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The Brady Bunch

Transcript: By Emily Flake Mike Brady Carol Brady Greg is the oldest Brady boy. Greg likes his new sisters, but is always loyal to his brothers if conflict arises. Greg enjoys playing baseball and being in charge. Jan is the second-oldest Brady girl, between Marcia and Cindy. Usually Jan is overshadowed by her two sisters. Cindy is not only the youngest Brady girl, but also the youngest of all the Brady children. Cindy is usually treated like the baby of the family. Cindy loves playing with baby dolls. "The Brady Bunch" is an American sitcom that ran from 1969 to 1974. The series was created by Sherwood Schwartz and aired for five seasons. The show portrays the daily life of an average '70s family living in California. "Proper Stance for a Bunt" Marcia Peter is the second oldest Brady boy, between Greg and Bobby. Peter is usually one of the boys who carries out the plans Greg or Marcia makes. The End Jan The Brady Bunch Alice In this clip, Carol and Mike have switched jobs for the day to decide who has the easier job. Men's and women's equality was a major cultural issue in the '70s. The clip shows different fashions and fads of the '70s, too. This clip uses stereotypes and slapstick to make people laugh. Marcia Brady is the oldest of the Brady girls. She can be very bossy and independent but can also have a mother-like attitude. She always takes her sisters' side when conflict arises. Bobby is the youngest Brady boy. He and Cindy usually disagree with each other but when working for a common cause, they will put aside their differences to work together. Greg Alice is the Brady's housekeeper. Alice does all of the cooking and cleaning in the Brady household, and acts as a second mother to the Brady children. Bobby Carol Brady is the wife of Mike Brady and biological mother of Marcia, Jan, and Cindy Brady.When she married Mike, Carol became the step-mother to Greg, Peter, and Bobby Brady. Carol is a stay-at-home mom for her six children. "The Brady Bunch" relates to the '70s era in several ways. Things like fashions, fads, and cultural issues are portrayed in this early 1970s television show. "The Brady Bunch" also relates to us today, using common family experiences that apply to any era. Because "The Brady Bunch" will always be funny and relatable, it is classified as iconic comedy. There are nine main characters in "The Brady Bunch": Background Information Peter Prezi made by Emily Flake Cindy Relating Family Background Michael Brady is the biological father of Greg, Peter, and Bobby, and the step-father of Marcia, Jan, and Cindy. Mike is an architect and he is married to Carol.

The Brady Bunch

Transcript: Middle son Overexcited and acts before thinking Caring heart Fun-loving, Carefree Portrays the type of person everyone could use as a friend. Siblings Alice Nelson Stay-at-home mother Could be divorced or widowed Left to raise 3 girls Does have a say/authority at home Respected by family Provides love and care Overview/Characters Ratings The Brady Family Critics Views Schwartz pitched sitcom idea to ABC, CBS, and NBC. Sitcom not picked up right away because networks wanted to make changes; Shcwartz disagreed. ABC decided to pick up the series. 5 seasons from 1969-1974. Jan Brady Cindy Brady Housekeeper for Brady's Remembered for her sense of humor and wise-advice Impartial family member among kids and even Mike and Carol Becomes one of the family (camping ep) Idea came about when producer learned that 20-30% American families had at least 1 child from previous family. Schwartz wrote episodes about problems that would arise in blended families, due to new circumstances of living. Good first impression for blended families on American television. They illustrated positive relationships between family members and progress within gender equality; models for real American families to strive towards. So now how do you feel about family? Theme Carol Brady The Brady's provided a squeaky clean image for it's audience, regardless of actual happenings in society during that time. Rebellion is natural in society but the Brady family made it seem like deviant behavior. In a time of trouble, the series showed that life wasn't so bad. Served as an escape to make America feel good and see life in a more positive light. Marcia Brady Process Baby of the family Naive but intelligent for her age Curious, likes to snoop around Innocence adds to her charm Caring heart, sweet nature adds to the warmth and likableness of the family Key aspect of a functional family Serves as basis for growth and minimal altercation Brady's provided audience with ideal ways of spousal, parent-child, and sibling interactions Spousal Middle daughter Jealousy towards older sister Insecurity in appearance Trying to find her place among the family and at school Parent-Child Family Communication Dictionary def: a group consisting of parents and children, learning together in a household. Our def: a group of individuals who are there to care for one another and work together to overcome the obstacles they face. Show def: group of individuals who hold both a close bond and from time to time come across minor disagreements and conflicts, but nothing that cannot be solved without the help of the entire family. Nilsen Ratings: 34 out of 100 During its airtime it wasn't a top-rated show. ABC moved it's time slot to a later time; viewership increased. However, immediately after cancellation of show reruns began. Can still be watched on TV Land. Greg Brady Bobby Brady American Sitcom, premiered September 26th, 1969 on ABC. Mike and Carol meet and soon are married. With each having 3 kids of their own, they become one big family. Show is centered around the blended family and their journey to become a cohesive family unit. Brady bunch gives a positive portrayal of family in a time that experienced otherwise. Family values Series premiered at a time with high divorce rate "Traditional" families from 1950s were disappearing Many couples remarrying with kids from previous marriage (blended family) This sitcom served as positive example for this group but also rest of America. Proved that difficulties will be faced, but with the help and support from one's family anything can be resolved. Watched season 1 together as a group and decided to focus on 3 different questions/aspects: Relationships within the family (couple, siblings, parent-child) The presence of gender roles How other writers/critics/viewers portray this program over time Drew evidence from different websites, journals, articles, and episode observations. Brady family was a wholesome family unit whose relationships should be revered and mirrored by the family audiences watching. Assistant Professor at Eastern Washington University Mimi Marniucci notes that the TV program provided Americans with “good old fashion family values that real life family relations of the 70s lacked” The “sickening sweetness” of the Brady characters may have been cringed upon by TV critics, it was exactly what American viewers at the time wanted to see. Brady’s harmonious bonds served as a beacon of hope for the struggling families of the 70s who were facing changing gender roles and marriage conflicts. Kids love and respect their parents; rarely if ever do they go against their authority Encourage self-expression Equal exchange foundation for a healthy relationship Run a household that focuses on the children’s well-being. Invite the children to join them on the remainder of their honeymoon, after worrying about how the kids were doing at home Strong sense of feminism and equality in household. Joanna Weiss, writer for the

The Brady Bunch

Transcript: Comparing The Brady Bunch to Real Families Isabel Vitkin Questions to Consider Comparing the Brady Bunch to Real Families When attempting the examine the popular American sitcom, 'The Brady Bunch', from a social sciences perspective there are a few key questions to consider. 1. How does social sciences describe the dynamics within the Brady Bunch? 2. Does the Brady Bunch represent real families? 3. Which would be the best social sciences theories to analyze the Brady Bunch? Who are the Brady Bunch? The Brady Bunch features a blended family. The mother, Carol has 3 daughters, while the father, Mike has 3 sons. Carol and Mike marry and their union creates the Brady Bunch. The show's premise focuses on how the step-children get along with their parents, as well as other the other kids. However, the word "step" is never mentioned; as Carol states, "the only 'steps' in the family are the ones going up to the second floor." Carol and Mike treat all the children as their own which is very accepting. This is very realistic in todays' society, where there are many blended families. As well, there is Alice, the housekeeper, who provides comic relief and gives pieces of excellent advice. Who are the Brady Bunch? Mike and Carol Here is a video clip from the Brady Bunch, showing the positive dynamic between members of the family. Video Clip What Roles are Portrayed by Members of the Brady Bunch? Mother: Carol- traditional, doesn't have a job, always kind, loving, positive, the 'ultimate' mother. Father: Mike- traditional, breadwinner of the family, laid-back, fun, the 'perfect' dad Family Roles Children Sons: Greg, Peter, Bobby- sterotypical boys: like to play fight, tease others, play practical jokes, like sports Daughters: Marcia, Jan, Cindy- sterotypical girls: Marica: likes to gossip, flirt with boys, concerned about her appearance, Jan: adventurous, Cindy: still plays with dolls, baby of the family Children Theme Song to the Brady Bunch Theme Song to the Brady Bunch Family Dynamcis of the Show In each episode there are the small trials of growing up within the Brady Bunch family. There are constant sibling rivalries, preteen and teenager dilemnas, and situations that the charaters or family must solve. There are many life, moral, and parent lessons taught. Between those lessons there is always some comedy, and every episode has a happy ending. Family Dynamcis of the Show Clip from the Show Clip from the Show Are these Family Dynamics realistic? The family dynamics in the Brady Bunch are not realistic. The dynamic portrayed are too "rosy", with mostly positive interactions between characters. This is not how a real blended family would act; most of the time everyone gets along too well and the problems they face are silly and light. Once in a while there are incidents where the kids fight or a major event goes wrong. These incidents are resolved in funny ways and attempt to show the audience what is really important in life. Dynamics Real? Pic from Pilot show In the pilot episode, the dog and cat ruin all the expensive wedding preparations, but still Carol and Mike embrace, laugh and say what a nice, quiet wedding it is. Example A Real Family? Does the Brady Bunch resemble a real family? No, the Brady Bunch does not resemble a real family. The family dynamic are often too silly and light to be realistic, ex. which boy should Marica date or which cheerleader Greg should pick. The episodes didn't get into the difficult 1970 racial or feminist societal issues or even other issues like the anti-war protests. Reasons - why not Reasons - why not The Brady Bunch lives in a immense, spotless house in a beautiful, white Los Angeles neighbourhood. This would be too expensive to upkeep if the father is the sole breadwinner supporting 6 children, a wife and a housekeeper. The division of labour is unfair within the family; don't see kids helping with all the chores. The episodes deal with light childhood issues such as a lost doll or teenage angst and don't delve into the difficult racial/gender/ecomonic issues of the 1970s which is when the show was filmed. Real society was dealing with poverty, anti-war protsts, the feminist movement,drugs and the enviroment movement but none of these issues are were included in the plots. The family never has disagreements that last longer than a minute or two. Double click to watch. Greg chosing which girl should win the school cheerleading contest. Totally sexist panel of judges. Clip from the Show Social Sciences Theories Social Sciences Theories The Brady Bunch emphasizes the importance of relationship dynamics between the family members. Each episode focuses on a sterotypical gender or age social problem of the family and shows how to resolving it. Cindy is often taught about what to do or how to handle a situation through relationship dynamics as she is the youngest. As the Brady Bunch empathizes these family dynamics, the symbolic interaction theory could be used to anaylze the show.

Brady Bunch

Transcript: By: Melissa Dittrich and Jason Fauser Parenting stage- raising children through adolescents The End The Brady Bunch Negative Characteristics Family Structure Bobby Family Challenges (father) The Brady Bunch family is in the parenting stage. The parents still care for all 6 kids, being none of them have moved out or gotten married yet. Carol Cindy (son) The Brady Boys The Brady family does many activities as a family. They eat dinner together, do chores around the house and go camping. The Brady boys go camping once every year and suggested for the girls to join. The girls didn't like this idea but came along anyway, at first they were all miserable but in the end they all had fun and enjoyed their time spent as a family. In this video clip the Brady family worked together to put on great show and win the talent competition. (daughter) One challenge the Brady Bunch faces is competition. Sometimes it might feel like 3 girls vs. 3 boys. Another family challenge is potential money issues; raising 6 kids could be very expensive. In The Brady Bunch, Carol Martin is divorced from Marcia, Jan and Cindy's father. She marries Mike Brady, who is Greg, Peter and Bobby's father. The girls become step sisters to the boys. Carol's daughters call their new father "Dad" and even change their last name to Brady. They had an easy transition into becoming a blended family. Greg (mother) Mike Family Life Cycle Positive Characteristics Family Functions The boys and girls try and blame each other, and they argue. Sometimes it seems that the boys are against the girls, or the other way around. (son) Mike Brady- Father, architect Carol Brady- Stay at home mother Brady Sons and Daughters- Students Alice Nelson- House maid, close to family, helps raise the children Meet.... Jan Peter The Martin Girls The Brady family get along well, they plan family functions and activities to do together. They all interact with each other, they are a close knit family. All the kids live in the same house and know how to work together and be cooperative. The Story Of The Brady Bunch... Family Roles (daughter) (daughter) The Brady Bunch are a blended family. A blended family is often a difficult balancing act between the new spouse, the new stepchildren, and your own kids. (son) Marcia

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