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Transcript: Tag Global Delivery Centre Shared Services Template creation Powerpoint template created matching the colour themes and styles provided in PDF source. Design to brief Hand-drawn chart to be re-created Recreation The source provided in PDF had to be created in Powerpoint as per the brand guidelines and brand colours Recreation The excel data converted into wheel diagram format had to be created in Power Point as per the brand guidelines and brand colours. Design to brief Map creation to brief – output in PowerPoint Design to brief Enhancing a text message through design Design to brief Table creation Brand management Brand led PowerPoint document from a scanned copy Formatting & Beautification The Power Point source was to be formatted as per brand elements. Formatting & Beautification Slide The source was provided in Power Point and was required to be put in template and make it look visually appealing Formatting & Beautification The Power Point source was to be formatted as per brand Flow The source provided in Word was flowed on the brand template ensuring the correct styles are used and consistency is maintained. Flow The source provided in Word was flowed on the brand template ensuring the correct styles are used and consistency is maintained. Editable PDF PDF in editable format. Questions Thank You Design to brief Hand-written Post-its to be re-created to client template standard. Samples Skill-sets Current skill-sets Capability development Template creation Word template created matching the colour themes and styles provided in PDF source. Selection of serviced brands Presentations & Documents Template creation Word template created from the PDF source and brief. The request was to create user-friendly Word template to be used by users who aren’t proficient in Word with changeable as well. Overview Manages MS Office based requirements for our accounts Builds presentations and documents to a design led brief Team of 32 resources 24 x 5 service coverage and one shift over the weekend Key capabilities include: PowerPoint template design and animation Word template design MS Office brand management Visio creation PDF to Word file conversions Editable PDFs

The Brand Key

Transcript: Do you like the doctor who advertises on TV? Expense Reduction Analysts The company makes a promise to the customer It is the duty of the employee (in this case, franchisee) to deliver on the promise The company has to brief the employee to enable the promise Significant, sustainable savings from non-core elements to help clients go further and do more It is weak – and not clearly defined Its values are still open to interpretation – there is no consensus We have not been able to select and strengthen a definitive positioning for the brand – nor a personality or a set of values We have not articulated the brand promise clearly When associates make presentations to clients – ERA is not a big deal – they do not turn to the brand for the business ERA is not an advantage for the associates – and they do not see it as good value for money Both internally, and externally – the brand needs focus and clarity – and most importantly – it needs to communicate ERA as a brand is deaf and mute Who are we? However, as a result, the brand ERA loses traction, and the experience received by customers is no longer similar Considering the industry in which we operate the clients we have to be very careful in our communication - all forms of it. Where we are seen, how we are seen, and by whom we are seen - are all vital to the health of the brand and the firm by extension. Issues with the Brand Untapped resources for ERA Human Side of the Brand Verdict Ego Lack of awareness - regarding scopes for improvements - simply because they are non-core Internal tension in the organisation and a lot of filtering of information If the CEO digs into the nitty-gritty - she is taken to be a micro-manager In the case of ERA, the franchisees behave as owners, and thus there is very little need for internal marketing The one often overlooked step is why you do what you do. What inspires you and motivates you to do what you do. The next step focuses on how you do what you do. Did Michelangelo cook? The question is so absurd; you would not give it a second thought. Would he waste time on such trivial activities? But in hindsight, you also realise, someone had to cook for him. There are a hundred different tasks eating into your day – routine, monotonous, and repetitive items – that vie for your attention. You may not be the best at it, but they need to get done. These are keeping you from pursuing what you are truly meant for. Work on your strengths – and create the next masterpiece. We specialise in cost management, so you don’t have to. I believe we should approach them, and secure more business They know us - if they can't give us business, they can definitely give us referrals! Rationale for Positioning The Brand Key Framework Values Problem Route 2 - Michelangelo Money is not particularly interesting in its own right. Rather, we appreciate how money can be used creatively to accomplish something grand. Just like a magician thrills and captivates the audience, we are in awe of businesses who brave the competition - and win big. Call us. Let us help you find ways to save money, to pave the way to the next milestone. The Official Version of who we are: The Golden Circle The Brand Our Target Positioning Everybody loves to be rich, famous and loved If we can deliver the savings, we will put them on track to that When the clients are happy, we get repeat business It is cheaper to retain clients than to get new accounts "Make the customer the hero of your story" Why - How - What A group of very experienced individuals – each with a skill set to envy in a specific field We are experienced – not just bookish knowledge – we can walk the talk as well We are thus a very learned organisation – a think-tank perhaps We are also a learning organisation, constantly learning and evolving We know what works in the industry – in the country – we are on the ground, we are from here Route 1 - Money We aid - we help Penny wise and pound foolish Jobs of the brand Brand Essence We help our clients win B-I-G! Text In ERA, the Employee and the Company end up being the same - as they all own franchises. That creates an issue. We have gone completed 1500 projects in Australia Expense Reduction Analysts strives to achieve results for medium to large businesses to help them realise savings in overhead expenses. Our category experts help clients save money by instilling industry best practices, without compromising service levels or quality. These savings enable businesses to preserve headcount, invest in projects to drive growth, or to simply improve their day-to-day cash flow. We assist the clients every step of the way - not only to reduce costs but also to improve their supplier relationships. ERA consultants are implementation experts – our 700 consultants have been helping firms in 30 countries around the world achieve savings in more than 40 expense categories including travel, energy, freight, telecommunications, insurance, office supplies, waste management,

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