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Brown University

Transcript: The graduates get a little of an upper hand if you might say. Brown received more than 9,470 applications. Brown admitted only 1,400, or 15% of applicants. Admission The dorms are not as small as you think! Ninety-four percent of the applicants were the top 10% in their high school class, talk about a challenge just to apply. Dorms and student life Who even said it would be so easy to get enrolled in a school this challenging! Welcome to Brown University! The historical, entertaining, and beautiful Providence has adventure and fun at almost every turn! The admissions are a little picky with 28,742 students applying for undergraduates its kind of hard to believe that only 2,759 students get accepted! That's only 9.6% of all applicants. Brown's motto is: In Deo Speramus. Its latin for In God We Hope. Campus Life and Surroundings About Brown There is a HUGE Imax Movie theatre only 20 mins. away. There's also a Cheesecake Factory, and TONS of great CHEAP restaurants. After all a school like this wouldn't be that great with small dorms. Located in Providence, Rhode Island. ACT (25-75th Percentile) Composite: 28-33 English: 28-34 Math: 27-34 % Submitting ACT: 27% Brown University is an Ivy League University (one of the eight best universities in the country) and was founded in 1764. Thus making it also one of the seventh oldest colleges in the country! With a student body of 8,768: 48% Males 52% Females It is a leading research university 143 acres wide! Enough space for its students if you ask me. What Providence has to offer Tuition The tuition payments are a little intimidating. Undergraduate tuition: $42,808 Room, board, and required fees: $12,208 Leading to a total cost of: $55,016! It might be expensive, but it is totally worth it. Academics S.A.T., and A.C.T. SAT Total: 1990-2290 Critical Reading: 660-760 Math: 670-770 Writing: 660-760 % Submitting SAT: 93% Besides the normal popularity of this school..... THE Emma Watson ( Harry Potter Films actress) Just so happened to study and had a great time at brown! Offering about 2,000 courses each year in more than 40 academic departments makes Brown ideal for almost anyone to find what they are looking for in their education. Ranging in over 70 programs from Egyptology to Cognitive Neuroscience for undergraduates,and molecular pharmacology and physiology to acting and directing for graduates. That's about enough said here. Anything's possible at Brown. And proud home of the Brown Bears Oh my! I almost forgot to mention! The University campus isn't the only place you could spend your time! Have you forgotten about the beautiful city of Providence?

Brown University

Transcript: Co-ed A typical dorm is provided with a twin bed, desk and chair, a dresser, a trash can, recycling bucket, bookcase, and closet. Each room has a phone jack, computer networking (one tap per resident), and access to Brown's cable TV system 2 students per dorm room Resources Volleyball Gymnastics Sailing Karate Extracirricular Activities Electives Costs Brown University Financial Aids Majors Courses Extra Information Name: Faith Elliott Possible Major: Psychology College Name: Brown University Location: Providence, Rhode Island Total One Academic Year Cost All Residents: $56,376 Tuition for all Residents: $42,808 Room and Board Expense: $11,258 Books and Supplies: $1,360 Other Fees: $950 The cost per year to attend Brown University:$56,376 For families with total income below $100,000, the loan of the financial aid award is replaced with additional scholarship. For families with total income below $150,000, reduced loans are awarded. Families with total incomes above $150,000 receive standard award strategy, which includes loans, student employment, and then scholarship up to the level of need. A medium-sized, 4-year, private university and liberal arts college. This coed college is located in a small city in an urban setting and is primarily a residential campus. It offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Dorms Chemistry Biology Human Anatomy Calculus Medical Terminology Health Science Physical Science Brown University Total of students attending: 8,768 Average SAT score: 2150 Male to Female Ratio- Male: 45% Female- 55% Colors: Seal Brown, Cardinal Red, and White Art Studies Music Pathology Psychology Geology & Earth Science Dance Volleyball Softball Restaurants Dance Clubs I would consider this University because it has alot of good qualities and it offers alot of different courses and categories for you to take. Brown University

University Powerpoint

Transcript: University Powerpoint Deion Howell 3/31/11 period 7 Table of content Title page.................................. page 1 table of contents....................... page 2 list of colleges/universities...... page 3 Rollins College.......................... page 4 picture of Rollins....................... page 5 information about Rollins 6 admission form for Rollins........ page 7 extra........................................... page 8 The college I chose to do for this project is listed below followed by a little information about the college. Rollins College is a liberal arts institution and the oldest recognized college in Florida. it is located at Winter Park, Florida 32789-4499 Orange county I chose this college because it is one of the oldest colleges in Florida Bordering Lake Virginia, Rollins occupies a lush, 70-acre campus in a quaint community near Orlando and is characterized by its traditional Spanish-Mediterranean architecture. The campus is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Orlando and at least 30 minutes by car from Orlando International Airport. Admission to Rollins is highly selective. Many factors are considered in the admission process, including each candidate’s academic record, talents, interests, and potential to contribute to the Rollins and local community. Common Application On-Line Application ($40.00 application fee) Common Application Paper Application ($40.00 application fee). A representation of your strengths, talents, or interests—anything that helps us better understand who you are and your potential to contribute to the Rollins community. Your representation is limited only by your imagination and creativity. Examples of submissions from past applicants include the following: YouTube videos, DVDs or slide shows of their athletic or artistic talents; power points or scrapbooks of their backgrounds, interests or accomplishments; music or poetry they composed. It is very important that your representation is prepared specifically for your Rollins admission application and is not something you used for another purpose. Please note that your representation will not be returned. Scholarships Applicants who expect to be considered for Cornell Scholarships (full tuition), Deans’ Scholarships (up to $20,000 per year) or Donald Cram Scholarships (for natural sciences majors) should submit a completed application by January 5 for priority consideration. Applicants who expect to be considered for Centennial or Presidential Scholarships (ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year) should submit a completed application by February 15. Early Admission If you are an extraordinary high school student, you may be considered for admission at the conclusion of your junior year, provided all other admission requirements are satisfied. Early Admission candidates should apply through the Regular Decision cycle. This is the inside of one of the theaters at Rollins College. The Annie-Russell Theater. Rollins College mascot is Tommy Tar. the dean of the department of art and art history is Debra K. Wellman. They also have beach festivals. The End

Brown University

Transcript: - Only 10.8% were accepted through both Early and Regular Decision - There are nearly 6,000 undergraduate students enrolled in the college -Approximately 80 concentrations (majors) are offered. -Most famous concentrations are Social Sciences (42%), Humanities (26%), Life Sciences (17%), and the Physical Sciences (14%). - Undergraduates can also design an independent concentration if the existing standard programs do not fit their interests. In God We Hope(translation) Early History -1700s <- Brown vs. Harvard Review of Brown University from an Educational Consultant - Location : Providence, Rhode Island - Size : 143 acres, total of 8450 students - Founded year : 1764 Notable Alumni & Faculty - American Private Ivy League research University - Urban Campus - In 1764, Brown University was first established as "College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations" in Newport, Rhode Island - John, Nicholas, and Moses Brown funded the University and helped the University to move to Providence, Rhode Island. - School of Engineering : Brown has the oldest engineering program in the Ivy League - Main Campus : located on College Hill, with 235 buildings, covering 143 acres <- Watson Institute for International Studies History - 1900s (The New Curriculum) - Alpert Medical School : only less than 2% of those applying through the Standard Route accepted in 2008; offers combined degree programs - Watson Institute for International Studies : center for the analysis of international issues at Brown - Member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Ivy League athletic conference Dahhoon Jeong - Pembroke Campus : 25~30% of the incoming Freshman class lives on Pembroke Brown in the 1800s Academics - Graduate Lars Onsager, former professor in Brown, Laureate of Nobel Prize of Chemistry (1968) Athletics Horace Mann, class of 1819, regarded as the father of American public education <- University Hall in Main Campus <- Seal History -1800s - Graduate School : around 2,000 students studying over 50 disciplines First Brown President James Manning Academics - Undergraduate Modern History - (2000-2013) Type Traditions - Named "the most fashionable school in the Ivy League" by the fashion trade journal Women's Wear Daily - Students on campus seem to have the strongest sense of personal style - In 1969 The "New Curriculum" - also called "Open Curriculum" was adopted after a student movement within the University. -This "New Curriculum" granted the freedom of designing majors and selecting courses without any requirement courses for graduation. Also, students often could attend lectures without registering in the course(getting a grade) - By establishment of this system, Brown is called liberal(not necessarily political) even to this day. - This viewpoint later triggers a student movement, instituting the "New Curriculum" Brown University Motto : In Deo Speramus(Latin) - Brown's grading system had been simplified to A/B/C/No credit in the 1900s. But in 2006, there was some debate whether to reintroduce +/- grading system. The College Curriculum Council voted this down(+/- grading system was not reestablished) Seal and Motto - East Campus : 10 acres (40,000 m2) of land and 26 buildings Trivia : Emma Watson, actor in Harry Potter movie series, attended Brown, but did not yet graduate. She does not study at Brown at this moment, though Student Life - Ranked #1 for America's Happiest College Students, according to the Princeton Review 2010 rankings - In 1850, Brown President Francis Wayland wrote: "The various courses should be so arranged that, insofar as practicable, every student might study what he chose, all that he chose, and nothing but what he chose." - 37 varsity intercollegiate teams Basic information - Spring Weekend : Brown replaced the traditional Junior Week and Junior Prom, which were discontinued during World War II, with Spring Weekend, which featured athletic contests and dances. Concerts featuring invited performers began in 1960, including Bob Dylan, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, James Brown and Snoop Dogg - "Alma Mater" : The song "Alma Mater" was written by James Andrews DeWolf (Class of 1861) in 1860, who named it "Old Brown" and set it to the tune of "Araby's Daughter" (which was later known as "The Old Oaken Bucket"). The song was renamed "Alma Mater", after the incipit, in 1869. It is sung and played after varsity athletic victories and at formal events such as Convocation and Commencement. - In July 2007, Brown University formed the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program, which allowed students to pursue an A.B. degree at Brown and a B.F.A. degree at RISD simultaneously, by a five-year program - In honor of Nicholas Brown, the University is renamed "Brown University"

Brown University

Transcript: Extra curricular activities Mission Brown offers about 2,000 courses each year. There's more than 40 academic departments. They offer undergraduate degrees as well as graduate programs. Students are free to create their own course of study. Brown students are required to pass a minimum of 30 courses. They offer nearly 80 standard majors that lead to either Sc.B, A.B., or PH.D degree. Academics Location At CC need-based financial aid is the primary consideration in awarding aid, but they also award merit-based aid as well to a select group of applicants. There's three different merit-based scholarships available for students. Required Documents: FAFSA College Board CSS/ Financial Aid profile Noncustodial parent profile (If applicable) Signed copies of parents' and student's federal income tax returns and Parents' and student's W-2 forms Admissions Financial Aid The housing provided at Cornell has three different housing options. One is "Connect floors" which is for first year students, "Living and learning communities" is available to upper class students, and lastly is "Substance free floors" which is available to all students. Students will have a roommate while in housing. The school will assign roommates. Financial Aid Location Financial Aid Admission All students are requires to live in college housing. First years students live in one of three traditional residence halls (Loomis, Slocum, or Mathias), Sophomores live in the larger buildings or pursue specific interests through a specialized housing programs (Living Learning Community, or Language houses). Small houses are also available to sophomores as well as Juniors. Seniors have to option to stay on campus of to live off campus. CC students are guaranteed on-campus housing for all four years. The dorms are co-ed, but you can request same-sex housing. Colorado College offers it's students 42 majors and 33 minors. At CC, you take one class for 3 1/2 weeks, get a four day weekend off, and then you begin with a new class. This is known as the "Block Plan." It's four blocks a semester, eight blocks a year, four years total and thirty-two blocks at CC. You can have Majors and minors, but you can also double major. CC wants you to learn in broad environment where you pick up more skills in different areas to help you in life with whatever path you choose. Academics Cornell College Residential Community Admissions Student Population Student Population Residential Community At Cornell, 80% of students come from 47 other states and more than a dozen countries. 25% of each entering class consists of students of color and international students. Students recently listed 33 different choices for the religious preferences. Colorado College is a community of around 2,000 students eager to learn. Colorado College Population "Cornell College offers an innovative and rigorous learning community where faculty and staff collaborate with students to develop the intellectual curiosity, creativity, and moral courage necessary for a lifetime of learning and engaged citizenship." First year students has to have these required materials Common Application with essay Secondary school report form (Submit via the Common App) Official high school transcript, including coursework to date ACT or SAT scores and... Teacher recommendations (Optional but encouraged) (Submit via Common App) "At Colorado College our goal is to provide the finest liberal arts education in the country. Drawing upon the adventurous spirit of the Rocky Mountain West, we challenge students, one course at a time, to develop those habits of intellect and imagination that will prepare them for learning and leadership throughout their lives." Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is the state capital as well as the second largest city in New England. Brown has the nation's fourth largest collegiate athletic program as well as first largest program for women. There's 900 athletes competing on 37 varsity sport teams. 17 men and 20 for women. The student activities office at Brown University supports 400+ student organizations. Cornell is deeply committed to a need-blind based financial aid for selecting students. They offer a comprehensive range of grants, scholarships, loans, and other assistance. Tuition $36,205 Residence (standard double room) $3800 Residence (single room) $4600 Dining $4700 Fees $225 Other Costs to Consider: Enrollment deposit $300 Estimated Books $800 Parking Permit $45 Private Music Lessons/semester $650 Estimated Personal expenses $675 In State Travel Allowance $1020 Out of State Travel Allowance $2490 "Serve the community, the nation, and the world by discovering, communicating, and preserving knowledge and understanding in a spirit of free inquiry, and by educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation. We do this through a partnership of students and teachers in a unified community known as a

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