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Bridal Shower Jeopardy Powerpoint Template

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Bridal shower

Transcript: BRYAN GUTIERREZ 7TH PERIOD 3/19/19 BRIDAL SHOWER 2019 BUDGET BUDGET A small bridal shower. held at a home, with small activities, and food can range from to 10$-15$ per person. BUDGET #2 OPTION 2 A more typical bridal shower with lunch in private place and inexpensive activity can range from 15$-40$ per person. (This is the budget that I will be choosing) BUDGET #3 OPTION 3 A more high-class bridal shower with catered food at a country club and expensive activities will range from 40$-150$ per person DECOR DECOR The theme is based on the movie "UP" and exploring new things. DECOR JUAN AND REBECCA!!!! EVENT EVENT The event will be held on a Sunday afternoon. There will be served various types of food followed by dessert. After guests have eaten, games will be played. Nearing the end of the event a brief speech by the couple will be said. FOOD FOOD LOCATION PLACE The bridal shower will be held in a designated event room inside the complex LOCATION LOCATION 1. There will be musical chairs played 2. Trivia games concerning the couple 3. Toilet paper bridal dress.(Whoever rolls faster to make wedding dress on another person wins) ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES The date is Sunday, March 10, at 3:00 PM Address- Kendall Square 9501 SW 171st Avenue, Miami, FL 33196 INVITATIONS INVITATIONS Total of 35 people will be invited INVITATIONS The food table for people to serve themselves will be at the left of the entrance. The speaker and DJ will be next to the serving table. The dessert table is across the main course table. The tables for people to eat will be in the middle of the room. LAYOUT LAYOUT

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