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Transcript: In the project we tested three different solutions that all included water and soap. The first mix was water, soap, and glycerin. The second mix was water, soap, and Baking powder, and the last mix was water, soap, and Windex. We took measurements of the bubbles created with each recipe. The solution with glycerin resulted in having the best bubbles. We think the bubble that contains glycerin will be the biggest, and the baking powder will be the smallest... In a container of water, the tiny water molecules are attracted to each other, which means that they're constantly pulling on each other. At the surface of the water, these water molecules are attracted to the water molecules around and below them. In conclusion, we found that our hypothesis was half correct. Because glycerin was the biggest. But baking powder was not the smallest. Abstract Results Materials Prepare three cups with the same amount of soap and water. Label each cup 1,2,3. To Cup 1 add glycerin. To Cup 2 add Windex. To Cup 3 add baking powder. Use the straw to test the bubble. The bubble should be blown on a wet surface. Water Straws Cups Windex Baking powder Glycerin Baking powder makes an effect that makes gas. The gas then forms trillions of tiny bubbles. It's like an alkaline compound. It causes ingredients to rise. Conclusion Work Cited So basically the glycerin has a better structure than baking powder. Question Which substance will create the biggest bubble? mix 3 cups with soap and water. label cups 1,2,3. to one cup add Windex, to the other add glycerin, and to the other add baking powder. test them by dipping a straw into a cup and blowing onto the mat. do the same for all 3 mixtures. Procedure Research Procedure BUBBLY Hypothesis Background research


Transcript: Sales promotions Free sampling Special prices Coupons Incentive point of sale Events for kids and stands for promotion in Kanyon AVM and Trump Minimall. Promotion • The formula with Lime Tree • Gently cleanses for healthy and shiny hair • Hypoallergenic and especially skin-friendly ingredients reduce risk of allergies • 0% parabens, alcohol and colorants • The extra mild formula gently soothes and keeps the pH-value of the scalp in balance Table of Contents THANK YOU FOR YOUR LISTENING MARKETING MIX PRODUCT SITUATION Treat: Economic crises High shampoo market competitive Increase in price of raw material Consumers are not loyal influence of switching brands easily (shampoo industry) A new brand may imitate the concept Our high quality Our design Our entertaining position Our social awareness 200 ml= 11,00 TL 500 ml= 16,00 TL MARKETING STRATEGY 3 in one formula which is shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. Total care with the organic ingredients Daisy smell Supportive vitamins Unique design of bottle BUBBLY Strength: Made by advanced technology and skilled professionals Network of distribution is wide Innovative Lower price according to 3 functions Several formula SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Weakness: One size Competitors strong resale activities Lack of brand awareness and trust NİVEA BABY SHAMPOO Our Mission: Serving to our customers Cheap Organic Natural Entertaining Alternative product Competitor's Description Market Summary Competitor's Description Product Situation Mission & Vision Statements Marketing Goals Financial Goals Target Markets Positioning Swot Analysis Marketing Mix Social Responsabilities MARKETING GOALS We’ll be differentiated with the other brands with Packaging Target Population Financial Goals Shampoo bottles made from PP and it’s available to recycle it We make a collaboration whit Tema and Ministry of Nature Easily to recycle and reusable Instruction about how consumers can recycle or reuse Protect our nature from the extinction. SWOT ANALYSIS Product Place Price Promotion İlayda Kayserilioğlu İdil Bilgen Olkan Çetinkaya 200 ml = 5,00 TL 300ml= 6,00 TL Consumption per person for year is 790 ml in Turkey Our Vision: Nature-lover brand Helps family with our health policies Give a chance to children Unforgettable with our quality and our design • Created by Kozmetik & Pazarlama A.Ş in 1983 • Dalin is not only in Turkey, over 40 countries • %52 of the market, leader • 2002-2007 %65-endorsement growth • No more tears formula • Pure, soft and skin-friendly formula • It is soap-free • Hypoallergenic Opportunity: Consumers can memorize the packing Consumer pursuit of quality Market Summary ADV 209/03 FINAL PROJECT • Johnson's Baby is an American brand of baby cosmetics • 1893 when Johnson's Baby Powder was introduced • Gentle and mild to the eyes • No more tears formula • Smelling baby-fresh JOHNSON’S BABY SHAMPOO POSITIONING 125 ml= 5,50 TL 200 ml= 7,30 TL 500 ml= 11.95 TL


Transcript: Pass the Bubbly, Please! Tactics: Evaluation Tactics: Evaluation: Strategy #2: SWOTS SWOTS Trade Shows (Food and Drink Show, Wine and Cheese Show) Niche Media (Food Network, Food and Drink Magazine) Strategy #1: Create and publish a cookbook, LCBO placement Pitch a cooking segment for the Marilyn Denis Show Cheers! Objectives Survey results from the show Tone of comments Feedback; positive or negative Partnership with a restaurant chain; create featured drinks Hold a champagne and dessert event and invite distributors Cookbook sales Media coverage Tone of media coverage Evaluation: Outcome of study ‘Champagne campaign’ (positive or negative) Consumer satisfaction reports Presentation by: Kristen Coppolino Danielle Cooper Whitney Davies Nicole Martins Ferreira Jessica Glegg Emily Lauzon Kevyn Murray Sharon Patrong Melanie Wong To position French champagne in the target market’s mind as an any day beverage to increase consumer sales in Canada. To increase French champagne’s market share of the alcoholic beverage industry and have consumers choose it over other traditional alcoholic beverages. Secondary Audiences Opportunities To place the product in a different market Entering the market of food ingredients and diet foods Loyal carry over audience that will remain with product through re-branding Threats Sparkling wines Limited room for content re-branding; growing region stays the same The nostalgia involved in French Champagne What we'll cover: Build relationships with distributors A marketing communications plan for the French Champagne industry to increase product sales in Canada. In co-operation with Health Canada, have the French Champagne Industry fund a research initiative/study Canadian ‘champagne campaign’ Primary Audiences Strengths Stereotypes of French Champagne as a cultural drink Champagne does not exude the detrimental health cautions Region of Champagne France has monopolized the Champagne market Weaknesses Societal reputation of being relevant for special events Higher cost Imported product, does not appeal to supporting "local" Wine and Spirit Connoisseurs, age 25 and up, middle to upper class Wine and Spirit Distributors Foodies Restaurants and bars Use different forms of media to demonstrate different uses of champagne Show and demonstrate heath benefits Strategy #3: The end, Tactics:

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