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Brand Plan

Transcript: Proper training for SARS Catchy" flyers/sampling Starter Dose for doctors Deals for dispensing doctors Good positioning of products Pill Cutter VIATREX Numerous generic products of Rosuvastatin, Metformin and Ceftriaxone that cost lower that px's might prefer Well known competitors' brand such as Rosuvastatin = Crestor of AztraZeneca Metformin = Glumet of Unilab Ceftriaxone = Forgram Unilab By SFE Department Bell Kenz Pharma, Inc. Higher demand from top doctors Reliable for patients who need high quality yet affordable medicines 40 SARS x 10 Mds x 2x Coverage a month x 6 months = 4,800 WEAKNESS 50,000 Vials / 10 Hospital SARS 5,000 Vials per SAR Top 10 Hospitals = 500 vials per hospital Brand Plan for Lustatin 20, Normax 500 & Viatrex IV THREATS Thank you! SWOT ANALYSIS *consistently remind doctors and ask feedback New in the market (brand name) Limited in promotion Budget: Food - 300 per SAR x 50 SARS x 2 Days = 30,000 Brand Positioning NORMAX TARGET GROUPS ÒBJECTIVE: 21,000,000 24,000,000 25,000,000 Total cost (Flyers of 3 products) = 144,000.00 LUSTATIN Normax Viatrex To effectively promote the new products for the additional 15% growth of the company Lustatin 20mg (20,000 boxes) Normax 500mg (30,000 boxes) Viatrex 1g (50,000 vials) to HCP, pharmacy and hospitals before January 2017 10,000 pill cutter = 50,000 pesos Unit Sales Lustatin (Rosuvastatin) 20mg 35.00 / 1,050.00 (30's) Normax (Metformin) 500mg ER 8.00 / 800.00 (100's) Viatrex IV (Ceftriaxone) 1g 500 / 5,000 (10 vials) Where to buy: 168 Mall, Manila ANTAXID 40MG BESPRIN CARDIPRES 12.5 CARDIPRES 25 CETADOL CLOVIX EUGLOTAB GLIMESYN 2 GLIMESYN 3 IGCO ICOX ITORVAZ 40 ITORVAZ 80 KARDIA KENZAR 50 August 12, 2016 Product knowledge, pricing, competitors and detailing) & August 19, 2016 (Negotiation Skills) Affordability of the products Good brand name (easy to pronounce/recall) Help increase the sales of company Lustatin Normax Viatrex 10+1 (Deal) 2,000 deals = 20,000 boxes 2,000 /40 SARS = 50 deals per SAR TOP 10 MDs/Pharmacy 5 deals per MD / pharmacy SUMMARY OF COSTING 10+2 (Deal) 3,000 deals = 30,000 boxes 75 Deals per SAR Top 15 MDs/ Pharmacy -- 5 deals per MD / Pharmacy Venue: BK tower, 7th Floor For 6 months = 125,000.00 Date of implementation: August 2016 Cardio, IM, FM Planned Programs Cost per pill cutter: 5.00 40 5 2 2 35.00 = 168,000.00 Lustatin, Normax and Viatrex = 14,400.00 Train representatives for them to be knowledgable about the new products and be more confident when detailing/ communicating 20,000 boxes 30,000 boxes 50,000 vials 250 pill cutter per SAR Cost of free goods = 2,400,00 "MAXimize life with NorMAX" Lustatin 40 5 2 2 8.00 = 76,000.00 Cost of free goods: 2,100,000 For 10 hosp SARS, they will choose their top 5 hospitals Cost per flyer = P10.00 Materials - office supplies and detailing aid - 10, 000 Diab, IM, Cardio STRENGTHS 25 pill cutter per top 10 MD of SARs OPPORTUNITIES 15% Product Objectives No. of SARs No. of MDs covered No. of Coverage Tablets Price x12 (months) Proper training for SARS = 40,000.00 Catchy" flyers/sampling = 144,000.00 Starter Dose for doctors = 369,000.00 Deals for dispensing doctors = 4,500,000.00 Good positioning of products Pill Cutter = 50,000.00 TOTAL: 5.1 M LUSTATIN NORMAX VIATREX Date of Implementation: July 2016 Peso Sales For hospitals and drugstores, initial stocks of 5 vials "Don't lose hope, Take LUStatin" KENZAR 100 KENZAR PLUS NUVERT OMNIVOX PPAR PROSEC 20 PROSEC 40 IV PROVASC 10 PROVASC 5 TENORVAS 100 TENORVAS 50 TMZ MR ULTIMA VIAMOX 1g VIRBEZ ZIMCOR 40 ZINOF 200

Brand plan

Transcript: Hadir Moetaz Aesthetic Line ( Apriline & cellbooster ) 2023 STRATEGY & PLANNING AGENDA AGENDA Apriline: 2022 highlights Strategies Operational Plan Timelines Team Structure Review of 2022 2022 REVIEW Conferences Workshops & Hands-on Accounts educational Programs Private clinics Educational workshops Filler days TV Episodes Consumer Digital awarness campaigns Situational Analysis & Competitors Team Structure (FTEs) Conferences Exclusive projects Apriline Sales Review Situational Analysis Units: 12,068 syringe Value: 14.2 M 12068 9967 Apriline Sales Review Structure Units: 12,000 syringe Value: 14 M 2023 Strategy STRATEGY Capatlizing exixting Market & Acquiring new market potential Transforming the Practice Consumer awareness & Engagement via High Digital Omnichannel platform Strategy 1 Acquiring new market potential and expansion Strategy 1 Expansion in Specialties & Sub-Specialty Targeting 350 unapproached HCP Building Brand Equity: Establishing strong brand equity of Apriline® Through APRI technology & high safety in usage Webinars execution with collaboration with suiselle in new indication ( international webinars) Strategy 2 Transforming the Practice Parkville Aesthetic Educational Academy Master Class Project Apriline Trainers Strategy 2 Strategy 3 Consumer Awareness and engagement Application Development Ask The Expert Campaign. Brands Ambassador. Website tailoring targeting Consumer with Hcps testimonials Strategy 3 Intiatives Facial Aesthetics Master Class project Optimal Techniques & Best Practice Apriline Trainers Parkville Aesthetic Educational Academy Top Projects Facial Aesthetics Master Class project Optimal Techniques & Best Practice Master Class Targeting 8 Apriline trainers to cascade knowledge under assigned number of workshops and Hands-on on a regional scope trained by International trainer. Targeted HCP Criteria: 300 HCP Aesthetic ( Dermatologist, Dentistery & plastic surgeons ) Trial or user phase Workshops will be open invitation announced on HCP & Parkville platforms. Hands-on session will be with Pre-Registration only. 10 main workshops 20 hands-On 35 congress workshops 10 Accounts hands on Parkville Aesthetic Educational academy Educational workshops universities level through our Trainers. Conferences participation under Parkville aesthetic academy theme installed glass Room into every conference Excuting tailored basic and advanced workshops and hands-on Accounts level Yes, Laser room, Wham, Women, Nouvelage, One clinic, Obagi.. etc Youtube Parkville Aesthetic Academy platform. Parkville Aesthetic Academy Goals for 2023 To Rank Apriline from Top 3 Selling fillers by achieving 23,000 syringe target with value 34.5M GOALS FOR 2020 Budget 3 millions EBIT/NP: 8% Budget contribution Thank you. Thank you.!

Tag Global Delivery Centre_old

Transcript: Tag Global Delivery Centre Shared Services Template creation Powerpoint template created matching the colour themes and styles provided in PDF source. Design to brief Hand-drawn chart to be re-created Recreation The source provided in PDF had to be created in Powerpoint as per the brand guidelines and brand colours Recreation The excel data converted into wheel diagram format had to be created in Power Point as per the brand guidelines and brand colours. Design to brief Map creation to brief – output in PowerPoint Design to brief Enhancing a text message through design Design to brief Table creation Brand management Brand led PowerPoint document from a scanned copy Formatting & Beautification The Power Point source was to be formatted as per brand elements. Formatting & Beautification Slide The source was provided in Power Point and was required to be put in template and make it look visually appealing Formatting & Beautification The Power Point source was to be formatted as per brand Flow The source provided in Word was flowed on the brand template ensuring the correct styles are used and consistency is maintained. Flow The source provided in Word was flowed on the brand template ensuring the correct styles are used and consistency is maintained. Editable PDF PDF in editable format. Questions Thank You Design to brief Hand-written Post-its to be re-created to client template standard. Samples Skill-sets Current skill-sets Capability development Template creation Word template created matching the colour themes and styles provided in PDF source. Selection of serviced brands Presentations & Documents Template creation Word template created from the PDF source and brief. The request was to create user-friendly Word template to be used by users who aren’t proficient in Word with changeable as well. Overview Manages MS Office based requirements for our accounts Builds presentations and documents to a design led brief Team of 32 resources 24 x 5 service coverage and one shift over the weekend Key capabilities include: PowerPoint template design and animation Word template design MS Office brand management Visio creation PDF to Word file conversions Editable PDFs

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