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Coffee Presentation

Transcript: He tried the beans himself and soon found himself frolicking with his flock. Thank you! Questions? According to Kaldi legend, coffee originated in the highlands of Ethiopia-9th century. Alertness was discovered to be a symptom from drinking this drink. It takes about 3 to 5 years before a coffee tree bears coffee cherries which turns bright red when it is ripe and ready to be harvested. The crops are harvested in two ways. It can be hand-picked or by a machine. What is Coffee Arabic coffee Introduction Coffee is a drink made from the roasted and ground bean-like seeds of a tropical shrub. The fruit in a coffee tree are called coffee cherries. The cherries are processed to become coffee beans which can be grounded and brewed. Processing the Cherries The period of time and the process in which a coffee bean is roasted, grounded and brewed can all vary for the acquired taste. Many Brazilian coffees are mechanically stripped from the coffee tree, not lovingly hand picked. Brazil's climate and in non-volcanic soil. Planting Seeds After all of its processes, the coffee is ready to be consumed!! The beans are sorted according to size and thickness it gives a different taste Brazil is a coffee giant producing over 40 percent of the world's coffee! EX: Its coffee exports amounted to 8.65 million bags in January 2014. COFFEEلقهوة العربية Exporting the Beans The beans are packaged and shipped to importing countries like America. Discovery of Coffee (Legends) The bean is removed from the cherry using two methods. The dry or the wet method. After both processes, the coffee beans are placed in a fermentation tank where the final layers are removed. The dry method uses the sun to dry the outer layers until the moisture content has decreased to 11%. The wet method requires a machine to remove the cherry from the bean. The origin of Coffee Harvesting Coffee comes from the seed, or bean, of the coffee tree. There are different types of coffee trees and different environmental factors affects its results. They grow best in places that have a warm climate and tend to growth in well-drained soils. Around 800 A.D. coffee was said to be discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd whose name was Kaldi. Kaldi noticed his goats had more energy and were dancing from shrub to shrub eating the cherry-red berries that contained the coffee bean. Sorting Tree Coffee Coffee is the most important raw material traded throughout the world behind crude oil, and has become the most important export article for the nations that grow it. 1-What is Coffee 2-Discovery of Coffee (Legends) 3-The origin of Coffee 4-Arabic coffee 5-The process of creating coffee 6-Brazil the top Coffee Producer Yemen was the 1st to cultivate the coffee plant and to really market it. Yemenis named it qahwa, Turkish khave-Italians caffe. Sufi (mystics) drank coffee to pray throughout the night and to keep them concentrated Coffee known in Mecca- through trade and through the pilgrimage to Mecca. Roasting, Grounding and Brewing Brazil Why does Brazil produce so much coffee?? Two main reasons: The Top Coffee Producer The process of creating coffee

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