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Transcript: BREAKING NEWS! The only problem was that I had no way out without everyone seeing me leave. I was stuck. I was panicking... until something caught my attention: an open window. I knew I had never used my power in public, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. And so in a second, I had left. I flew all the way over to the bank and broke in through the side of the building. These robbers didn't know what hit them. Next thing you know, all five are tied up and I was back with my Jessica. Everyone was safe. By Derek Pinto and Jazlynn Gee The Tale of Business Brandon Amy: Wow. That is incredible. Well, let me ask you this: What do you think caused you to let out your secret? I mean, you've been hiding it for years, but today you decided to show the whole world. Can you speak a little more about that? Brandon: Yeah I've been hiding my power for a long time now but when I got that text, it reminded me of the time back when I was a child and my parents and I were robbed at gunpoint. I was told not to use my power and just let them take everything. I did not want to have these people suffer the same way I did. I had to prevent the robbery, I had to be strong; I had to save everybody. Amy: So it was based off of your own experience that led you to that bank? Brandon: Yes. I love to help and when someone is in need - especially in a situation like this - I'm always there to do whatever I possibly can. I care deeply about the safety of the people I love, including my community. My power just gave me a little boost. Amy: Alright. Thank you so much Brandon and I hope you have a good rest of the day. Well you heard it from the man himself. Brandon swooped in and saved the day - literally. Luckily, no one got hurt and there were only minor damages. However, the bank will be closed tomorrow, but we do have a new hero flying through the sky! Live from Downtown San Francisco, I'm Amy from WWJD News, Channel 2. At the age of 3, Brandon was diagnosed with Flymatitus, a very rare disease giving Brandon the ability to control the air around him and fly. After many years of random bursts and treatment, Brandon was finally able to control it, but decided to keep it a secret in fear of being looked at and treated differently by his peers. Today, Brandon happily lives in the Sunset district of San Francisco with his fiance, Jessica, and his two dogs, Curry and Steph. He is the proud owner of a local business firm, known as the "Busy Bees-nis." Living the ordinary life, Brandon hoped to hide his power forever, until today where a miracle occurred. Brandon, why don't you tell us a little bit about what just happened? How did it all come down? Thanks Jeff. It's Amy here of WWJD News. I'm standing outside of the bank where an attempted robbery just occurred. Five armed men were trying to access the vaults until something - no, someone - stopped them... let's meet this "someone." Meet Brandon An unusual bank robbery took place in Downtown San Francisco earlier today, in which a group of teenage gang members attempted to rob a Wells Fargo Bank. More troubling: the armed men blindfolded the hostages and threatened to kill each and every one of them until they were given their requests. Everything seemed to be going horribly until suddenly, the side of the building burst and one man flew in and single-handedly defeated the robbers, saving all the hostages. These five men were then escorted into S.W.A.T. cars and taken into custody. We had the opportunity to talk to this "flying" man, who goes by the name Brandon. Amy, what can you tell us about the events that just occurred? BREAKING NEWS! So this is what happened: I was at a very important meeting with a client of mine. We decided to turn on the TV and the first thing that came up was a news report about a robbery taking place at a bank a few block from my building. While everyone else tuned this out, I stood there wondering what I should do. I thought to leave it to the police, but suddenly I got a text from my fiance saying, "Help! S.O.S. I'm at the bank... trouble... please come quick! They're everywhere." I didn't know what to do. This was a very important meeting that could determine the future of my firm, but at the same time my fiancee and many others' lives were in danger. Then, I decided what I must do: save the bank.


Transcript: Jamestown is a colony that was founded in 1607 by the Virginia Company. It is located on a peninsula by the James River. Originally, it was established for the purpose of finding gold, but it's now advertised as a colony ready for settlers. These advertisements promise that settlers can find an "abundance of unsettled land", gold, friendly relations with the "Indians" in the area, and overall a "new experience."... There is evidence that these advertisements are a lie... BEWARE! Famine and Cannibalism reside in Jamestown Many settlers in Jamestown's history and settlers that currently live there, have died of multiple diseases. Some of these diseases are salt poisoning, dysentery, typhoid, malnutrition, and scurvy. Some think the culprit behind many of these diseases is the contaminated river water of the James River. Some items that could be contaminating the water are salt and human waste Do not believe the advertisements.Jamestown may be a new experience, but it is a new experience many have not survived from. Jamestown is full of uncertainty and regrets. Don't believe in their promises of gold, land, and friendly relations with the Indians. All you will find is disease, fighting with the Indians, and death! Unfriendly Relations with the Indians Many of the Indians and colonists do not get along. After the English settled in Jamestown in 1607, they were attacked by an Indian tribe called the Powhatan. This is the tribe that lives near Jamestown. The tribe also has destroyed belongings of previous settlers that moved to Jamestown... Many people have began to starve in Jamestown because of terrible conditions. The people currently living in Jamestown have resorted to eating roots, rats, snakes, shoe leather, and their domestic animals. Some have even turned to cannaibalism. Colonists have retrieved dead bodies out of the ground! There is also an account where a man killed his pregnant wife and used her as food. About 540 people have died because of this time of starvation! BREAKING NEWS Many Have Died of Disease Life in "The Real Jamestown"...

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Transcript: Shangrila Hotel We all know the luxurious 5 star Shangrila hotel by the sea side. Recently the erosion of the sea has disrupted the customers and has caused majority of them to evacuate, because of a powerful hurricane off the coast of India. Many forms of protection such as revetment has been placed on the beach to weaken the waves and therefore erosion occurring on the cliffs. But, nothing can be done to prevent weathering eroision. Lorenzo Vilagiriosa: "My customers usually flood in from all sides of Oman, but now they are going and all I have left is a 5 Star Hotel about to be a sandwich for the sea." Customer:"I came here on holiday with a family of five. We decided to have an evening to walk along the pathway and we saw policeman inspecting the cliffs surrounding the beach. We asked what this was about, and people said they were just taking precautions because they were concerned about the cliffs damaging the buildings and terrorizing the people." Staff: "Most of the staff have been forced too leave because of our safety. Now it has been really hard to get employed again. Inspector: "I was supposed to be inspecting this hotel in 2 weeks time,but that has been suspended because of the terrible events which has occurred recently. I went to look at the hotel , and find out that the right side of the beach has disappeared, as well as the buildings." The treatment the Hotel needs is crucial for the survival of the Hotel. The manager is planning to build a wall to stop the waves from eroding the cliffs. However, there are some disadvantages. it is very expensive and it will make the hotel look very ugly and natural. "But at least the Hotel can be saved from distinction" said the manager. Yes it will, manager, yes it will! Witnesses Owner of the Hotel Breaking news Shangrila Crisis conclusion

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Transcript: According to CNN affiliate WFAA, a psychologist called by the defense described Couch as a product of “affluenza.” He reportedly testified the teen’s family felt wealth bought privilege, and that Couch’s life could be turned around with one to two years of treatment and no contact with his parents. Thanks for tuning in! Victims’ families are angry and speaking out after a judge sentenced a teenager in Texas to 10 years’ probation for driving drunk and causing a crash that left two people severely injured and four others dead. Do you think anything like this could happen in the U.S? A convicted felon faces weapons charges after police say they found an assault rifle and bullet proof vest that he apparently threw out the window of his 15th story apartment. International Ethan Couch, 16, was sentenced by a juvenile court judge on Tuesday. If he violates the terms of his probation, he could face up to 10 years behind bars, according to a statement from the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. By: Do you think this verdict for Ethan Couch was fair? Explain Stephanie Gutierrez Cook County Sheriff's officers went to the Chicago home of 57-year-old Jose Negrete on Thursday to execute a search warrant. Lets Discuss Jasmine Cabral Texas teen Ethan Couch gets 10 years' probation for driving drunk, killing 4 Jose Rios Egyptian security forces are firing tear gas at dozens of university students outside their Cairo campus in an attempt to prevent their protest from reaching the nearby defense ministry. Breaking News !!! Egypt Students Clash With Police at University When officers entered the apartment they say they saw him closing a window, then they found the gun and vest below. Negrete has two murder convictions. Dozens of students pelted the forces with rocks, some picking up tear gas canisters and lobbing them back. Students, some wearing face masks, used metal bars and garbage cans to build barricades. The students were demonstrating Monday outside Ain Shams University in eastern Cairo as part of a spreading protest movement in universities against the current authorities. Even though guns are supposed to be of the streets, do you believe the actions we the people are taking to help stop gun violence is actually working? Convicted felon tosses weapons out window; Jose Negrete, 57, has 2 murder convictions Local Students, most of them supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, have kept up the pressure in limited, but often violent, protests that have included the Islamic Al-Azhar University and the prestigious University of Cairo. National :)

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