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Breathing Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Take 5 breaths now, keep your shoulders down and use your diaphragm to control the air. Now we are going to add in the second line, but before you say the next phrase, take a quick “top up” breath. “Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow [top up] And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go” Do this five times And again, adding in the rest of the rhyme, remembering your top up breath. The key to voicing This is called intercostal diaphragmatic breathing, which means you use your intercostal and diaphragm muscles to expand and contract your lungs as you exhale and inhale. It gives you the best and greatest control over your breathing. Next, breathe in and count out loud to ten as you exhale. It is the key to success behind the microphone. Your breath should remain even, so there is no difference in emphasis between your first and last words. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart Drop your shoulders, relax your neck, shake your arms and legs out. Take a deep breath in, feel the air fill your lungs completely. It should push your stomach out and your shoulders should stay dropped. Breathe out slowly until you have exhaled all the air in your lungs. You will feel a squeeze at the very end, this is your diaphragm pushing on your lungs to expel the last of the air. Take another breath in, this time being aware of keeping your shoulders flat, and your diaphragm at the end. Breathing Intercostal Diaphragmatic Breathing “Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow And everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go It followed her to school one day, that was against the rule It made the children laugh and play to see the lamb at school.” Take a deep breath, and repeat “Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow” Breathe in, and this time say the months of the year Now we are going to say a Nursery Rhyme Never forget to breathe Breathe in, and as you breathe out say the days of the week


Transcript: Breathing Underwater Nick realizes how badly he treated Caitlyn durning their realtionship. he calls he to apoligize. she barely said anything and hungup on him. (pg 227) During Family Violence class, Mario seems to be upset. when Mario is called out of the room, he told the boys to read and once they're done they can leave. Nick stays. Mario comes back to tell him that Leo had killed Neysa and himself. Nick is disturbed by the news. (pg 236) since Nick slapped Caitlyn, she decided that they shouldn't date anymore, and she goes to talk with Saint. That makes Nick very mad. Nick surprised her with a ring. Caitlyn realizes that he will change for her so she gives him another chance. Caitlyns mother and friend Elsa disapproves (pg 192) Nick has a mustang for a car. one day when he comes home from school, he find out that his dad sold it, even though it was his birthday gift from him (pg 30) Nick and Leo hangout. while they hangout Leo asks Nick whats the deal between him and his dad. Nick refuses to answer. Leo shows Nick his gun hidden in his safe. He uses it to control his moms boyfriend, he doesnt want anyone to control him.During Community service Hours, Nick witnesses Leo psychologically abuse Neysa. Nick decides to stay away. (pg 164, 226) Catilyn goes to court to get a restraining order against Nick.He has to write 500 word journal and take a family violence class AND DO COMMUNITY service. During trial, Nick states that he only slapped Caitlyn. (pg 4-8) It's Nick's birthday and Tom runs up to him asking if he wrote a poem about him. it was. Tom tells nick that Caitlyn is living with her dad. Tom is upset that Nick never talked about his dad, both their lifes are messed up in a way. Nick and Tom Become friends again (pg 262) There was a talent show at school and Caitlyn was participating in it. Nick didn't want the whole school to stare at Caitlyn,and he thought that the song wasn't directly sung towards him. He drags her outside and beats her until Tom comes out to stop him by punching Nick in the jaw. (pg 241-244) Dad slaps Nick for tricking the maid into buying beer for him. Nick is left with a red mark on is face, he doesn't go to school the next day (pg 85) Nick disobeys restraining order by talking to Caitlyn and trying to give her gifts. She refuses all of it. Nick says "I never loved you" and she says "thanks for showing me why i cant be with you anymore." (pg 139) Caitlyn comes to see Nick, she pushes threw the maid and asks nick to come in. He refuses at first but then says yes. He tells her that HE loves her, she says that she loves him. (Pg 86) During Family Violence class, Nick meets Leo. At first they don't see eye to eye but through OUT class they become friends. Leo drops the class because he convinces his girlfriend to drop charges. (pg 20) Nick realizes everything he has done to Caiyln and wants to get her back, but he knows he does deserve her. Tom sets Nick and Caitlyn up to go to a party together. the two are very excited (pg 27) the two were invited to go to a Key West Trip. during the trip nick gets drunk and tells caitlyn to take off her shirt, she gets embarrassed. while all the friends go out to swim, nick tells catilyn that shes been gaining pounds, he doesn't want everyone looking at her. he teases her about the sharks in the water. when one comes near, lilina comes over and goes to see the shark with caitlyn. nick pulls her out of the water and wont let her see the shark anymore. (pg 174,162) boys were breaking furniture in the house, Caitlyn yells at them to stop and one of the boys begins to flirt and touches Caitlyn. Nick gets frustrated and beats him. (pg 54&55) Mario tries to get Nick to hit him, Nick refuses. Mario tells him about self respect. Nick demonstrates it on his father, telling him "no, you're not going to hit me" when the Mountain Dew spilled. (pg 225) while they are in the car, Caitlyn talks to nick about HIM BEING DRUNK, Nick gets angry and threatens to drive the car off the bridge, she turns the wheel back onto to road and Nick slaps her. shes silent for a while, and while Nick keeps trying to make her happy, she keeps repeating, "Nick you hit me". Nick says he will get her a ring for her. (pg 184) Saint, Tom, and Elsa tell Nick to stay away from Caitlyn. they all form a circle around her to protect her from nick.they write stuff in class, on the board, tell him stuff during practice, just to get him away from caitlyn for good. (pg 42) Nick sees Caitlyn for the first time since kindergarten. Nick thinks shes beautiful,Tom encourages him to talk to her. (pg 12)


Transcript: Quick recap! brrrap 2nd step - The CO2 which is now in the lungs, is breathed out when we EXHALE - We then breathe in, and as we do so, we replenish the oxygen in our lungs. Today, im guna... - Explain how the lungs support respiration by enabling gaseous exchange with the blood. - Describe the structure and function of the lungs (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr from lungs The windpipe comes from our nose and mouth, and divides into two, and then divides even further. At the end of each 'branch', is a bunch of cells called ALVEOLI, and its here that gaseous exchange takes place. The walls of alveoli are extremely thin, and are surrounded by a large network of blood vessels. Gaseous exchange occurs via DIFFUSION. The best way to imagine the windpipe, seperating into bronchioles and alveoli.. is to imagine, yes... BROCCOLI! Carbon Dioxide & Water How are alveoli adapted? Answers Lesson Objectives from food This is RESPIRATION Blood Carried to lungs, then exhaled Lets take a breather.... - Blood fills with oxygen as it passes the lungs. - At the same time, it offloads the CO2 it has picked up from cells which have just undergone RESPIRATION. Glucose + Oxygen What is respiration? What are the products of respiration? What happens if our hearts oxygen supply is stopped? What is a blood clot? The whole process of breathing is controlled by MUSCLES. When they CONTRACT, it opens our chest, making it bigger, and air rushes in. When they relax, our chest gets smaller and air flows out again Excreted as urine Finished ENERGY (1) The process that occurs in cells, which involves a chemical reaction to give the cell ENERGY (2) Carbon Dioxide & Water. (3) The part of the muscle with no oxygen will stop working, causing a HEART ATTACK. (4) A blockage in the arteries or veins which prevents blood from flowing through to its destination. Blood Alveoli

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