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Transcript: Owner: Rozilah Ahmad (Bungor Enterprise) Core business: Clothing Retail Store Business- selling cotton Baju kurung for all Years of business: approx 6 years (since 2008) Early Specialization: Selling cotton Baju Kurung For Kids and Teenagers. Official vision and mission : NA ~ “aiming to provides nicely wear of cotton Baju Kurung that not only attractive in term of design but also suitable and comfortable to be wear especially in Malay women daily life and at the same time helping to maintain Malay women tradition wears. ” Achievements: till now already have 3 branches: Ampang Point Wangsa Walk Mentakab Star Mall Capital/current financial: Self finance Current employees: 6 Public exposure: Newspaper: Utusan, Kosmo, Berita Harian Magazine: Perempuan TV Program: Wanita Hari Ini (WHI) Alternative to buy: Carnival/events Usually based from past experience and own judgments, the owner will stock in 2000 pieces of Baju Kurung to each branch. So total will be roughly about 6000 pieces. To making sure that the new stocks will be ready to be deliver to each branch at the right time, she will start to look after the cotton materials at least 6 months before “Hari Raya”, or before December where in that school holiday month there’s normally will be many wedding ceremonies and so demand will usually high. Further explain, minimum 6 month is required as Rozilah Ahmad normally will need a month for material searching and selections before able to send the cotton materials to tailor and tailor will usually required another 5 month minimum to complete all 6000 pieces or cotton Baju Kurung’s order. Owner will restock Baju Kurung twice a year in every branch. Most of her new stock or 80% of them will be replenish in Ramadan, Muslim fasting month or a month before Hari Raya, another 20% will be act as the safety stocks to mitigate risk of stock outs due to any extra demand currently, one of the biggest challenge for Bungor boutiques is workforce Sometime due to certain reason at tailor site the supply chain was interrupted as the tailor that was assigned unable to complete the Baju Kurung’s order at the right time she wanted. Another challenge is high renovation cost. New competitor and existing competitor in the market including cost of electricity and increase in business space rental and introduction of minimum wages also directly reduces her business profitability As the conclusion, this research do give insight about the overall supply chain in this organization. Whether it is small or big business, knowing how to handle and control their supply chain is crucial. In supply chain demand planning process where forecast is needed, for a small company it seem self good judgment that usually obtained from observation, past experiences are required . Wrong judgments in forecasting about the future demand will not only cause the organization to lose the business opportunity but also lose competitive advantages. BY: MOHD ISRAA - GM04882 AYU ADILA - GM04870 BOUTIQUE BUSINESS BACKGROUND BUNGOR Conclusion Demand Planning process OVERALL SUPPLY CHAIN IN BUNGOR Challenges & Limitations


Transcript: What Makes KM Special? Products & Services KM's Goal Target Market Table of Contents Boutique Presented by Kristy Ramos GSR 230 December 4, 2013 Product/Services Mission KM Goal Target Market Competition What makes KM unique? Financing Plan Fund Questions The total reported: U.S. retail industry in 2007; 75 million baby boomers, half of which are women The population of women in Washington, DC -52 percent KM seek customers locally KM will include: -Grand opening event, local media coverage, print advertising and a direct-mail campaign Competition Financing Plan Experience and understanding of the fashion industry Unique shopping experience with exceptional customer service Great location Big space Friendly environment Photo Booth KM’s signature dessert Furniture Hour of Operation: Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm Saturday-Sunday: 11am-5pm Phone Available 24/7 Generational fashion trend; customers' purchasing preferences KM will tailor the inventory to meet the specific needs of our clientele Solely focus on the KM styles, colors, fabrics, and meet the need of client figure will be KM's specialty Mission Fund The shops most closely competing with KM are as follows: Susan's’ Fashion, which targets the youth-populated neighborhood that specializes in modern style Fashion Planet: Which targets younger women that specializes in offering the industrial chic clothing with punk Gothic edges Save $$ in Bank account Collect $$ from friends and family Loan Offer stylish, great, affordable Embeds the style that meet the Past and Future Identifying ever-changing consumer trends Stay viable and in high demand Designers often attend runway shows, and fashion week to get a glimpse of incoming trend in the fashion industry Maintaining a profit -Peak demand months


Transcript: Bend The Trend Boutique Ginelli Ochoa POB What will this Boutique have? Content Items: Content Accessories Clothing Shoes Hair Products Makeup Here i will be showing some pictures of what type of clothing, accessories and many other things my boutique would have. Examples Clothing Dresses Sets Pants and Tops Shoes Accessories Makeup Hair styling products The procedures i took to opening my business: 1. Conduct a name search at the Companies’ Registry 2. Register company statutes and memorandum and articles of association at the Companies’ Registry 3. Submit application to City Council for a trade license 4. Receive inspection from City Council inspector 5. Pay for the trade license at the City Council 6. Make a company seal 7. Register the company for business tax at the income tax department 8. Register the company for general sales tax (GST) at the GST office 9. Register the employees with the Social Security Board the essential steps that should be taken in establishing a business. . Procedures Steps to opening the Boutique 1. Decide on the type of boutique you want to start 2. Decide on the USP of the store – the purpose of your business 3. Decide on the clothes you will carry and who you will sell it to 4. Decide on the source of funding for the business 5. Look for the location where you can have your store 6. Decide on where you will source the clothes/fabric from. 7. Decide on the pricing 8. Decide on the store layout. 9. Decide on the operational procedures of your store 10. Finish the legalities of the business Steps


Transcript: Mission Samreen 900 RS Then we can improve our business after analyzing the comments Casual To party wear Provide latest fashion to all female Material Online Shopping Discount s Place Selection Missions Size Boutique Name Stick out a sign Beautify the store Hold a flash sale Key To Success Also the opportunity of parking. 3,000 rs Add page to give comments about the website, offers, services & complaints/suggestion. Provide goods & services at reasonable price 1700 RS Selected the civil line road because it is mostly visiting place. Product Configuration 2000 RS INTRODUCTION ? Why did I choose this product 1 For Summer Casual Wear Advertisement Business Model Provide employment for the member of community Segments Ayesha, samreen & Hafsa 13/02/2018 Objectives Hafza Innovations Design Style Ayesha, Samreen & Hafsa Ayesha Customers Attraction 2 It is an important attribute of a product because people buy products looking at the price and quality. Casual wear Boutique By ASH Company Community Price Of The Dresses 1000 RS Innovations 3 Age Because: For Winter Party wear e.g. 15% discount on shopping of 3000. Our Price Schedule Advertisement Types Of Dresses And Their Prices Unique, innovative & contemporary Product quality Cost control focus This location is convenient for customers. 1200 RS Ensure that quality of our product meet the standard of our business Meet Our Team By selling our stock at less price/profit, we expand our business. People have too much craze in fashion. Now everyone wants to be modern. - Frequently updating the site with new arrivals for the convenience of online customers. - Both cash and card payments are accepted. - Availability of shopping gift vounchers. Magazine Newspaper Billboards Facebook Planning Of Business Opportunities According to the income of people, we set prices. In beginning, we set price at normal rate. Pricing

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