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Brown Bag

Transcript: Ellis Adeline Thomas Family & Friends Daddy Mommy Sister Ivonne Millie lived here for evs. Spanish Hobbies Soccer Art Art Teacher "When I Grow Up" Viices Made In Heights Magazines Fav. Shows Favorite Movie Comedy Is The Boomedy Hunger Games Hello Mrs.Harris, My Name is Ellis Adeline Thomas. I and turning fifteen as of the twenty fourth and I hope to have a wonderful semester in you cougar success class. I thought that you might want to learn a little about your students for us to have a healthy learning environment so that all of us students can have a great rest of the year. Getting started I want you to know that I have an older sister that just became a freshman a college, her name is Millie and I miss her very dearly, but as of two weeks ago another older sibling came into our household. Her name is Ivonne and she is from Mexico (she is and exchange student).Ivonne has been really great in helping me cope without my big sis and in a lot of ways reminds me of her. I would also like you to know that I am an active member in a youth group called Young life that helps any high school students wanting to get closer to God. other activities that I participate in after school consist of Soccer Tennis and art lessons that have every Friday.My favorite movie is Bridesmaids and I love to watch face off (a show about movie mask makers). i hope that i covered enough topics about myself so that you can better understand where I'm coming from. This is Me Vouge Tennis Fav Class Pawleys Island Places Where I grew Up

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