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Brewery Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Revenue Sell equipment Sell Ingredients Organization of Workshops Rent of place for brewing beers Competitors Small breweries E-shop with equipment for beer brewing Lease BrewerMasters to other breweries from the Czech Republic and from all over the world Create software tools for remote monitoring of the beer maturing process for BrewerMasters Can support for logistics via IoT Homebrewing of beer Application "Na futra" Lack of brewers in the Czech Republic Brewing industry has issues with the accuracy of delivery and delivery of fresh ingredients and even beer Tours for foreign tourists around all breweries Pillsen urquell in the Czech republic Once a month beers to the door of the customer Organizing the world champions in "swapping the beer coasters" Brewery industry The popularity homebrewing of beer is growing worldwide But people do not know how start, or how they can brewing beer People like to show others what they create and they like taste beers from other self-producers Who else should self-producers help than a brewery with a several-hundred-year tradition of brewing beer??? Application where you can pay for beers later for example once a month Inspiration from Lymet or Twisto Customers can have credit on their account Brewery gives new data about their customers Better targeting market Personal special offer and discounts Application can be offer to companies Customers can Follow their friends Send to each other gift as coupons BRAINSTORM Every year in the Czech republic number growing of mini-brewery around 50 units In contrast number of new BrewerMaster after school is only around 15 person Czech BrewerMasters are very good perceive at the broad, because of tradition of brewing of beer in the Czech republic. They are hire for work from other countries BrewerMaster's work is mostly done manually New business models for brewery industry Create a community for people who brewing beer E-shop with equipment for Homebrewing Once a month send packages with ingredients for beer brewing Organization workshops for members of community Build place for brewing beers Sometimes there will be situation that people go on the beer without money Somebody wants to control beer spending during the month Breweries do not a lot of informations about their customers A lot of people in the Czech republic show their friends how much beer they drunk last night Revenues Growth of the drunk beer New source of data for brewery Hold money of customers for some times Connect to the application other breweries Competitors Lymet Twisto Providers of voucher to food Lack of BrewerMasters in CZE Application "Na Futra“ Lack of BrewerMasters in CZE Brewing beer at the home Brewing beer at the home Brewery industry Application "Na Futra“ Brewing beer at the home Ideas and Issues Application "Na Futra“


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