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Brewpub Vs Taproom

Transcript: Branding Flagships Pilsners Marzen Bock? IPA? Dunkel Schwarzbier A brand the partners and myself can relate to. What is Nashville Missing? Sports Nerd: Know way too much about the NFL Real Estate: Treanor Granberry and David Gilbert Food: David Gilbert and Citizen's Kitchen Cocktails: Matt Tocco and Seth from Bastion Beer: Tom Hennessey and Pat Fahey Restaurant Opertaions: Zach, Cassandra, and myself Construction: Rob Phipps Restaurant Concept: Zach Gordon, Cassandra, and myself. Potentially Maura Kean Accounting: Amanda Anglen Attractions: Bowling? Dog Park? Pool Hall? Adam's Nerd Background Tie into Nashville: Athena (Bird God, Owl) She could turn into other animals (Druid) Crust Cheese Tomato Sauce Cook Times Technique Culture/Mission Statement*- Hit List Questions? Ideally find fast casual concepts but also table service Pizza Service Model Perform surveys similar to what was done at Brew Works for the beers. Southeast, Midwest, New England Wood Cellar Kitchen Layout FOH Layout Fast Casual Vs Table Service Southeast/Midwest Athens Fort Lauderdale St Louis Munster New England Maine Vermont Mass Good Vs Evil Lagers Interior DND Manual A brand I would like from a Nerd's Perspective: Alchemy Sorcery Zach's DnD idea Beakers Borrowing from the RPG model Zach and Myself Brewer 1 Assistant Chef: Capital Staff Liquor/Cocktails? Staffing Layout Cuisine? Types of Beer? Reach out to Treanor and Gilbert for intitial walk through Neighborhood Brewery Visits Huge Video Game Nerd. Favorite all time games: World of Warcraft Killer Instinct NBA Jam Vol 2 Starcraft II

Catholic Brewery/Brewpub

Transcript: “In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe and the Cross can all fit together.” – GK Chesterton Catholic Brew Crafting exceptional beer with the intention of bringing people together in an atmosphere of love and devotion. Vision Summary Catholic Brew's vision is to craft extraordinary beers that encompass the Christian approach to life. This is an approach that relies on enjoying every minute of life while giving thanks and glory to God. It is Catholic Brew's ambition to develop beers that aid individuals in the celebration of every day, season and occasion within this cherished life. Catholic Brew is to be enjoyed with an attitude to enhance gratitude and appreciation for the joyful gifts that have been so generously provided. Beer Ales Irish Red Lagers Pilsner Oktoberfest Seasonal Beer Christmas Paschal Triduum “It is my design to die in the brew house; let ale be placed in my mouth when I am expiring, that when the choirs of angels come, they may say, “Be God propitious to this drinker.” – St. Columbanus, A.D. 612 Sales Office Manager Market Analysis American -Approved by TTB "We are not just brand owners, but also a contract beverage manufacturer. As one of the largest American-owned breweries in the U.S., we have a large portfolio of customers and pride ourselves on producing the best consumer beverages! Please check out our capabilities and find out how to get started with your beverage." - Lion Brewery Advent Brewing Easter Lent Step by Step Contract Brewing *Outsourced Organizational Structure Witbier -Competition -Supplies -Distribution -International Marketing Management Promotional Beers Imperial Stout Marketing Packaging Ordinary Time Abbey Dubbel "There are plenty of our brethren who consider drinking somehow immoral, and there are plenty of others who think drinking must end with great intoxication. But the balanced approach -- the Catholic approach -- means having a good time, a good laugh, sometime a good cry, but always with joy and gratitude for God's generosity in giving us such wonders as beer and burgundy." - Sean Dailey India Pale Ale -Target Market -Trends -Growth -Segmentation President Accountant - Saints - Feast Days - Stations of the Cross (12 Pack) -Etc. Contract Brewing Industry Analysis Bock

Yeah Buddy Brewpub

Transcript: Unique craft beers with a focus on PNW styles. Popular styles such as IPAs, Porters, Cascadian dark ales, American wheats, and seasonal releases. Craft beers will tie back into the culture of Ellensburg and the PNW. About our Food Why? Target Market Elevated’s brand will have an immediate place in the city's hearts and minds. We have a passion to bring great craft beer to Ellensburg. Business opportunity in a thriving community. Showcase the amazing hops grown right here in Eastern Washington. Major Startup Expenses What I still need to do! Quality vs. Price Local vs. Corporate Variety vs. Volume To treat our staff and customers with the utmost respect and loyalty. 1500-2000 sq. feet would be needed for our restaurant and brewing space. About our Beer Sales Goal appreciation of unique stories 600 barrels first year at $3.00 net on each pint 600 barrels = 148,800 pints = $446,600 500 pizzas per week $7 profit = $175,000 = $621,600 -$453,000 Total Profit=$168,600 Marketing Strategy Ellensburg has a median age of just 23 years old, half of the average in Washington State! This leaves us with a huge opportunity at businesses focused on this age group. Elevated Finding a new location to build a brewpub with an attached theater. Buy a 15 barrel brewing system and distribute beer into western Washington. A 4 barrel system brewing 3 times a week = 600 barrels in the first year. We plan on a minimum of 3 brews a week with increased volume and fermenter size in the following year. Elevated is in a battle of two brews: Craft beers This will allow us to focus on a simple menu without the need for an extensive kitchen. Pints = $5 Growler Fills = $18 Pizza = $10-15 Who we are 4 Barrel Brew System = $110,000 Building Renovation of previous restaurant = $50,000 Brewing Supplies = $10,000 License and Professional Fees = $15,000 Building Lease = $1,500 per month Labor = $150,000 Miscellaneous Overhead = $100,000 Sales will be on premise only. Once we have reached capacity for our current operations, we will expand with the intent to sell off premise. Corporations Philosophy However... - safety in numbers - As we grow we can expand into a more diverse menu. To maintain an environment where fun and entertainment can be the heart of our business. Yeah Buddy Brewpub in a craft beer market growing due to A Pub that represents the craft beer of Central Washington! Year 2 and 3 Goals! Expansion Plans Funding needed Startup and overhead expenses sales projections Yeah buddy brewery, when you have a sip, you can't help but say "yeah buddy" As long as the market is under-served as it is in Illinois, there is within the small companies fighting for the art of brewing. serving unique tastes. Yeah Buddy Brewpub Word of mouth marketing Festival Marketing Social Media such as facebook, twitter, instagram. Our goal is to provide unique craft beers to the city of Ellensburg with enthusiasm and great customer service. The two have declared a war of values: offered by unique brands Reach maximum capacity of 730 barrels per year Look into expanding production and adding bottling line. Pizza will be our primary focus on food. Craft Beer Growth Total Funding needed = $453,000 A location in the heart of ellensburg which has previously been outfitted as a restaurant. Pricing Goals Year 1 Sales of Ellensburg Location Illinois has only 1.3% of all brewing establishments 2 CWU graduates with degrees in Mathematics and Biology Craft brewery program certified with palate and brewing training. To provide a great product which in exchange will provide growth of the company.

powerpoint template

Transcript: Nobody knows babies like we do! Quality products . Good Customer service. Every Kid really loves this store.. BABYLOU ABOUT US About Us BabyLou was established in 2004. It has been more than a decade since we started, where we have ensured to take care of every need and want of every child and infant under one roof, true to the caption “NO BODY KNOWS BABIES LIKE WE DO”. Our benchmark is to provide 100% customer service and satisfaction and continue to deliver the same with a wide range of toys, garments and Baby Products. Play and Create We Are Best 01 02 03 Block games Building Blocks help Kids to use their brain. PLAY TO LEARN in Crusing Adventures Our Discoveries Enjoy a sunny vacation aboard a luxury yacht with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31083 Cruising Adventures set. This ship has all the comforts you need, including a well-equipped cabin and a toilet. Sail away to a sunny bay and take the cool water scooter to the beach. Build a sandcastle, enjoy a picnic, go surfing or check out the cute sea creatures before you head back to the yacht for a spot of fishing. Escape into the mountains Disney Little Princes in Also available for your Babies..... Also... Out of The World… Our reponsibility BABYLOU…. Our Responsibility All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences. Play is essential because when children play, they learn. As a provider of play experiences, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards all children and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by children to be the best we can be. Innovate for children We aim to inspire children through our unique playful learning experiences and to play an active role in making a global difference on product safety while being dedicated promoters of responsibility towards children.

BrewPub Power Point

Transcript: Features •5-7 barrel, on-site, brewing system •Kansas City/Midwest-Style BBQ restaurant •50-seat dining room area •Local craft beer with WWII Bomber Pinup Artwork Physical requirements: •50-Customer Capacity •Commercial Zoning •Power and Utilities Employers: Greg and Molly Harris 11-20 Employees: •3-8 Servers •1 Host(ess) •2-3 Bartenders •1 Brewer •3-5 Cooks •1 Manager Customers: 24-44 years old $40k-100k income within a 5-mile radius of Hudson Supply Channels Goals and Objectives Location: 422 2nd Street Hudson, WI, 54016 (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Promotion Products and Services Scope of the Business Trip to Hudson Exit Strategy Financial Statements Results Potential Risks Amount of customers within 5 miles: within 10 miles: within 15 miles: Feasible or Not? Mission Statement: Brew Great Beer! Make Great Food! Questions or Comments Hudson Brewing Company (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Hockenbergs Sysco Hudson Brewery Buy Local (Seasonal) Facebook Twitter Word of Mouth Location Keep Planning Income Statement Industry Research Liquidation Transfer of Assets New Ownership Marketing 2012, "DemographicsNow." DemographicsNow. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <>. 2011, "BrewingTechniques Online." BrewingTechniques Online. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <>. " An Online Resource Serving The Beer Industry." An Online Resource Serving The Beer Industry. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <>. Hockenberg’s "Hockenbergs." Hockenbergs. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <>. 2011, Hill Library "James J. Hill Reference Library - Homepage." James J. Hill Reference Library. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <>. City of Hudson "Welcome to the City of Hudson, Wisconsin Web Site!" Welcome to the City of Hudson, Wisconsin Web Site! Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <>.hi Business Plan Sources Hill Library Brewpub General Description Two Options •COGS are 40% of total revenue •Sales by month are adjusted seasonally •Ticket sales are based off 20.00 per plate •Gross wages are 20% of total revenue Bottom-line: After one year, we expect to have a total net income of $81,900. Production Strategy Total: 800,000 Kitchen- 300,000 Remodeling- 300,000 7-Barrel System- 180,000 Advertising- 10,000 Communication- 10,000 Spoiled batches of beer New Competition Business Turnover (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Compile data into business plan Start-up Costs Inconclusive Evidence Too Risky Hard to foresee hidden challenges Adjust current assumptions Continue Research 2,790 8,905 28,745 Operational Plan Start the Process in 2014 Accomplish Long and Short-Term Goals Meet financial standards Give back to the community Research

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