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Bridal Shower Jeopardy Powerpoint Template

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Bridal shower

Transcript: Bridal Shower Management 06 05 Witness a Bridal Shower you always longed for. Step 3: Thankyou notes: Along with the other services ,we give a Heart warming Thankyou note to all of the guests with our credentials on it. Final Thoughts Step 2: Photographer: Thankyou for considering us as your event management. Our package also comes with the most experienced photographer helping you to capture your day in the most perfect way. Step 1 : Cake cutting: Felt Special We provide you with the best tastes in cakes , not only the basics one but also a bunch of customized ones too , making your day more special. Dur goal was to fulfill your dream and make you feel special amongst all.. Thank you soo much for being our Client. making memories Being nice to people around us and treating them the way we want to be treated has always been our motivation. Ceremony closeups Capturing your best moments and framing them to you. Our purpose is to give you a bridal shower with all the best memories and gloomy moments captured in one place. 03 Selecting the best of Entertainment Time Management Entry and Food 02 fun activities Finalizing the Mains We mainly focus on timly opening and closing of the events,keeping in view the discipline. Invitations: 03 01 Proper decoration. An invitation sets the tone for the event and makes it official.So we provide a bunch of amazing designs and also a courier service to get them delivered. Allowing the client to choose the food they want and the kind of entertainment including different activities. Going through the venue , theme , decorations and the invitations. 01 Selecting a Venue. Theme selection: Decoration: Date Selection We provide theme ideas that add a personalized touch and cohesive experience, making the bridal shower memorable and unique. Major Selections Discussed 04 venue 135000 guest food Invitations We help our client to select the most suited date for the bridal shower keeping in view the situation of weather that very day. Planning the decoration for a bridal shower involves creating a festive and beautiful atmosphere . *Choose a Theme *A Colour scheme *Table setting *Flowers VENUE SELECTION: Food selection: Guest Selection 01 Photo booth has always been the most favourite thing to do. Venue selection mainly depends on: *The weather *The budget *The area Introduction guests 02 According to the budget provided by the client , a suitable guest list is formed. A Proper meeting is held with the team to discuss the budget of the event , the date and the guest list is finalized. 3000 perhead The client is given a list of varieties of food and are also given compliments to go along. Forming a Theme. decor 02 People also love to play musical chairs 03 Writing secret notes have become a trend now a days. Welcome and thankyou everyone for allowing us to present on bridal shower management. 04

Bridal Shower

Transcript: Wedding Trivia! Q1: What musical act did the Coleman siblings often perform as children? a) The Sound of Music b) Beethoven’s 5th Symphony c) Spice Girls concerts d) None (…the Coleman kids are not musically inclined) c) SPICE GIRLS Title Q2: Which one was Sinead? a)Posh Spice b) Sporty Spice c) Ginger Spice d) Scary Spice e) Baby Spice Q3: In 1949, 78.8% of all households contained married couples. How many households have married couples in 2019? a) 65.4 b) 48.2 c) 30.1 d) 15.7 b) 48.2 Q4) what is the median age of marriage for women in the US (2020) ? c) 28 years for women (31 for men) a) 34 b) 31 c) 28 d) 26 Q5: How long did the longest marriage last? a) 78 years b) 80 years c) 84 years d) 90 years d) 90 years Karam and Kartari Chand were married for 90 years! In 1925, they got married as teenagers. In 2016, Karam died at the age of 110; Kartari was 103 at the time. Q6: In an interview in 2014, they revealed the secret of their marriage. What was it? d) Whiskey and a daily cigarette a) Their children and grandchildren, but most importantly separate beds b) Their love of food, especially spicy cuisine c) Their faith d) Whiskey and a daily cigarette Q7: How long is the longest bridal veil? a) 4.3 yards b) 43 feet c) 430 feet d) 4.3 miles d) 4.3 miles! It was longer than 63 football fields Q8: How expensive was the wedding of Russian billionaire Said Gutseriev (28) and Khadija Uzhakhovs (20)? a) 1 million USD b) 5 million USD c) 50 million USD d) 1 billion USD d) 1 billion USD! Q9: What oddity about getting married in France is true? a) Women are the ones proposing more frequently than anywhere else in the EU b) You can marry dead people c) In 2013, a woman tried to marry the Eiffel Tower (it was not approved) d) In 2011, most same-sex marriages were officiated in France b) You can marry dead people Q10: What does the term "gamaphobia" describe? a) Fear of marriage b) Fear of being divorced c) Fear of your spouse hearing you 'toot' d) Fear of in-laws a) fear of marriage Q11: What was the primary purpose of marriage in the beginning? a) Prevention of incest b) Binding the woman to the man / guaranteeing biological children as heirs c) Orderly distribution of women and men d) Upholding religious precepts b) Binding the woman to the man / guaranteeing biological children as heirs Q12: According to Korean tradition, the groom gives his mother-in-law a duck. (Nowadays also made of wood). Why? a) Ducks are monogamous and symbolize fidelity. b) It's a subtle diss. "Quack quack, you old duck face!" c) Traditionally, duck is served at weddings. d) The Korean word for "mother-in-law" rhymes with the word for duck. a) Ducks are monogamous and symbolize fidelity. Q13: Turkey: After the proposal, the fiancée makes coffee for the fiancé's family, but ... a) ... the women are served tea. b) .. she must guess correctly who the head of the family is and start there. c) ... if her coffee skills are unsatisfactory, the engagement is called off. d) ... the fiancé gets salt in his coffee. d) ... the fiancé gets salt in his coffee. Q14: Why do Japanese brides wear this headdress called a " tsunokakushi " in traditional ceremonies? It ... a) is meant to cover the bride's "horns" & prevent her from becoming a demon. b) is originally an Imperial sign of divine purity. c) conceals the wooden sticks upholding her hairstyle. d) is the headgear the goddess Orihime wore in battle according to legend. a) is meant to cover the bride's "horns" & prevent her from becoming a demon. Q15: What did Inca women have to do to prove they would make a good wife? a) Spend 3 days alone in a hut without food b) spit farther than a llama c) Recite the old legends in front of a council of elders. d) Peel a potato d) peel a potato Q16: In Korea, guests throw up chestnuts and the bride catches them with her dress. Why? a) They indicate the number of years of marriage. b) They indicate the number of children. c) Denotes the amount of money given to the couple as a wedding gift. d) Korean women love to make chestnut figures. b) They indicate the number of children. Title THE END

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