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Transcript: Prepared By: Maram Abdulrahim Nasef Supervised By: Eng. Khaled Elgdamsi Thank You! Campus Network Design Electrical and Electronic Department TRIPOLI MEDICAL CENTER NETWORK Outline Objectives Background INTRODUCTION INTRO Outline Outline 1 Objectives 2 Background 3 Network Fundamentals 4 Hierarchical Network 5 Protocols 6 7 Case Study Conclusion and Future Work Objectives Objectives 1 Introduce the campus network design of hierarchical model 2 Study basic routing protocols 3 Design a hierarchical network for Tripoli Medical Center 4 Study the effect of redundancy topologies and convergence 5 Estimate the cost of case study Networks Background A computer network can be described as two or more computers connected together to share resources. The purpose of a computer network is to allow computers to exchange information and data. Networks can be classification by geographical scope into. • Wide area networks (WAN). • Metropolitan area network (MAN). • Campus area networks (CAN). • Home area networks (HAN). • Personal area networks (PAN). OSI Model Network Fundemntals FUND OSI Model OSI Model The OSI model takes the task of inter-networking and divides that up into what is referred to as a vertical stack that consists of the following 7 layers: Hierarchical Model HIERA Cisco offers a three-tiered hierarchy as the preferred approach to network design, that consists of three layers Access Access Layer The access layer is the first point of entry into the network for edge devices, end stations, and IP phones Distribution Distributions Layer The distribution layer aggregates nodes from the access layer, protecting the core from high-density peering Core Core Layer The core serves as the backbone for the network ,The core needs to be fast and extremely resilient because every building block depends on it for connectivity Protocols INR Access routing HSRP OSPF-EIGRP Redundancy boundary L3 routing PROT IVR A virtual LAN, or VLAN, is a group of computers, network printers, network servers, and other network devices that behave as if they were connected to a single network. Virtual LAN - Benefits of VLAN: • Separate large broadcast domains into smaller ones • Separate the network into business functional groups • Security • Controlled network traffic • Management efficiency Inter -VLAN Routing is a process of forwarding network traffic from one VLAN to another VLAN using a router or layer 3 switch. IVR Inter Vlan Routing - Layer 3 switching: • Layer 3 switches usually have packet-switching throughputs in the millions of packets per second (pps). • All catalyst multilayer switches support the following types of layer 3 interfaces: – Switch virtual interface (SVI). – Routed port. • High-performance switches, such as the catalyst 6500 and catalyst 4500, are able to perform most of the router’s functions. HSRP HSRP Hot Standby Routing Protocol HSRP is Cisco’s standard method of providing high network availability by providing first-hop redundancy ,It enables a set of router interfaces to work together to present the appearance of a single virtual router or default gateway to the hosts on a LAN standby [group-number] ip [ip-address] standby priority standby preempt OSPF EIGRP OSPF is a link state routing protocol. Because it is an open standard, it is implemented by a variety of network vendors. OSPF will run on most routers that doesn’t necessarily have to be Cisco routers (unlike EIGRP which can be run only on Cisco routers).• the administrative distance of OSPF routes is, by default, 110. OSPF Open Short Protocol First Each OSPF router stores routing and topology information in three tables: • Neighbor table – stores information about OSPF neighbors • Topology table – stores the topology structure of a network • Routing table – stores the best routes EIGRP is an advanced distance vector routing protocol. This protocol is an evolution of an earlier Cisco protocol called IGRP, which is now considered obsolete. EIGRP supports classless routing and VLSM, route summarization, incremental updates, load balancing and many other useful features. Administrative distance of EIGRP is 90 EIGRP Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol Each EIGRP router stores routing and topology information in three tables: • Neighbor table – stores information about EIGRP neighbors • Topology table – stores routing information learned from neighboring routers • Routing table – stores the best routes Tripoli Medical Center Case Study CASE Background Network Design Network Simulation Scenarios Results Cost estimation Background A field visit to hospital was done to take the information about the main buildings. Where there three mean symmetric buildings with 7 floors each, floors are symmetric except the first and second one Each floor divided into west and east wing with central part except first and second with central part only, the east and west wing are symmetric. Each building has 400 people at least, each floor has about 60 people except the

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Transcript: eng.Farnad Ahangari Farzane Moghani Design and implement an Android app to control the physiotherapist Elbow CPM robot Ferdowsi university of Mashhad what we are talking about? what we are talking about? Brief Medical introduction Brief Medical introduction Robot Hardware Construction Robot Hardware Construction App communication with robot microcontroller App communication with robot microcontroller Android app architecture Android app architecture Medical Explanation Medical Explanation continuous passive motion CPM continuous passive motion Usage Usage The ability of the joints after plastic surgery Restoration of damaged tissues after burn Enabling bones after Radius,Humerus,Olenalla fractures Restoration surgery on bone and cartilage and tendon Physical Therapy Movements Physical Therapy Movements extension flexion supination pronation extension flexion supination pronation Robot Hardware Construction Robot Hardware Construction Micro Controllers Micro Controllers Model and Ports Model and Ports ATMEGA 2560 last version of AVR 54 I/O pin 16 analog pin 5 volt for digital output process speed 16 MHZ digital output PWM 8 bit Communication protocol between two micro Communication protocol between two micro timer and interupts charging mode charging mode Security sensors Security sensors load cell load cell flow sensor flow sensor temperature sensor temperature sensor position sensor position sensor steper motor steper motor gearbox gearbox app comunication with robot microcontroller app comunication with robot microcontroller android app android app pages pages first page second page third page fourth page fifth page sixth page seventh page eighth page Thanks :) Thanks :)

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