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Metal to Metal

Transcript: Things we do Blacksmiths make things like fireplace tools and normal tools. Normal tools would include things like Wrenches, Pliers, and Screwdrivers. Don't think that's all because we also make everyday metal things such as hammers and horseshoes. Forging- is the process where the metal is shaped. Metal to Metal We chose here because this was New Amsterdam first wharf. (A wharf is a level quayside area which a ship may be moored to load and unload things and people.) Where do we get our materials? Thank You for watching this slide show. For your enjoyment please enjoy this video of a blacksmith juggling some hammers. Upsetting- makes metal thicker. What are we asking for? Any weather is fine except for severe weather and snow. The Life of a Blacksmith Weather needed Anvils (which is a heavy steel or iron block a flat top,concave sides and typically a pointed end which then you hammer and shape stuff on the anvil. Hammers ( a common tool that is used to bang things. Tongs (a instrument which has two moveable arms that are joined at one end for picking up and holding things. Vise (a metal tool with movable jaws that hold things firmly in place while work is done on other things . A file ( a pole like think that is flat based and has scrape lines so you can sharpen or flaten things. The blacksmiths lived in Dutch settlements during the time of 1703. Welding- to join the same or similar kind of metal. Charcoal: Charcoal is a amorphous form of coal obtained as a residue when wood, bone, or other organic matter is heated in the absence of air. Coke: Coke is a solid fuel that is made for heating when you heat it it turns to coal. Coal: Coal is a type of flammable mineral normally found underground. Types of fuel The yearly salary for a blacksmith was about 25,000 to 48,000 shillings depending on the quality of the blacksmith's work and the quality of the blacksmith himself. Finishing- to paint, varnish, oil, and wax. Bending- heating the metal to where it turns red so that you can bend it. What was the yearly salary for a blacksmith in the 1700's? Combining- is to combine all of your parts to make one thing. Depending on the cost of each steel rod which is 130 shillings and we are trying to get to 48,000 shillings to make us an international business. We need a total of 2,900 shillings for 30% of share. 8 Things we do. Budgeting and Pricing Where did blacksmith's live? By: Tyler, Mathew, and Mitchell We are based at the Schreyers Hook Dock in New York City. Materials we use What tools do you need to be a blacksmith? Drawing- lengthens the metal by reducing one or both of the other two dimensions. Associated Businesses Needed Procedures We get all of our metal to work with from a steel yard. What's a steelyard you might ask? A steelyard is a huge workshop full of different sorts of metal poles. Why did we choose here? Things we make Punching- creates a decorative pattern or to make a hole. These are the types of weather that you don't want to do it in. Where are we based? The shelter should be stone and it should have a big rectangular opening. This is mainly because it needs air for the smoke to circulate through.

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