Income: Amenities 2338.95 A Deficit Or A Surplus? Legends At Lake Highlands Camping ! at Brown Lake in Pingree Park Road Ln Colorado, CO - At Zero cost $Free 2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom Vacations!! Monthly Disposable Income: Monthly income? $32,880 Monthly Disposable Income: $449.16 Who am I? Air Conditioning Dishwasher Furnished Available Pool Fitness Center Rent Attending the lake & swimming- Free Hiking In the Mountains- Free Fishing- Free

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