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brown bag

Transcript: The Power of Customer Education What is the goal of Customer Education? How do we deliver Customer Education content? When do customers access it? By investing in great help, we will: Manage client expectations. Create a diverse learning environment. Help customers to achieve their goals. Provide help 24/7. The Upgrade Path When 5.3.0 gets released, there will be 3 main upgrade paths: 3.7.1 > 5.3.0 5.1.0 > 5.3.0 5.2.1 > 5.3.0 All three need personalisation and localisation for customers like Kroger and Tesco. What you are already doing to help us. Ask us to proof any text before it goes in. MadCap Flare dunnhumby CE Roadmap e-learning journey learning technology Learning Management System What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs What is SCORM? Sharable Content Object Reference Model scorm 1.2 scorm 2004 User Documentation eLearning Data Mark Jon-Paul How can you make our lives even easier? Initial launch of e-learning Release 5.4.0 and 5.5.0 ELearning for SA Quick Start Videos Aug 2013 Mar 2013 Drink Beer Aug 2013 Upgrade and refresh existing module content. Align the look and feel of all modules. What Next? Develop and release a module on SA and the Heartbeat tool e-learning / e-information module on the changes arriving in the 5.3.0 release JV Teams - Kroger - Tesco Next Release And much more! Keeping us in the loop when changes are made. Involving us in the canvas meetings. Explaining new features and functions to us. Being patient! Tripled in Size To teach our customers how to use our products and where they can find help. Make visual and navigational improvements. Create 'bite-sized' learning material. 6 modules = 6 courses with 21 modules XML based content tool to write once - publish many times in a variety of formats Ealing Team It's NOT Word! Flash based content Screen capture and system simulations "watch - try - do" Assessments Self-paced, guided learning. To provide PriceStrat users with additional knowledge to create promotions scenarios. The first modules in the promotion course will explain the key concepts and functionality. All the time! Whenever they need it. And then it's 2014! PriceStrat ELearning Jan 2013 So our customers become proficient quickly, which helps them get value from our products faster. To reduce service calls, and ultimately, cost to us. JV Documentation Gatekeeper Revamp the Webhelp Liaise more closely with Support Promotion Module Oct 2013 5.3.0 - What's New? Web help, release notes, tutorials, videos, e-learning. It’s a blended learning approach. Almost Certainly more beer Used Survey Monkey Analyzer Reporting Documentation Showcases for Professional Services Blended Learning Approach Data Stream of work Dec 2013 Analyzer Documentation eLearning Specialists Infographic Specialists Technical Writers LMS Administrators What is Flare? Re-design Helen Complete the design and development, sign off and launch the six core e-learning courses to the LMS. Why do we have a Customer Education team? Standard Analytics Rolled out the LMS and the first six modules to the Beta Clients More Releases! Quick Start Videos

Brown Bag

Transcript: Ellis Adeline Thomas Family & Friends Daddy Mommy Sister Ivonne Millie lived here for evs. Spanish Hobbies Soccer Art Art Teacher "When I Grow Up" Viices Made In Heights Magazines Fav. Shows Favorite Movie Comedy Is The Boomedy Hunger Games Hello Mrs.Harris, My Name is Ellis Adeline Thomas. I and turning fifteen as of the twenty fourth and I hope to have a wonderful semester in you cougar success class. I thought that you might want to learn a little about your students for us to have a healthy learning environment so that all of us students can have a great rest of the year. Getting started I want you to know that I have an older sister that just became a freshman a college, her name is Millie and I miss her very dearly, but as of two weeks ago another older sibling came into our household. Her name is Ivonne and she is from Mexico (she is and exchange student).Ivonne has been really great in helping me cope without my big sis and in a lot of ways reminds me of her. I would also like you to know that I am an active member in a youth group called Young life that helps any high school students wanting to get closer to God. other activities that I participate in after school consist of Soccer Tennis and art lessons that have every Friday.My favorite movie is Bridesmaids and I love to watch face off (a show about movie mask makers). i hope that i covered enough topics about myself so that you can better understand where I'm coming from. This is Me Vouge Tennis Fav Class Pawleys Island Places Where I grew Up

Brown Bag

Transcript: Ice Breaker One Education People are the connectors we need to progress and education is the way we can connect to each other. We must have the tools in our tool box to teach, motivate, fix, construct, and lean new forms of interaction and livelyhood to have forward motion. Ice Breaker Two Take a survey and check your prioritys for the questions provided. Where are we? This is where we start in our process for success. You know know that we are all connected so instead of being few we can now become many. With the many we can spread this message of education and become sticky. Creating an epidemic for educational change. These problems are key motivating foactors for change. I want to solve the problem and I'm not willing to stop working after two minutes... How are we going to make sure we have enabled individuals for success? We're going to make sure they have the education for success. This video presents issues that we need to focus on. We have several common atributs that we'll start as our baseline but form there where do we go? Wat do we need to teach along with other content areas? As we conclude please leave your survey and come to the next event which will discuess the issue of most concern from that list. Also remember we are all connected lets see what we can do with the new relationships we've created and the information we've absorbed. Let's become sticky with content knowledge and talk about how we can make this district great. Steve Jobs sums this quite well. Passion and great people will determine success and thats is what we have here. I want to work for you I've found the great people to help me get to where you want your community, district, and state to go. We'll see where we from that level. Please enjoy this last video and reflect on what we have talked about today. Thank You and I'll look forward to more issue driven conversation in the future. a lARGE brown bag... Place your world "marble" on the jug for this issue will become our world and determine the success of our community, disctict, state, and nation. Whats happened to our education sysyem in Lansing with the current legislation. OUR FUTURE IN A BROWN BAG Watch up to 50 seconds. Malcolm Gladwell Explains Why Human Potential Is Being Squandered.

"Brown Bag"

Transcript: Utilize Those Cell/Smart Phones Great Organizational Web-Sites There is growth with executive functioning The brain will continue to mature and develop connections well into adulthood. The person’s executive function abilities are shaped by brain changes and life experiences. Early attention to these skills is crucial! Direct instruction, frequent reassurance and feedback are recommended. WORDLE DIIGO Student may have problems organizing materials, misplace papers, reports, and other school materials. Smart phones can usually link to Google Calendar Smart phones always have their own calendar Smart phones have a task list Smart phones usually have a built in voice recorder app Smart phones usually have a notepad app Resources used: Student may have difficulties setting schedules Checklists, Day-Timer's, and Post-it Notes Google Calendar – Great calendar solution that syncs with many smartphones and is available from any computer with internet. inPulse Watch – Programmable watch for Android phones ADDitude Strategies and Support for ADHD & LD: Is it Executive Function DIsorder( EFD) or ADHD? by Larry Silverman Assistive technology can most effectively augment a person’s Executive Function in these areas: planning and organization Carbon Copy Notes Require more study time than self-written notes Relies on notetaker’s ability Digital Recorder Can fill in notes that were missed Requires listening through lecture multiple times Livescribe Pen Records audio and notes synchronously "Brown Bag" Executive Function Disorder and Technology Utilize Those Cell/Smart Phones #5 Adjust or shift the steps, if needed, to complete the task working memory #6 Complete the task in a timely way organization of materials, Free Graphic Organizers selfmonitoring Executive Functioning Getting Your Students Organized! by: Valeska Gioia Ed.S,Assistive Technology Specialist Jonathan Cruce, ATP RET Rehabilitation Engineer South Carolina Department of Education SC Vocational Rehabilitation SO .... How do we help these students? Its time to start teaching all of our students to be CEO's of their own lives! And of course: Flash Cards # 3 Organize the steps needed to carry out the task Student may have problems keeping track of their personal items or keeping their bedroom organized #1 Analyze a task Around the time of puberty, the frontal part of the cortex of the brain matures, allowing individuals to perform higher-level tasks like those required in executive function. Think of executive function as what the chief executive officer of a company must do: What is Executive Function? Visual Checklist On-Line Checklist Creator SQWORL South Carolina Assistive Technology Program SCA TP SCATP – (South Carolina Assistive Technology Program) Columbia, SC; provides state-wide resources for the community; demonstration lab for public; free trial loan of AT devices (only pay return shipping) SC AT EXPO Free and open to the public! No matter how hard they try... Website organizers When executive function fails You may see these behaviors: General Strategies Take a step-by-step approach to work; rely on visual organizational aids. Use tools like time organizers, computers, or watches with alarms. Prepare visual schedules and review them several times a day. Ask for written directions with oral instructions whenever possible. Plan and structure transitions times and shifts in activities. #4 Develop timelines for completing the task #2 Plan how to address the task they fall short.

Brown Bag

Transcript: Overall impression Delusions Hallucinations Disordered thinking and speech Me, Myself, and Irene Defenition- a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings. Refernces Accuracy of the movie Genetics Enviroment Brain Chemistry Substance use "Schizophrenia." NAMI. Youtube. 2016. Web. Schizophrenia General Plot In the movie "Me, Myself, & Irene", Jim Carey is a Rhode Island state trooper named Charlie. When his wife leaves him for their chauffeur from their wedding, he ends up suffering from multiple personality disorder. He creates Hank who is confrontational and blunt as his alter-ego to handle his problems. Social withdrawal Extreme apathy Lack of drive initiative Emotional unresponsiveness Schizophrenia has two major sections of symptoms Struggle to remember things Struggle to organize thoughts Anasognosia (being unaware of ones illness) Cognitive Issues Medication Antipsychotics First and second-generation medications Psychotherapy Cognitive Behavioral therapy Supportive Psychotherapy Cognitive Enhancement Therapy Psychosocail Treatments Assertive Community Treatment Ecaterina, Josue, Juaquin May 5, 2016 Negative Farrelly brothers. Me, Myself, and Irene. America. Century Fox film. Web. 2000 Schizophrenia Catatonic Disorganized Paranoid Residual Schizoaffective Disorder Men are 1.4 times more prone to schiophrenia than women and suffer more severely Men can show symptoms between 15 to 25 years of age Woman can show symptoms between 20 to 30 years of age and have a smaller peak after menopause Early age schiophrenia is uncommon but can happen after 5 years of age 1 percent of the world is diagnosed with schizophrenia About 1.2 percent of Americans have this disorder Statistics "Schizophrenia." Mental Health America. 2016. Web. Treatment Causes Types of Schizophrenia Diagnosis Positive Charlie is put up to the task to escort a woman named Irene to upstate New York where she is wanted. Once they arrive there, it's a trick from Irene's ex boyfriend to get her killed because she knows too much. So it is up to Charlie and Hank to protect her and stop Irene's ex. Certain drugs like LSD can simulate symptoms. Evaluation from a health care provider Brain tumors, possible medical conditions, and other psychiatric diagonses are ruled out Sysmptoms must be present for at least 6 months. Jim Carrey nailed his role and brought a exteremly comedic aspect to the movie.

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