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Transcript: SLEEVES SILHOUETTE / NECKLINES / SLEEVES / WAISTLINES / TRAIN / VEIL NECKLINES Leave (someone) at the altar (v.) To decide not to marry someone at the last moment. He got cold feet and left his fiancée at the altar. She was mortified! Dream of a funeral and you hear of a wedding. (Prov.) If you dream that a person has died, you will learn that person is to be married. Alan: I had a dream last night that my sister was killed. Jane: Dream of a funeral and you hear of a marriage. You can’t dance at two weddings. You cannot do two things at once. Either go to the beach with Fred or stay here with me. You can’t dance at two weddings. Just married! An expression used to label newlyweds, usually seen in a car Civil union (n.) a ceremony similar to a wedding for two people who are of the same sex Civil union has been legal in New Zealand since 26 April 2005. Dowry (n.) Money and property that, in some cultures, a woman’s family gives to her husband when they get married A betrothed girl, seduced by her prospective father-in-law, took her dowry and returned to her family, and was free to marry as she chose. Flower girl (n.) A young female child who carries the flowers I want Jennifer Jane to be a flower girl and Ricky to carry the ring cushion. Newlyweds (n.) a couple who have recently married The newlyweds bought a house together. Pre-wedding nerves (n.) when you are nervous before the wedding Shotgun wedding (n.) a wedding that happens suddenly, because the woman is pregnant Ring bearer (n.) 1. A young male child who carries the wedding rings 2. A boy who helps in the wedding ceremony, sometimes carrying the ring or the bride’s gown An account to the Ring-bearer of so strange an event was required, I think. The Wedding Party (n.) The wedding party refers to all of the people who are in the wedding. They often wear clothing that matches the theme of the wedding. SLEEVES blushing bride (n.) Bride who is a virgin or lacks sexual experience, and is nervous about her wedding night On the big day the blushing bride looked absolutely stunning. bride-to-be (n.) A woman who is soon to be married What must Herr Adler think - his bride-to-be still prancing around like a twelve-year-old? child bride (n.) A very young bride Margaret (Elizabeth Rice) is young but she is not a child bride. VEIL TRAIN June bride (n.) A June bride is a woman who is getting married in the month of June, which at one time was considered the trendiest and most stylish time of year to get married. mail-order bride (n.) Informal showing disapproval a woman brought from another country to be married, usually in return for a payment to a company that makes such arrangements war bride (n.) 1. A woman who marries a serviceman about to go overseas in wartime. 2. A woman who marries a foreign serviceman and goes to live in his country. My grandmother was a war bride during World War II. Getting married (v.) synonyms : to get hitched to tie the knot get hooked tie down hitch up transfused get spliced step off splice ally unify make one Pop the question (v.) to ask someone to marry you Dance at someone's wedding (v.) To celebrate in honor of someone at someone's wedding. I will dance at your wedding—if you invite me, of course. If you think I will dance at your wedding, you had better be nicer to me! Hear the wedding bells (v.) to think someone who will get married soon She ​knew that if she ​brought her ​boyfriend ​home her ​mother would ​start ​hearing ​wedding ​bells. Married to one’s work (v.) If you are married to your work, you spend more time working than you do with your family! His family rarely sees him. He spends all of his time at the office. He’s married to his work! Marry in haste (v.) To repent at leisure if you marry too quickly, you have the rest of your life to regret it Sally wanted some time to consider Sam's proposal of marriage; she had heard the saying, "Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.” bridal shower (n.) A party held for a bride-to-be in a anticipation of her wedding, involving guest (typically female friends and relatives) giving her gifts. The bridal shower will be held at the home of the bridesmaid. Often abbreviated as shower The Reynolds home was the perfect place for Carmen's bridal shower. bridal party (n.) people at a wedding who arrive or sit with the bride, for example her parents and bridesmaids bridesmaids (n.) The girls who traditionally accompany the bride in the church I want you to be a bridesmaid give away (v.) To present a bride to her bridegroom at a wedding ceremony: Very often, the father gives away the bride. I gave my daughter away at her wedding. walk down the aisle (v.) the bride’s entrance to the ceremony, also generally used as a synonym for getting married You’ve been engaged for years when are you going to walk down the aisle? Bridal gown / Wedding dress / Wedding gown (n.) The dress is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. I assumed she meant a wedding dress or something connected


Transcript: Topic "let us be glad and rejoice and give him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his wife has made herself ready" Revelation 19:7 Bride Of Christ The bride is the church of Christ God is coming back for us and taking us like a bride Are we prepared ? Book of Judges Topic Judges 2:11-12 prioritizing something or someone over your personal walk with God something that makes you disobey God's word 1. Idols can make anyone forget God's word and godly moral values 1 Judges 3;12-14 King Eglon ruled and controls Israel for 18 years Judges 3:7 2. God makes us enslaved by our enimies or "idols" when he sees unrepentent attitude in us 2 Judges 4-5 deborah had the courage to deliver her people from the hands of their enemies God gave victory to israel through Deborah's leadership 3. God gives victotory to those who love, trust, and obey him 3 Judges 5:31 when Deborah led Israel they experienced 40 undisturbed years 4. Peace is the fruit of obideince to God's word 4 Bride Topic We are the bride. one of the most important characteristics of the bride for the wedding is the wedding gown. The wedding gown... we cannot make our own but it is the groom who helps us to get this gown. 1 The next characteristic of a bride would be the jewels. For this part I want us to look into this girl whose name is Aksah. Achsah means adorned, jewel 2 .1. She has a very good relationship with her father. 2.She never complained about the inheritance given to her. 3. She has the confidence that if she asks he will give her. ] 3 Negev is a large desert region in the southern Israel 3 Vision Topic


Transcript: We first get introduced to Westley when he is working on Buttercups farm, she calls him farm boy. We learn Westley is in love with Buttercup and would do anything for her, once Buttercup confesses her love for Westley, he decides to travel to America to seek his fortune. Westley and Buttercup say their goodbyes and he sets off, not long after the reader soon finds out that Westley was captured and killed by pirates. Then later in the book, in chapter 5, a man dressed in black appears when daisy is in danger and saves the day. Buttercup then realizes that the man in black is actually Westley, and he is not dead but is alive with set of brand new skills "Words followed her. Whispered from far, weak and warm and familiar. "" Dawn in the Mountains. buttercup turned back to the source of the sound and stared down as, in first light, the man in black struggled to remove his mask. "Oh, my sweet Westley," Buttercup said. "What have I Done to you now?" (Page. 186) Vizzini was hired by Humperdinck to kidnap his wife, buttercup, and kill her. Humperdinck would then accuse the Guilderians and have an excuse to wage war against them. Vizzini is a smart man and the leader of the trio of him Fezzik and Inigo. Vizzini was killed by the man in black, this where goldman makes his twist. When the game of wits begins you would hope that the man in black truly tricked him but in reality he cheated him and poisoned both glass, instead of making Westley the big hero. " "You guessed wrong," said the man in black. "you only think i guessed wrong," said Sicilian, his laughter ringing louder. "That's whats's so funny. I switched glasses when your back was turned." There was nothing for the man in black to say. "Fool!" cried the hunchback. "you fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is 'Never get involved in a land war in Asia,' but only slightly less well known is this: 'Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.'" He was quite cheery until the iocane powder took effect. The man n black stepped quickly over the corpse, then roughly ripped the blindfold from the princess's eyes." First introduced Fezzik and Inigo come off as villains because they were working for Vizzini, it turns out that these two were not villains at all, they were just in bad times and alone which Vizzini took advantage of. Both characters have very in depth back stories and turn out to be the good guys. They end up helping Westley and even save his life by taking him to a healer, they even agree to help in the rescue of buttercup. "What are your liabilities?" "There is but one working castle gate and its guarded by perhaps a hundred men." "Thats all? Thats it? Thats everything? The grand total?" # 1 (The Story) # 2 (Westley) Thesis In the book The Princess Bride, William Goldman tries to rethink the original and standard fairytale by adding twist to many of the situations throughout the book, this surprises the reader which forces them to think more deeply about the literature. The author succeeds in making the reader question the traditional and reach for more complex literature. Goldman The Man in Black Buttercup & Westley Vizzini The Princess Bride Everything in this book is INCONCEIVABLE! Conclusion # 4 (Inigo & Fezzik) Goldman creates this very detailed lie entangling the entire story that leaves most readers confused, they cant figure out if its a real story or not. Goldman made a detailed map to try and convince them even further. He even makes the city have a name which is similar to a real city, when other fairy tales use names that are not like others, such as Neverland or Wonderland. Goldman uses all these twist and lies to convince the reader that the story is real. He is showing that the limits and expectations should be pushed so much further than the ordinary to make the reader that much more in depth. THE PRINCESS BRIDE # 3 (Vizzini) Fezzik & Inigo In conclusion, twist and lies are created throughout the book to make you, the reader, experience the book, not just read the book. Goldman wants readers to expect more and greater things out of the books that they read.

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