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Brand Presentation Template For Retail Store

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Retail store

Transcript: GET CREATIVE REPLACEMENTS, LTD. " OUR BRAND " CLEAN HOUSE WHAT NOW? MONEY THE BEHAVIOR CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE SHOW ME THE 01 SPEED OF TRUST!!!!! Scope statement- The first and most crucial step of this proposal. This statement/conversation will be used to describe the project plan in detail and is used to get common agreement among the group. This statement will clearly define the projected outcome of the project and significantly decreases the chances of miscommunication thus leading to a more sustained result. CLEAN HOUSE 02 This is more than just cleaning, but rather more READING into the current story that we are telling about our brand. This walk through activity should also be a team effort so that each person knows what to look for going forward in regards to seeing the experience through the eyes of the customer. 1- Do a detailed walk of the store as a team- Recording all opportunities that are mentioned. 2- Manager leads round table discussion to prioritze task and to discuss why some have higher priority than the others. ( Biggest impacts etc ) ALL recordings are valid so use this opportunity to train the team to think as the customer. What is needed to make this successful? 3- Implement an agreed upon timeline of when these tasks will be completed and by whom and manager follows up daily. 4- Assign "mini store supervisor" sections for each TM to own and discuss what this looks like! The expectations, the impacts etc. They own the maint. only, not the merchandising. " Our Story " 03 The store is the first, real tangible impression of our brand. It is where consumers can actually SEE and TOUCH our products. It is where the art of the brand is really showcased by hardworking visual merchandising! The physical store needs to excite now more that ever and do the things that can NOT be done online but still holding hands with our Ecommerce business. The retail store acts as our silent salesperson! THE BRAND COMES TO LIFE WE NEED TO GET DELIBERATE AND WORK WITH THE SPACE WE HAVE! PIG in the Window strategy! Flow and accessibility of merchandise is critical. PLANNING! 6 months out at a min. Become THE Destination ( Shopping) Engage old customers in NEW ways SHOWTIME- Light new arrivals like it's important. Let LIGHT dictate mood and attention. People have 5 senses, NOT 1...... SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE! CHANGE IT UP!!!!!!! **TOUCHING results in an increase in perceived ownership of a product! ** Harvard study 2012 Framing prices- Rollback, Sale, etc ( Limited Supply ) * * * * * * * Eye level is Buy level! SOME THOUGHTS..... MAXIMIZE on the foot traffic we do have! The behavior 04 Exceptional shopping experiences begin with exceptional employee skills. The staff needs to know how to engage people from all walks of life in a genuine manner. That means getting out from behind the counter because they want to, not because you have to tell them. Those employees must be able to listen to why the customer walked through our doors today, identify their motivators to buy, and link all of your products in a way that encourages them to buy. It will also lay the groundwork for a true relationship where each looks forward to seeing the other again. That also makes it easier for the salesperson to suggest add-ons because they are seen as a human being, a trusted adviser rather than a clerk. A 2010 National poll conducted by The Center For Professional Excellence at York College of PA indicated that APPEARANCE ranked 2nd, only to effective communication for professionalism and closing the sale. Business Attire Required! * First impressions are half of the sale * It defines how we represent our BRAND and tell our Story * Sends a clear message of professionalism * Elevates our Brand VALUE * Demonstrates our desire to be successful in our roles The customers are always our first priority- Tunnel vision with maintenance task should be eliminated on front line areas and those tasks trasferred to non business hours/location or in rotation so team members are always readily able to assist and read our customers. When we appear " busy " behind the counter, customers are far less likely to approach us with questions and the experience we want to create suffers. So does the SALE! Susan- Lumberton, NC 11/6/17 "............Everyone looked so busy and I didn't know where to cash out my items. I felt bad for trying to ask. " THINK like the customer- To maximize on sales we must always stay focused on thinking like the customer. What do we expect our experience to be when we are shopping? Noticing if items are not priced when we walk by. being observant to over crowding and clutter. SIGNAGE SALES- Should we have a sign here? Is the music too soft? Is the sidewalk clean and welcoming?All of these are things we should constantly be considering while we are here. ALL team members that visit the retail store or are using it as a walk through also need to be highly aware of our customers and the requirements we have in place for the


Transcript: Oral and written communication skills. Strong organizational skills. Good business sense The ability to work well under pressure The ability to get along with all kinds of people MANAGER What are the certification requirements? Business, Administration, Finance Financial Management and Marketing Mathematics What personal characteristics do I need? What are the working conditions? Employers generally require managers to have several years of previous experience in the retail industry. Many employers also require post-secondary education University of Alberta What are the average wages/salary? Store Managers work indoors and often long hours evenings and weekend. Supervise the day to day operations Supervise department managers and staff, set up schedules and assign duties. Hire or oversee the hiring of staff Monitor anti-theft procedures and policies Provide assistance when employees are unusually busy. Certification is not required, as there is currently no legislation regulating this occupation. Depending on their experience and qualifications Average hrs worked p/w 40 Overall average wage p/h $28.39 Overall average salary annual $59,779.00 -Bachelor of Commerce-Entrepreneurship and family Enterprise 4 yrs. What schools offer programs of study in this field of work What kind of education do I need? DUTIES RETAIL STORE What high school subjects should a high school student take to help them work in this occupation? -Grocery Retail Management 1 yr. Thank you! Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

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