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Teddy Bridgewater

Transcript: Teddy Bridgewater is the best college quarterback to play in the 2012-2014 season. Nfl Draft Sugar bowl stats The news reporter Taggart said that Teddy Bridgewater was the real deal and he said Teddy is a really special kid.He also said he throws a good deep ball. Video 2 Manning award watch list He had 287 completions and 419 attempts for 3718 yards for 68.5 percent. Stats in 2012 U.S. Army all-american bowl In the game bofore the Sugar bowl Louisville played the Rutgers and beat them 20-17 and it was at High Point Solutions Stadium Piscataway,New Jersey. What Taggart said about Teddy Bridgewater Local Love Teddy Bridgewater was selected to go in the manning award watch list, which is sponsered by the allstate sugar bowl. He had 179 comletions and 243 attempts for 2557 yards with a percent of 73.7 In 2011 he had 191 completions and he had 296 attempts for 2129 yards and he has completed 64.5 percent of them in 2011 Teddy Bridgewater was named most valuable of the Sugar Bowl after going 20for32 for 266 yards and two touchdowns in a win over third ranked Florida. Teddy Bridgewater is one of the nations top quarterbacks. Wins and Losses The head manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in drafting Teddy in the NFL draft. Teddy Bridgewaters high school partner is Eli Rogers as you can see Eli rogers and Teddy Bridgewater are still on the same time. His position is Quarterback. Teddy Bridgwaters favorite reciever to throw to is Devonte Parker most of the time he catches the easy and hard catches. High School partner Teddy Bridgewater is finally on a video game of NCAA football 14 and he is already on the front cover of NCAA football 14. Louisville beat florida 33-23 Teddy Bridgewater had thrown 266 yards 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. His height is: 6 foot 3 Teddy Bridgewater might get nominated to get picked as a heisman player, most people dont think that teddy bridgewater will not win heisman. Video 1 High School Louisvilles record is 7-1 and they lost against UCF and they have beat 7 teams and they are Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, Kentucky, FIU, Temple, Rutgers, South Florida. Chances in the BCS Bowl Compared to Andrew Luck UCF game with Louisville Louisville had one of the biggest upsets in football history Louisville beat Florida by 10 which everybody thought that Louisville would lose by alot. The news reporter William Taggart compared Teddy Bridgewater to Andrew Luck Taggart said that Teddy Bridgewater runs the whole Louisville offense. In this game the Louisville Cardinals lost 35-38 which is a bad loss because they might not go to the Sugar Bowl now. Teddy Bridgewater Quotes from Teddy Bridgewater Stats in game before the Sugar bowl NFL team Sources cited page Personal life Devonte Parker His weight is 196 lbs Teddy bridgewater was selected to play in the u.s. all-american bowl and he was name honorable mention in the u.s. all-american bowl. This picture is of his mom that survived breastcancer. His High school is northwestern and he played football there with Eli Rogers. Stats in 2011 Sugar Bowl with Florida Kentucky Game Stats in 2013 so far Teddy Bridgewater had a broken wrist and he told his coach ''Coach , i can do this. I can go.''In the same game he had one of his best games in college football. NCAA football 14 His p Teddy Bridgewater has alot of love in this country. He has more than 3,360 fans that is alot of fans for a college football player. In this game Louisville Cardinals won 27-13 which is a good game because kentucky is their rivals. Thesis Now that Louisville has lost one game they might not be able to play in the BCS Bowl so they dont have a good percent of chances to make it in the BCS Bowl. Heisman Teddy Bridgewater might get nominated to the NFL draft and get picked 1st overall Facts

Bridgewater Primary School Presentation

Transcript: Bridgewater Primary School References: Education Value of Research References School Context: "Bridgewater Primary School staff and students are committed to lifelong learning that is relevant, enriched and passionate, and which uses the best of learning energies for everybody." Bridgewater Primary School is a government R-7 school. It has approximately 191 students consisting of 96 boys and 95 girls. 2% of the student population are from Indigenous backgrounds and 1% of the student population is from Language backgrounds other than English. There are 13 teaching staff (9 full time) The school has 7 studios (classrooms) The colour code is navy blue, pale blue and white. Children are involved in planning, monitoring and tracking their learning. Children develop personal learning plans Mathematics & English are core learning areas. Along with core learning areas children also participate in SAPSASA, South Australian Primary Mathematics Challenge, QuickSmart Maths and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Project and Vegetable Garden. Community Context: Bridgewater is located approximately 17km from Adelaide According to the 2011 census: There were 3498 people living in Bridgewater, consisting of 1743 males (49.8%) and 1755 females (50.2%). 1606 Males and 1623 Females were Australian Citizens 12 people were from indigenous backgrounds 1420 Males and 1408 Females were born in Australia, 268 Males and 305 Females were born elsewhere 1632 Males and 1649 Females spoke English at home, 69 Males and 79 Females spoke other languages The average age of the population was 38 (1 year above the Australian average) According to 54.1% were employed full time, 36.1% employed part time, the unemployment rate is 4.1% The average income for individuals was $727/week (persons over 15), the average family income was $1754/week and for households $1489/week 456 homes were fully owned, 690 owned with mortgage, the average mortgage repayment is 1710/month 171 homes were rented, the average rent is $320/week Interesting Fact: 173 homes did not have an internet connection and 1120 homes had some sort of internet connection. Value of Research: This research has helped me to better understand the school and community of Bridgewater. I have gained insight into the cultures and backgrounds of Families with in the school including family make up, age and genders, income and work, religion and participation in society. This will help me to better understand the children and better provide support in their learning and development I believe that it is important to find out about the communities I am involved in. In creating students’ environment Bridgewater Primary School focuses on the development of: Autonomy and personal responsibility. Independent learning skills and willingness to take risks. Skills to be positively involved in decision making. A clear understanding of social, behavioural and learning expectations & logical consequences. Recognising self growth and minimising low self esteem. Primary School AEDI & NAPLAN aims to develop the individual as a confident, competent learner, a thinker, problem solver and a decision maker, who is aware of their own potential style and values. AEDI & NAPLAN: Bridgewater Assessment 1 Part B Community Context School Context

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