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Transcript: By: Ngozi Nwanji Black Power Movement: Where There's Oppression,There's Resistance Origin of BPM Origin of BPM The phrase "Black Power" was first introduced by the leader of SNCC, Stokely Carmichael, in June 1966. The later establishment of the Black Power Movement was a call for a new leadership of self-determination, self-respect and self-defense for Black America. Although these groups took a stand for liberation and change, the media negatively depicted them as things such as "violent" and "aggressive" BLACK REVOLT SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Founded in: April 1960 SNCC was for the Black youth. Although originally founded by Ella Baker and others and would have sit-ins and protests. When Carmichael took over the group in 1966, there was a shift to radical politics. One of their power tools was armed resistance. "Groups like SNCC believed in armed resistance, particularly self-defense was a significant factor in the effort made by the sons and daughters of enslaved Africans to overturn fear and intimidation." - Umoja What these college students helped provide the Black community with was overlooked by Whites' perception that they posed as a threat and were disturbing society. What Mainstream Glanced Over Campaigned for voting rights & inclusion Utilized newspapers and media sources to connect with the Black community Went door to door to get Black residents involved in voting registration Freedom Singers traveled to various states giving songs of faith and hope BPP Black Panther Party Founded in: October 1966 What Mainstream Media Glanced Over The media's main focus of BPP was their utilization of weapons. But, they were only used for self-defense not reckless violence. Provided children in ghettos with free breakfast and lunch Educated young children about police brutality Worked with white radical and revolutionary organizations Were depicted as a "gang" yet they fought for positicity such as community control and unity. "All Power to ALL The People" Offered free clothes and legal defense to political prisoners Impact Impact Contrary to popular belief, the Civil Rights Movement wasn't the only influential movement for the fight against the oppression of Blacks. The Black Power Movement led to the birth of movements going on today such as Black Lives Matter. BPM laid the foundation of proving that Blacks could come together and work to one day conquer white supremacy. BLACK. POWER. BLACK. POWER.


Transcript: Presented By: Wayne Clark Claims Management is Cost Management When an injury occurs. When an injury occurs. Non Life threatening conditions: Call Medcor at 800-775-5866 24 hours a day, 7 days a week The supervisor and injured employee should place the call together. Potentially life threatening conditions: CALL 911 Potentially life threatening conditions: CALL 911 Does not seek medical treatment. Complete a report on all incidents and keep in the employee’s file. Retain all incidents reports and “near misses” for use in identifying trends and areas needing training. Incident only? Incident only? Incident Report Medical attention is sought from a physician, hospital or clinic. An employee requests to file a claim. A physician or Church Mutual notifies you an employee sought treatment. A supervisor or manager witnesses an incident they believe will result in a claim. When do I file a claim? When do I file a claim? Communicate any concerns immeditely to the claims examiner. Red flags may include: Red Flags Did not report or a delay in reporting injury. Questionable mechanism of injury. Unwitnessed injury. Disgruntled or poor performing empoyee. New hire and/or unstable work history. Hesitant to communicate facts of injury/claim. Immediately retains an attorney. Red Flags The Cost of Claims Unseen costs can sink the ship! On the average, indirect costs exceed direct costs by a 4:1 ratio. Direct and Indirect Costs What Can I do? Claims Management Medical Treatment Managing Medical Treatment Select a clinic that: Treats injured employees promptly and respectfully Addresses work restrictions Is aware and mindful of your return to work program Develop a relationship with the local medical clinic and community. Providing light duty work is the most effective way to control claims costs and have a positive impact on premiums. Transitional Light Duty Work Case Study: Back Surgery Case Study: Back Surgery No RTW With RTW $18,000 Timeloss $5,100 $35,000 Medicals $25,000 $45,000 PPD $15,000 $60,000 VOC $0 $158,000 Total $45,100 Productive work. Intended to be temporary. Faster recovery with early return to work. Reduces medical costs. Less likely to retain an attorney. Assists with avoiding focus on injury and perceived disability. Reduces incentive to file claims just to avoid work. Light Duty Light Duty Levels form Levels form BJO BJO Time is of the Essence Time is of the Essence Communicate, Communicate, Communicate! Keys to Success Consistent and ongoing communication is vital. Set expectations early on explaining the process and intentions to transition from light duty back to full. This is not an adversarial legal battle. Lack of communication or perceived lack of sympathy drives employees to attorneys. Prevents feelings of abandonment or alienation and keeps you informed of their recovery. Injured Employee Injured Employee Communicate early and often. If you have concerns about claim, tell the examiner. If an employee is put on light duty or released to regular work, tell the examiner ASAP. Keep information factual, not emotional when communicating with examiner. Don't assum the examiner knows what you know. Claims Examiner Claims Examiner

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