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Brown And Yellow Powerpoint Template

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Brown and Brown University

Transcript: Attention Interest Desire Conviction Close questions...? Plan Design Find a competitive price, but remember, if you nail the first three, this becomes less critical. Provocation Appendix B next steps... Analysis Presented by Whitney Connelly and Marissa Buck Summarize First Meeting - Features and Benefits Report Findings - Increase the general health of the entire group using an incentive program - Save up to 3% in year 2 and up to 5% by year 3 - Productivity and culture change Brown and Brown University Executive Summary Do like they and respect you? Future Support their desire with empirical data, articles, testimonials, facts. Analysis - How we got to our Recommendations Understanding Appendix D Appendix C First Meeting Relationship Get the BOR. Create a cerebral and emotional investment in the decision. Contribution Strategy At B&B, we use a process to understand our clients so we can provide solutions, not spreadsheets. Q: When should you qualify? A: All the time. this? Features and Benefits Closing a sale may seem straightforward, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. make it relevant. make it meaningful. Price question. mystery. unexpected statement. big name. screwdriver. referral. insult. compliment. it just happened. Be exhaustive. Analyze more and further than the incumbent ever did. Ask questions. Ask more questions. Role Play Appendix A Qualification when did this ... become Summarize and Close Recommendations Conference Call Thank You! Today Product Projected savings The Process Initial interview Uncover Needs Opportunity Analysis Report Findings Seek to Understand. The Process Initial interview Uncover Needs Opportunity Analysis Report Findings Seek to Understand. The Process Initial interview Uncover Needs Opportunity Analysis Report Findings Seek to Understand.

Blck and Yellow

Transcript: Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa Yea ah ha you know what it is Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow (repeated) uh, black stripes yellow paint the n-ggas scared of it but them ho*s ain't Soon as i hit the club look at them ho*s face put the pedal once make the floors shake Suede inside my engine roaring is a big boy ya know what i paid for it and i got the pedal to the medal you got n-ggas checking game im ballin every level hear the haters talking bout theres nothing u can tell em just made a million got another million on my schedule no love fron n-ggas hearts no keys push to start got a call from my jeweler this just in and b***hes love me cuz im f**king with there best friends not a lesbian but shes and freak though this aint for one night im shinning all week hoe im sippin slicquot and rockin yellow dimands so many rocks up in my watch i cant tell what the time is got a pocket full of big faces through it up cuz every n-gga that im with tailored stay high like how im supposed to do that crowd underneath them clouds cant get close to you in my car look unapprochable super clean but its super mean she wanna f**k with them cats smoke weed count stacks get the fly with them trips and thats that real rap i let her get high if she want she feel that convirtable drop feel 87 top peel back Step up in my town when you see me you know everything Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow I put it down from my whip to my dyminds Black and Yellow X6 (chorus) Yeah ah ha you know what it is everything I do I do it big Yeah ah ha screaming that stuff when I pulled out the lot that stuff

Brown Berets and Yellow Peril

Transcript: Corroboration This presentation was made by using one source per topic. The comparison between the two sources would be based on the Efficiency and reliability of each site. After using these websites a very noticeable difference is noted. The Oklahoma state website was a pdf file however provided more than enough information in an organized manner, unlike that of the Dartmouth page which wasn't very informative. The preferable source would have to be Brown Berets and Yellow Peril Most Mexicans felt that the ideology of the “American Dream” was nothing more than a lie, persuading minorities to believe that they could achieve anything in life through education and determination. Because of the their environment they believed only whites had access to this dream What were the Intentions of the Brown Berets? What is the Yellow Peril? Anti-Chinese propaganda Carlos Montes David Sanchez Fred Lopez Carlos Lopez Oklahoma state university digital library Miguel Leon Diego Portillo Yellow peril The Yellow Peril first became a major issue in the United States in California in the 1870s when white working-class laborers, fearful of losing their jobs amidst an economic decline, discriminated against the "filthy yellow hordes" from Asia, leading to the national Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Brown Berets American Disillusionment Founders East LA, California 1968, The Brown Berets emerge as a social movement and playing an important role in the growth of The Chicano Movement Brown Berets Sources Introduction questions By The group was made of young adults who sought to make a positive change among the Mexican community by voicing their concerns about the injustices occurring in their community The organization coordinated and participated in protests regarding several community concerns including police harassment and brutality, unemployment, poverty, and the Vietnam War The Chicano movement was beginning to flourish throughout the western states in the 1960's

Troy Brown Exhibition Template 2016

Transcript: MATH on Track!! NEW Academic Fit: NYU 3.04 Average Cost (includes, federal state and institutional aid) Comment 3: 89 GOOD SCHOOL GOOD LOCATION AND AMAZING LIVING ARANGMENTS SALES MANAGERS Predicted ACT: Academic Review Self-control ALL IN ALL I BELIEVE THAT I AM ON TRACK TO A GOOD POST SECONDARY JOURNEY!!!!!! 11 BABYSITTING What Does a Sales Manager do? Overview Sophomore Year well rounded, Stylish, Unique A Natural Born Leader, But Not Always Positively. GPA= MOM She has helped me work on my teamwork and interpersonal skills. And Receive My Maters Degree Behavior Review A sales manager is someone who is responsible for leading and guiding a team of sales people in an organization. Financial Fit: (NYU) 30 RESPONSIBILITY, LEADERSHIP N Y U JOSEPH LIETNER MAKING PROGRESS Teamwork, Grit ,Leadership 10th Grade Am I a Fit?? 83 3.7 Skill: Freshman Year 5 25 HISTORY % begin repaying debt within 3 years FRIENDS TROY BROWN COOK Tardies Glimpse of My Life (Insert Name of school) 4 Graduate High School 79 3 Analysis Off Track My Biggest Cheerleaders Are... Questions Outside of the Classroom Career Cluster : Marketing , Sales Service LITERATURE INCREASE MY GPA BY 3 POINTS Directions: In each box explain how you are going to continue to explore your career further in high school. Make sure to delete these directions when you finish. Career Pathway Exploration Post Secondary Institution Deep Dive 81 10th Grade Summer PRACTICE AND MASTER DIFFICULT MATH SKILLS AND SEEK HELP WHEN NEEDED Am I a Fit? Thank You GET A SUMMER JOB WORKING IN RETAIL TO IMPROVE MY INTERPERSONAL SKILL Career Pathway Exploration Develop Computer Skills How am I Going to Get There? 12th Grade Career Exploration responsibility Average ACT Skills That I Have Learned Would Be Grit, Hard Work And Determination OFF Track!! Career Options Average GPA: Sales Manager My Network on track!! Almost Always Cooperates w/ What is Asked. Making Progress $15,420 DANIELLE CROCKER Comment 1: 91% Comment 2: 1 ON track!! Road to My Career My Mentor! 3.0 Go To A College That Has My Major In Business Current GPA: Comment 4: 8 Grit FOCUS MORE DURING LITERATURE CLASSES AND SEEK HELP WHEN NEEDED Comment 5: Receive A Bachelors Degree Skills Skill: Responsibility Current High School Records Level 2 Mindset Skill MONEY Off Track Absences 22 Does Well Working w/ Others And Occasionally Gets Caught in Drama. 78 Preparedness Evaluation: FASHION As Of Now I Am Making Progress An I Am On Track To My Goals. Take SAT and ACT Prep Programs To Prepare Myself For The Actual Test. Skill: Teacher Feedback Preparedness Evaluation: Continuing to Explore 11th Grade My Academic Profile Student Lets Others Influence Choices Track 85 UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2018 Conclusion 11th Grade Summer Internship YORK Demerit Cards She has taught me how to working an office setting with other co-workers. N/A Sales Manager 9th Grade Analysis Career Pathway: Marketing Communications Personal Fit: FRIENDS Family Generally works through challenges How am I Going to Get There? Self-control Continue My Job And Focus On Saving Money Towards Tuition

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