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Transcript: Rules of boxing The winner of a boxing match is determined by the judges, or reff who keep points or round winner scores There may also be a winner by knockout which is if an opponent is knocked down and is unable to get up within 10 seconds The beggining of Boxing Boxing originated when a person first lifted a fist against another in play Ancient greeks belived that boxing was played on olympus by the gods, therefore it became a part of the olympics about 680 BC More history Boxing diminished after the fall of rome but became popular again in the 18th century in England In 1743 Jack Broughton of England the current heavyweight champ inspired a new set of rules that included no hitting below the belt and he also started the squred of fighting area (ring) Advances in eqipment In ancient Greece boxers used leather or metal studded hand wraps often resulting in a blood bath or fight to the death In 1743 Jack Broughton inspired the bare knuckle era In 1866 the use of gloves were manditory Modern Boxing Is played in a 12 - 20 ft square ring with leather gloves 8 oz for amerature, 6 oz for pro pro fights consist of 4-15 3 minute rounds with 1 minute break between each round Boxing in Canada Boxing has been in Canada since 1867 1920 when Bert Schnider won the welter weight olympic gold medal in Antwerp Tommy Burns was the first Canadian born world heavy weight champion (1906) Tommy Burns had 11 title defenses High profile athletes Factors limiting participation Danger MMA Bibliography Greatest: Muhammad Ali, walter dean myersMoviesTyson (2008) Boxing


Transcript: Boxing Boxing is one of the most popular sports in history. It’s a combat sport where two fighters fight. There are two forms of boxing: amateur and professional. Boxing is supervised by a referee over a series of between one to three minute intervals called rounds. The result is decided when an opponent is deemed incapable to continue match by a referee or if an opponent is disqualified for breaking a rule. RULES A Boxing match is consist of 12 rounds and 3 minute rounds. A rule which is common is that you cant hit the person when he’s knocked down and the referee counts till 10 and if the fighter doesn't get up the other opponent wins. Each fighter has an assigned corner it can be the blue corner or red corner. In the rules of boxing you must always have three judges ,when the fights finishes the three judges decided who the winner is. In the rules of boxing you cant hit a low blow or head buds and you cant kick the fighter. It’s a full contact sport. Hall of fame Joe Louis: known as “ The Brown Bomber “ He was an american icon, He was clearly a shining star head and shoulders about the rest in his time. Also know as number one fighter in history of boxing. Muhammad ALI : In every aspect of the sport Muhammad was electrifying. Ali was an exciting, out spoken undefeated boxing phenomenon and was by far boxings best entertainer. Known as the second best fighter in history. Sugar Ray Robinson : was listed 3rd best fighter in boxing history. Robinson was a complete bóxer wiith all the best techniques. Mike Tayson: was an american and also know as one of the best boxers in history. And Finally A boxer always wants to maintain a distance from his opponent, fighting with faster long range punches. Most notably the jab which a popular strategy that a lot of fighters use ,you can say that its basic move in boxing. Due to this reliance on weaker punches, out fighting tend to win by points decisions rather than by going for the knockout. Their slowness and predictable punching pattern ( single punches with obvious leads them open to counter punches, such as hooks and uppercuts are really basic moves in boxing. A fighter with those basics well be successful in the future of his career. Boxing RESEARCH BRANDON Educaciion Fisica Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Introduction Brandon Hernandez Everlast

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Transcript: Boxing traces its earliest origins to the Greek Island of Santorini where a fresco of two young boxers was discovered. The fresco dates to 1600 B.C.Boxing was introduced as an Olympic sport at the 23rd Olympiad in 688 B.C., with the first Olympic winner being Onomastos Smyrnaios. According to the historian, Dion, the ancients did not value beatings or knockouts in boxing. Rather, the aim was to remain un-injured ("atravmatistos") until the opponent became exhausted and signalled defeat by raising two fingers ("apagorefsi"). One great fighter avoided blows for two days before his opponent gave up. In Ancient Greek culture, the god, Apollo, was regarded as the inventor and guardian of the sport of boxing. History of boxing Weight Equipment Images Of Boxing High quality sparring is the best method to train in boxing. Sparring is "practice fighting" with the aim of training skills and fitness, not to determine a winner. Sparring should always involve use of a gumshield, head-guard and groin-guard. Sparring gloves are often more padded than gloves used in actual bouts. Sparring partners sometimes agree to practice particular types of punches or defense moves to focus their training. Body Sparring refers to sparring where only hits to the body are allowed, not to the head. This is often used to reduce the risk of injury or for inexperienced boxers starting out in the sport. Boxing, like several other fighting sports, categorizes its competitors into weight classes. Some fighters try to take advantage of this by dieting before weigh-in so that they can be bumped down a weight class. In extreme cases, a fighter may forego solid food before the official weigh-in ceremony, and eat a lot afterward to compensate. In some very extreme cases, boxers have been forced to stop eating solid food up to three days before the weigh-in ceremony, in order to make weight for the fight. Sometimes, if a boxer doesn't make the weight agreed for on the first weight-in, he or she might go to a sauna or to jog with a jacket to sweat and lose the extra pounds, however this is mainly water that the body holds. A boxer will generally try to have the maximum weight possible within the Boxing weight classes he is fighting in, as a good boxer will be able to use his weight to his advantage. Safety Equipment Hand wraps: Protect the knuckles and wrists when training and sparring. Speed Bag Gloves: Created to prevent the hands from getting hurt while hitting the speed bag, these gloves are the lightest gloves, yet offer more protection than hand wraps alone. Heavy Bag Gloves: Created to prevent the hands from getting hurt while hitting the heavy bag, and are insulated for your knuckles to reducing the risk of wrist, hand, and knuckle injury while hitting the Heavy bag. Normally bag gloves weigh anywhere from 10-12 ounces, but some prefer to train in both the 14 and 16 ounce varieties. Sparring Gloves: Contrary to popular belief, these gloves were designed to protect the boxer's hands, not the opponent's head. Generally weigh much more than professional fight gloves (16 oz.) in order to cushion blows and accustom boxers to added weights. Headgear: Used to protect boxers from soft tissue damage, (bruises, cuts, etc), during sparring - also used in competition in amateur boxing. Head gear offers no protection from the effects of hard punches (stunning, knockdowns, KOs). It is important that boxers are aware of this otherwise headgear can produce a false sense of security leading a boxer to take punches rather than defend himself or herself. Groin Guard: Protects the groin against low punches Mouthpiece: (Sometimes known as gumshield, mouthguard). Used to protect the inside of the mouth and lips from getting cut by the teeth when a hard punch to the face is received. The mouthguard also helps to lock the top and bottom jaws together preventing painful damage to the jaw joint capsule when a boxer is struck by a hook. Important that it is worn in both sparring and its tough competition. A boxer's training depends largely on the point in their career at which she or he is situated. If the boxer is just a beginner, a minimal training routine might consist of learning how to hit the heavy bag, the speed bag, and the double end bag (a small bag with a cord on top and bottom connecting it to the floor and ceiling) as well as doing shadowboxing in front of a mirror, skipping, calisthenics and jogging every day, as well as an occasional practice bout inside the ring (sparring). Most beginning boxers will spend most of their early careers conditioning and establishing the fundamentals. For the amateur or professional boxer preparing for a competition or bout, however, training is much more stringent. This could include getting up at 5 am to jog, flying to a far away place to get isolated during 2 or more months before the fight, dieting, doing the same gym routine as a beginner, only that twice every day, and getting to the city hosting the fight two weeks

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