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Transcript: Quote from Raul: "I want to show the beauty of our people, that we are not all banditos like they show on TV, munching cuchfritos and sipping beer through chipped teeth" (22). Banks Article Goal: “A major goal of multicultural education is to provide all students with the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to function within their community cultures, with the mainstream culture, and within and across other ethnic cultures (Banks, 2006b)” Having these cross cultural skills would help pull minorities out of the lower class because it would greatly help with social interactions and better chances at mainstream careers. I think this book helps accomplish this goal because it shows the gained optimism of learning and understanding others and their ethnicity. Learning this value as a young person could help distinguish the importance of building diverse social skills later in life. Social Status – Lower (Minority) Class While Raul briefly describes his relationship with Tyrone, he refers to himself as a “Rican” (21). He sees himself in this category and its important to his character as it describes how he gets along with others. Grimes, Nikki. Bronx Masquerade. New York :Dial Books, 2002. Print. Raul speaks about having a girlfriend and other characters mention Raul in a hetero relationship in other chapters. Raul Ramires The primary setting of the book is in a school within a ghetto of the Bronx. Raul makes mention to not being able to afford paint brushes and water color paper for painting at home (21). He mentions his mother performing manual labor in a factory as an occupation (22). Jesse Platts ~ EDUC 433 ~ 2/3/17 Ethnicity – Hispanic (Puerto Rican) Religion – Most likely Christian Age - Mid/Late Teens Sexual Orientation – Straight Gender – Male From Bronx Masquerade Cite: Language – English/Spanish (Multilingual) While Raul narrates in his chapter, he primarily uses English, but sometimes he will spin Spanish words in his sentences. Sometimes Raul speaks Spanish to get out of social situations, hiding his knowledge of the English language. This is important and develops his character as other people notice and are surprised by how well he speaks English during his poem reading. Bronx Masquerade Response Although it never mentions any clues to Raul or his family’s religious views, it is safe to assume with historical/current data that his background and family roots are Christian.


Transcript: October 2019 TITULAR EL BRONX Insert some text here SeconThe first European colony in the place was established when the Dutch West Indies Company bought the area in 1639. That same year, the Swedish immigrant Jonas Bronck, in whose honor the colony was baptized, built the first farm. Until the 1890s, it was nothing more than an area of farms and small colonies, but the arrival of trams and the elevated subway accelerated the already rapid growth of the area, which became a city county. Originally, it was an area with numerous apartment buildings. It develops a minimum industrial activity, compared to that carried out in the whole city, mainly in the southern section, where there are establishments in sectors such as food and clothing manufacturing, among others. Warehouses, shipping and commercial facilities are located on the north-eastern shore.d topic Historia del Bronx Navidad en el Bronx Christmas Day (December 25). Christmas day is a holiday, and people usually celebrate it as a family. Some restaurants close, so you better check which ones open and book through websites like Open Table. Shops usually close, but many attractions open (skating rinks, cinemas, markets, observatories ...) A good plan for Christmas day in New York is, in the afternoon, go for a walk in Manhattan, see the windows and skate on some track. New Year’s Day (January 1). Holiday to recover from the excesses of the previous night, although a few brave begin bathing in the icy waters of Coney Island for the Polar Dip ... Are you going through? If not, you can stroll through the city, where most attractions are open. On September 15, 2011 José Webster Arzu, who had just turned 16 years ago, was shot seven times in the corner of 162 East Street and Park Avenue in the Bronx, when he took his girlfriend home of the teenager, at about 6 pm, and a man tried to rob him. The young man, of Honduran origin, a lover of basketball and technology, and an 11th grade student, tried to flee, but the assailant took out a gun and killed him from behind, leaving him so serious, that at Lincoln Hospital, where he went moved, they could not save his life. It's been almost 7 years since that fateful afternoon, and Lesly Arzu, the young man's mother, who works as a teacher at a school in the Bronx, has moved on with her other three children, leaving the pain aside, but confesses that she continues very worried about the atmosphere of violence and the indiscriminate presence of weapons in the streets of her county. The Honduran fears that other boys will suffer the same fate as her son, when the shootings are daily bread in that part of the city. Armas en el bronx Independecia Bronx Mass was the response of Hondurans in the Big Apple during the celebration of the 193 years of national independence, from very early in the morning and identified with the colors white and blue, carrying national symbols and proud of the 5 stars hundreds of Hondurans met on East Tremont and Southern Boulevard to kick off the parade which was led by the great quarterback of the event Dr. Luther Harry Castillo. Video YouTube


Transcript: Tyrone Bittings Theme Characters Once in the begining of the book most of the students thought that school was a waste of time. In the near end, they seemed to have grown into the feeling of eduction. Workplace description Skills description Lesson Prezi By Alex frye and Victoria Sample •Doesn't think highly of her education •Teased alot •Likes ‍‍ •Wants to do better in writing poetry •Doesn't like her skin color •Wants to be beautiful •NOT CONFIDENT OF HERSELF. Leslie Lucas misguided (too true) unloved picks the wrong guys to hang with never smiles wants a baby wants someone to love Tyrone bittings is a high school student that believes that he has no future right now is what matters he has a dream to be a rapper Position Book cover •She is very shy. •She a good painter. •She doesn't share her father's the dream of going to the WNBA. •She is 6 feet tall. •She relates painting to everyday life •She is often called the "Jolly Green Giant," much to her dislike. •She has no talent in basketball. •Her father wants her to focus on playing basketball, but she wants to draw and go to an art school. •She worries about everyone else •Her dad is not proud of her. Bronx Masquerade Author Nikki Grimes first published the book in 2002 Very pretty, light skin, light eyes, and nice hair Tried to cut off her hair to make herself less pretty. Her two best friends are Janelle and Diandra Her mom does not understand how she feels Girls envy her looks Italian, but looks white (blonde hair, pale skin) Wants to be called by her Africana name, Natalina. Not Predjudiced. Feels out of place with her family Wants to be more ethnic Workplace Sterling S. Hughes Gloria Martinez Book Info By Nikki Grimes •Leslie just moved into New York because her mom died. •She is now living with her grandmother. •She became friends with Porscha because both of their mother died. •They can understand each others feelings. •Before he met Porscha, She felt like he had nothing in common with his classmates. •They grew up in different places, like different singers, and She thought she was all alone. •She cares about what is going to happen when she dies. says at the beginning of the book. •she has to grow up because she is not a kid no more •she is not her crazy self no more. •she has a baby •Lupe wants to be like her Skills Lupe Algarin Religious he has a temper Plays Guitar Known as "Preacher" he has a good out-take of life likes science Wesley Boone (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio Sheila Gamberoni School 2 Tanisha Scott Steve knows exactly who he is. Steve is a happy person. Blond with blue eyes. Cool with Raul. Loves Broadway and New York Steve is a person who wants to work for Broadway as a set designer. Wats to be part of tyrones crew •He doesn't like doing work. •He doesn't want to end up like his father •He also fears that he will end up like his father, which is dead Position Porsha Johson Judiane Alexander School 3 description very aggressive (gets over it eventually) mother died by drug overdose. afraid to get closer to anybody else after the death of her mother. Becomes friends with Lesllie Lucas Diondra Jordan Steve Ericson


Transcript: THE BRONX Welcome to the Bronx September 12, 2019 Harlem MT Vernon New Rochelle Pelham Bay Belmont Notable Neighborhoods Notable Neighborhood Here's a place for the first part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Cardi B- Singer John Gotti- Mobster Fat Joe- Rapper Billy Joel- Singer Jennifer Lopez- Singer Kerry Washington- Actress Famous People from The Bronx Famous People It's the BRONX! Welcome to all Here's a place for the second part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. pictures Important Events/things to do Here's a place for the third part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Bronx Native American Festival at Pelham Bay Park Important Events Enjoy music, storytelling, food and dance at this celebration of the unique Native cultures of the Americas Climate Week in the Bronx This climate week is focused of preserving the environment of the Bronx which focuses on eating locally grown food, planting trees and picking up trash and trying to prevent global climate change Things to do Bronx Zoo Yankee Stadium Yankee Stadium is full of sporting events year round. This of course includes Yankee's baseball, New York FC, and a plethora of footballs games throughout the year The Bronx Zoo is the one of the largest animal exhibit. They have 4,000 animals and more than 650 species. Woodlawn Cemetery Landmark Landmarks Here's a place for the fourth part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Here's a place for the fourth part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Edgar Allan Poe cottage The cemetery is known for the ornate and imaginative mausoleum.monuments of some of the country's most famous industrialists and politicians. Like Elizabeth Cady Stanton This cottage where Edgar Allan Poe lived and where he wrote many of his famous works “Climate Week NYC at NYBG " New York Botanical Garden.” New York Botanical Garden “17 Best Celebrities from the Bronx, NY.” Bronx Ads, 31 July 2018, BronxMama, et al. “Home.” Bronxmama, 4 June 2019, “All Places in the The Bronx, New York.” Atlas Obscur Credits: Citation

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