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Transcript: Introduction to Brandeis University Top 20 yield rates Princeton: 69/6 Harvard: 82/5 Columbia: 62/5 MIT: 76/7 UChicago: 72/9 Yale: 72/6 Stanford: 82/5 Duke: 53/6 UPenn: 65/9 Johns Hopkins: 40/12 Northwestern: 55/9 CalTech: 41/8 Dartmouth: 61/9 Brown: 59/8 Vanderbilt: 47/11 Cornell: 63/10 Rice: 42/11 Notre Dame: 55/19 UCLA: 37/16 Washington University: 37/16 Emory: 29/19 Georgetown: 47/16 UC Berkeley: 44/17 USC: 37/16 Carnegie Mellon: 37/22 University of Virginia: 38/27 Can you get in? (undergrad) Add info Add info 2 According to the 2018–2019 Common Data Set, Brandeis considers the following criteria “very important”: -Middle 50% SAT: 1390-1500 -Middle 50% ACT: 30-33 -There's no minimum GPA for admission to Brandeis, but more than three-quarters of our accepted students graduate in the top 20% of their high school class. -SAT (25-75 Percentile): 1390-1500 Evidence-based Reading and Writing: 670-750 Math: 700-780 -100 (TOEFL iBT) -627 (TOEFL ITP Plus for China Solution) -600 (TOEFL Revised Paper-delivered Test) -130 (Duolingo English Test) -7 (IELTS Academic Test) -68 (PTE Academic Test) Brandeis University faced a financial collapse in 2009, with a projected deficit of $79m over the next six years, according to an interview with the institution’s chief operating officer, Peter French. This led to the controversial sale of the Rose Art Museum and its collection, which had been valued at $350m in 2007. Michael Rush, the museum’s director, was critical of the decision. A number of lawyers on the museum’s board and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office investigated whether the sale breached agreements between the university and donors. The Rose had been recognised for its collection of modern and contemporary art. Brandeis University in Massachusetts has been criticized after its "Oppressive-Words List" was made public. The list, created by students and published by the school’s Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center, prohibits the use of certain words and phrases to prevent those who have "experienced violence" from being further hurt. The banned words include "picnic," as it is associated with anti-black lynchings in the South, and "trigger warning," as the word "trigger" might evoke violence. Although the list is not mandatory, Brandeis has been criticized for lending its authority to a thought-stifling mechanism. The list has been described as a tragic turn of events for a school named after Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, who was an ardent free-speech champion. -Rigor of secondary school record -Class rank -Academic GPA -Character/personal qualities "Important" -Application Essay -Recommendation(s) -Extracurricular activities -Talent/ability "Considered" -Standardized test scores (currently test-optional) -Interview -First generation -Alumni/ae relation -Geographical residence -State residency -Religious affiliation/commitment -Racial/ethnic status -Volunteer work -Work experience -Level of applicant’s interest Why Bradeis? 1. Academics and small class size -Undergrad size: 3500 -The small class sizes enable a more personalized experience (e.g. office time etc/close knit, quiet environment, etc.) 2. Ranking/Reputation -As a top #50 US university, its current ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges is #44 (U.S News) -Based of anectotal evidence, it's really well-known in the NE region, meaning that you won't have trouble finding intern or job after graduation. 3. Humanities-oriented private research university -Tons of opportunities for research as an undergrad -Tons of social justice initiatives/themes Grad School Why not Brandeis? Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Check out the requirements of any individual program here: GRE req GPA req 1. Limited class selection 2. Students were unsupported in finding jobs/internships (in contrast with big unis) 3. Social life (or the lack of it) 4.They also don't offer engineering at all (although I think they are planning to add engineering science with the goal of ABET accreditation). 5.Its undergrad body is like 40%-50% Jewish; it has a specific demographic that it attracts, and that demographic is very familiar with Brandeis. 6.The campus is not very attractive and it’s in a boring suburb (to be fair Waltham is not bad and it's been getting fancier. There are also a lot of transportation options for both Waltham and Boston, so it's super easy to find something that works for you. ) -The GRE is required if you have not earned or will not earn a degree from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States before enrolling at Brandeis. -On average, students present a 160 GRE Verbal and 165 GRE Quantitative score. -There are no GPA or standardized test score


Transcript: The university that carries the name of the justice who stood for the rights of individuals must be distinguished by academic excellence, by truth pursued wherever it may lead and by awareness of the power and responsibilities that come with knowledge. Mission Statement Mission Statement What is Brandeis? What is Brandeis? Location Located in Waltham, MA 30 minuets from Boston The lowest average temprature is 28 degrees (Areavibes). Location Student Demographic Student Demographic 59% female and 41% male 5,657 Total Students (3,446 Undergraduate and 2,211 Graduate) Notable Degrees and Achievements Five most popular majors Business/Commerce, General Economics, General Biology/Biological Sciences, General Psychology, General Health Policy Analysis (“Brandeis University.”) Notable Degrees and Achievements Notable alumni David Crane ’79 and Marta Kauffman ’78, co-creators, “Friends” Daniel Shapiro ’91, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Tim Morehouse ’00, Olympic medal-winning fencer (“Notable Alumni.”) Admission Admissions office contact Mailing address Office of Admissions Brandeis University 415 South Street Waltham, MA 02453 Telephone (800) 622-0622 Email Admission Reccomended HS courses Minimum requirment 4 years of English 3 Years of Math 3 years of Lab Sciences 3 years of Social Science 2-3 years of foreign language Reccomended HS courses Admissions Criteria No Standardized test required!!! Admissions Criteria Option 1: SAT or ACT Option 2: Submit an approved test option 3: Submit an academic portfolio (“Optional Standardized Tets.”) 3 testing options Deadline and Cost 80 dollars per app Offered on theCommon App Early decision: November 1st Early decision II: January 1st Regular decision: January 1st (“Brandeis.”) Deadline and Cost Admissions Cost Total: $68,428 (“Brandeis Living Cost.”) Admissions Cost $51,548 One Year Tuition One Year Tuition $14,380 Housing and Meals Housing and Meals $1,000 Books Books Campus Visits (“Brandeis University Campus Tours.”) Campus Visits Sign up online on any availble date Lunch with a Brandeis Student Lunch with a Brandeis Student Sit in on any class from the class listing *** *** schedule 24-48 hours with professor Sit in on a class Sit in on a class Self guided PDF to guide you through campus Self Guided Tour Self Guided Tour Any Questions? Any Questions? Works Cited Areavibes. “Waltham, MA Weather.” AreaVibes - The Best Places To Live, “Brandeis University Campus Tours.” Brandeis University, “Brandeis Living Cost.” College Data, “Brandeis.” Naviance, “Brandeis University.” US.News, “Notable Alumni.” Brandeis University, “Optional Standardized Tets.” Brandeis University,

Louis Brandeis

Transcript: - US Lawyer - Associate Justice on the Supreme Court (1916-1939) - Practiced law in Missouri before returning to Boston - Set up a law firm in Boston "Warren and Brandeis" -Samuel Warren a former Harvard classmate - Together published an article "The Right to Privacy" in The Harvard Law Review - argued that citizens are entitled to their private lives and press should not allowed to publish photos or information without their consent Private Practice con't In 1913, Brandeis agreed to chair a Zionist meeting in Boston. Not content to be a mere figurehead, by 1915 Brandeis became Zionism’s leading public spokesman in America. Personal Life Notable Cases -Brandeis spent much of his career crusading against monopolies and large corporations, and advocating for free speech - Became known as "the people's attorney" and refused payment for his services - Graduated high school at age 14 - Entered Harvard Law school in 1875 - Graduated as valedictorian at age 20 Louis Brandeis 1865-1941 Education - Born in Kentucky, 1856 - Parents: Adolph & Fredrika Brandeis - Both Jewish - Immigrated from Bohemia - Was youngest of four children - Parents encouraged and valued education and culture Roots - Brandeis helped save the Boston subway system and break up the New Haven Railroad monopoly - He represented New England Policy-Holders’ Protective Committee in a suit that helped establish a new form of savings-bank life insurance -His Jewish involvement began when he learned, in 1910, that his uncle, Louis Dembitz, whom he highly admired and for whom he was named, had been a Zionist. - Brandeis read everything he could find on Zionism. His desire to help Eastern European Jewry find a safe haven in Palestine was heightened by his contact in 1910 with Russian immigrant garment workers, whom he met while mediating a strike. He saw in these Jews a democratic spirit and idealism he had not expected. Supreme Court Notable Cases -1891, Brandeis married Alice Goldmark, -He had two daughters. -He became a Zionist, believing that establishing a Jewish homeland was key to combating anti-Semitism. Louis Brandeis died on October 5, 1941. Brandeis University is named in his honor. -1916, President Wilson nominated Brandeis to the Supreme Court - Faced bitter opposition from anti-Semites and supporters of big business, he was confirmed, and became the first Jew to sit on the Supreme Court. - Brandeis opposed unlimited governmental power and an interpretation of "individual liberty" that allowed a few people to control economic actualities that affected the public at large. Supreme Court Private Practice - Brandeis was offered a position in President Woodrow Wilson’s cabinet in 1913, but he declined - In 1914, he published "Other People's Money and How the Bankers Use It," in which he attacked monopolies and the ways investment bankers controlled American industry. American Zionism con't - Spent several years defending the constitutionality of state laws that set limits on the number of hours or types of conditions in which a worker could work - In Muller v. Oregon, he wrote what is known as the "Brandeis Brief," in which supporting evidence including historical, sociological and scientific data was marshaled to support the case. American Zionism


Transcript: "At Brandeis, you will discover a community rooted in purpose, guided by our founding values, poised to lead in education and research..." Competition Sports Politics/Activism The offices of Brandeis offer their services to guide students finances through counseling. "The function of the university in respect to the arts should not be limited to promoting understanding and appreciation. It should be to awaken the creative instinct, to encourage its exercise and development, and to stimulate action." Spiritual Brandeis Covers 235 acres of the city! Average high is around 59 degrees "Truth, Even Unto it's Innermost Parts" ACT- 30 NOTABLES TOTAL= $68,281 415 South St, Waltham, MA 02453 Undergraduate Fee- $1,722 Media/Publications BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY 2. Robert Zimmer- Graduated in 1968. Went on to become the president of the University of Chicago Acceptance Rate= 35% 3. Eve Marder- Graduated in 1969. Along with Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield professor of neuroscience at Brandeis; was a member of the advisory board for Barak Obamas BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Neurotechnologies) initiative $14,744 Arts/Culture 1. David Crane and Marta Kauffman- Graduated in 1978. Went on to be the co-creators of Friends WHERE? GPA- 3.95 Tuition Fee- $51,460 Average precipitation rate is 56% AID (17 hours and 1 minute away from Douglas Anderson) "A hub for higher education and innovation" WALTHAM- Students can have the opportunity to receive financial aid through scholarship, student employment, student/parent loans, and through FASFA A private research university with a liberal arts focus... TUITION In 2017, the chairs of the biology and neurology department were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for Physiology/Medicine for their discoveries controlling circadian rhythm, our inner biological clock that regulates all life on the planet Room and Board SAT- 1340 Student Union Total Enrollment=5,945 Average low is around 44 degrees New Student Fee- $355

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