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Bowling Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: By: Danielle Blackmond Spend time with family and friends Fun Competitive Highest game: 300 Total of 12 frames Length of approach: about 15 feet Length of Lane: about 60 feet Maximum ball weight: 16 lbs. Distance between pins: 12 inches Why Bowl? Works Cited: Rules/How to Play: Bowling may trace back to 3200 B.C. The game was originally played with nine pins, and it is uncertain where the tenpin game evolved. The American Bowling Congress, which was for men, was born on September 9, 1895. The Women's International Bowling Congress was established in 1917, in St. Louis. Later, woman leaders decided to form what was then called the Women's National Bowling Association. The first rubber ball was introduced in 1905. The game's popularity grew in the 50s when NBC was the first network that covered bowling. ABC became the first network to telecast competition of the Pro Bowlers Association in 1961. Today, the sport of bowling is enjoyed by 95 million people in over 90 countries worldwide. Bowling is a game in which players standing at one end of a lane roll a ball at ten pins standing at the other end of the lane. Bowling History: Thanks For Watching! No street shoes on the lane No food or beverages near the lanes/ approach area Don't cross the foul line Don't bowl at the same time as anyone else around you 2 rolls per frame Bowling in Erie, PA Fun Facts: Westway Lanes 8674 Ridge Road, Girard, PA 16417 Eastway Lanes 4110 Buffalo Road, Erie, PA 16510 Rolling Meadow Lanes 3304 Zuck Road, Erie, PA 16506 Greengarden Lanes 1583 W 38th Street, Erie, PA 16508


Transcript: By: Alexis Lewis & Briana Reyna Period 2, KHS Extensors Rectus Abdominus Flexors Deltoid Sternocleidomastoid Biceps Pectoralis Satorius Tibialis Quadriceps Flexors Rectus Abdominus Extensors Massetor helps rotate and extend the bowler's shoulder in order for him to swing and release the ball Quadriceps rotates, elevates and retracts the shoulder blade when the bowler is swinging and releasing the ball Professional Bowler... flexes foot when bowler is in final stage of his form also enables the bowler to walk into his form Sternocleidomastoid Sternocleidomastoid Known for funny poses Satorius Satorius are used to pick up the ball and project it in the right direction also are used to release the ball How to Bowl for Dummies... Biceps Sternocleidomastoid helps connect thigh and hip bone allows twisting and balance of the leg while bowler releases the ball Latissimus Dorsi Achilles Tendon helps provide strength to stabilize the body helps lift bowling ball helps push ball down the ally Muscles Used in the Back of the Body Pectoralis Ham Strings helps the bowler angle his hips and keeps him balanced Flexors uses his biceps to swing his arm back and forth before he releases the ball He also uses his biceps to help push the ball forward as he releases ... and weird faces :) Biceps Muscles Used in the Front of the Body Walter Ray Williams allows the bowler to walk into his form provides strength and balance when the bowler is at the final stage of their form-- helps them squat, which centers their point of gravity the bowler uses these to clinch his jaw in suspense and anticipation Deltoid Extensors Bowling is: A game where you roll a ball down a wooden floor in order to knock down the pins at the end of the lane to gain point to win the game. Number of players: at least 2 The person with the largest number of pins knocked down wins. Triceps uses extensors to pick up and lift the ball also helps apply spin to the ball use them to push the ball down the ally Trapezius Trapezius Triceps Gluteus Maximus Latissimus Dorsi Ham Strings Gastrocnemius Achilles Tendon Tibialis Quadriceps allows the bowler to push off the floor when in final stage of their form provides balance and stregth keeps the bowler from falling over Deltoid bowling ball 10 bowling pins bowling shoes a friend (; connects the calf muscle to the foot allows the bowler to walk helps push foot off floor maintains balance flexes knee and allows movement Rectus Abdominus Massetor Bowling helps extend the elbow in order to swing and release the ball helps provide strength to lift the ball helps swing the arm back and forth before he releases the ball helps push the ball forward down the bowing lane Gluteus Maximus Pectoralis As the bowler gets ready to roll the ball, he tenses his sternocleidomastoid in suspense and anticipation. Gastrocnemius Things needed... We couldn't really find a picture of the back side of him... helps stabilize the body provides balance twists to provide motion and maximum form Biceps Tibialis Masseter

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