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Bradley University

Transcript: Admission Office 1510 W. Bradley Avenue Peoria, IL 61625 Pre-law Pre-medicine Pre-veterinary Science Pre-denistry Physical Therapy Extra Campus Life Enrollment: Rolling Admissions Fees: Application Fee is $35 but it can be waived ACT/SAT: Average Act: 25 Composite Combined Middle 50% Range: 23-28 Average SAT : 530 Critical Reading 520 Math 95% of First Year Students applied for Financial Aid. There are scholarships when you are accepted into the school an when you attend the school. Type of School Pre-professional Programs Paintball Rock Climbing Running Soccer-Men's Sportmen's Club Tennis Triathlon Ultimate Frisbee Buff:Co-ed Darkside: Women's Volleyball-Men's/Womens Wrestling Communication Mechanical Engineering Nursing The professors would teach the class. There are 27 Fraternities and Sororities Panhellenic (Women's) and Interfaternity (Men's) is a program that helps you chose a faternity or sororoity through three rounds. Open House Part Time: 1–7 hrs. $810/sem. hr. 7 1/2–11 1/2 hrs. $940/sem. hr. Additional Requirements For Individual Visits Bradley is a College of Education and Health Science There isn't any Open House dates, however, you could schedule a visit. Phone: (309) 677-1000 Toll Free: (800) 447-6460 Fax: (309) 677-2797 Campus Life Clubs/Sports The University does own halls and apartments or students Contact Auditions are required if you plan on entering their Music or Theater Program Official copy of transcript sent from the high school to Bradley Official ACT/SAT scores sent directly from Testing Service or from an official high school transcript One letter of recommendation StudentTeacher Ratio 12:1 Majors of Highest Enrollment Full Time: Tuition (12-16 credit hours per semester) $30,500 Room & Board $9,420 Activity & Health Fee $344 TOTAL $40,264 Scholarships The First Semester for 2015 starts August 26. The semester usually last for about four or five months. Baseball Basketball-Men's/Women's Bass Fishing Cycling Fast Pitch Softball Fencing Hiking Hockey Lacrosse-Men's MMA-Mix Martial Arts Price They accept the Common App. Application Requirements Contact Carol Wessler at or 309-677-3489 Term/Semester

Bradley University

Transcript: Student-Faculty Ratio is 12:1 Dorm Room Supplies: Mini Fridge- $79 First-Aid Kit- $10 Medicine- $6 Plastic Storage Cabinet- $20 The annual freshman retention rate is 86.5% 4- Year Graduation Rate is 55% Uber Interesting Facts Bradley was chartered as Bradley Polytechnic Institute on November 13, 1896 by Lydia Moss Bradley as a school for horology(watch-making) after the passing of her husband and their children. History: 57.1% of the classes have less than 20 students in them. I hope to be living someday in Williams Hall because I like that the bed heights can be adjusted since I'm afraid of heights and most of the other halls have loft beds that are attached to the walls and cannot be adjusted. I decided to attend Bradley because I wanted a small school where I could thrive. It is also a more compact campus. Transportation: A round trip drive to Bradley is about $60 in gas. 1.) Bradley University does not have a football team. 2.)Peoria is home to the Caterpillar World Headquarters. 3.)Female faculty= 120 and Male faculty=217 4.)Campus Security is SUPER Tight! Resulting in no underage drinking. 5.)Greek Life Makes Up About 25-33% of the Student Body. Hygiene Supplies: Shampoo & Conditioner- $36 Soap- $4 Lotion- $4 Deodorant- $6 Toothpaste- $2 Budget Tuition: $29,320 Room & Board: $9,050 Fees: $344 Bradley University Out of the 84.9% of students who applied for financial aid, 70.8% received financial aid. I plan to attend Bradley University to major in their Secondary Education program with a concentration in Mathematics.

Bradley University

Transcript: BU's four-year graduation rate is 51%. OR Location Bradley University's mascot is a gargoyle to be the sound of the experience in action. Tuition Driving: 2 hours 42 minutes Trains bus: 4 hours 14 minutes Bus: 7 hours 12 minutes All transportation range to about $30-$54. All residents = About $41,500 Demographics Any Questions? National Ranking By: Miguel Rodriguez Bradley University The top majors at Bradley University are Engineering, Business, and Health Professions Gender Ratio (F:M) = 51.4% to 48.6% Transportation Bradley Men's Soccer appeals to me because I have been playing for more than a decade. I am very interested in playing on the BU Men's Soccer team even though Peoria isn't a city i want to be in due to past events. Rivalry Schools Act of minimum 20 in some instances. 23 is primary minimum. GPA of a B in High School Tuition = $30,500 Room and Board = $9,420 Books and Supplies = $1,200 Other fees = $344 Soccer Something I learned on this project was the history behind the university. also the amount of time and cost it will take from my home to get to Bradley University. I am extremely interested in enrolling for i ave got accepted less than a week ago. I am in contact with the soccer coach so we will see about the near future! Hope you enjoyed. Bradley University, or as was before in 1896, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, was established by Ms. Lydia Moss Bradley in 1897. In the 1800's, BPI primarily focused on industrial arts and home economics. Lydia Bradley died on January 16, 1908 at the age of 91. In 1946, BPI was renamed to Bradley University. Supposedly originated in 1897 when the university was first established but became kowni 2011. There is college owned housing available, or dorms. Coed housing options 68% are in college-owned housings. Bradley University is located on 1501 West Bradley Avenue in none other, Peoria, IL. Admission Counselor: Eric Varney ( Population = 4588 students Race Ratio White = 79% Black = 6.2% Hispanic = 5.9% 2 or more = 5.4% Asian = 3.4% Conference: Missouri Valley Conference Division: First division 0-1 in the NCAA tournament Westlake Hall Eastern Illinois University and DePaul University are the In-State Rivals Memphis University is the out-state Rival to BU. Top Majors History..... Kaboom! Bradley Men's Soccer Admission Requirements Top 6 University in Illinois of its type. 5th among Midwest Regional Universities. Engineering has a 20% graduate rate. Business majors have a 16% GR. Health Professions have a 14% GR Westlake Hall is the home of the College of Education and Health Science. Clock tower is seen nearly everywhere on the hilltop. Housing Selectivity More selective

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