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Transcript: PACE LIFE CYCLE Neu - Sparks Project Definition Product Solution Product Build Reason For Building Application Maintaining Various Tools Tracking location of Tools Scheduling Maintenance of different tools Reasons Requirement Gathering Dashboard Tool Management Order Management Maintenance Management Report Generation Ticket Resolution Visualization TCC Compliance Functional Requirements Note:- Assumed an existing application for customers to place order, raise tickets. Security Performance Reliability User Experience User Documentation Quality Inspection Non-Functional Requirements Product Planning John's Perspective UI Designs Architecture Architecture Release Process Scrum Framework Scrum Product Backlog Sprint Planning Meeting Sprint Review Scrum Framework Sprint 3 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint Backlog Our Team Sprint 1 Sprint Retrospection Sprint 2 Development Product Backlog 2 week Sprint Daily Scrum Meeting Sprint 1 Repeat Picture 1 Picture 2 Security & Testing Security Unit Testing in Azure DevOps Picture 1 Picture 2 Testing Go-Live & Monitoring 1. Creating Dockerfile for node app Go live Readiness Steps for creating Dockerfile .Dockerfile 2. Creating image for our Web app Go live Readiness 3. Pushing images on Azure Container Registry and Deployment on Kubernetes Cluster 4. Resource Allocation and Management Go live Readiness Monitoring Dynatrace uses 3 exclusive technologies for monitoring. OneAgent :- for automated data collection. Smartscape :- for continuously updated Topology mapping and Visualization. PurePaths :- for code-level distributed tracing. Monitoring using Dynatrace. Automation of the deployment process of monitoring tools and utilizes this automation to monitor and discover. From monitoring,to session replay and root cause analysis, dynatrace delivers everything. Provides a feedback loop to determine how a new application is performing. It allows decision making based on monitoring business processes in real time. It is actually a complex toolset that allows monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). To the user, it offers complete visibility over business processes, providing the most precise information about the status and results of operations. BAM Tool Support and Knowledge Management Neu - Sparks


Transcript: Kanika Dhameja, Ying Wan, Povilas Kesminas Introduction to the company’s massive codebase. Will get assigned independent work on a few real software bugs, ready to go live within a few days. Lectures and talks from top executives where bootcampers learn about the various product groups and decide where they want to work. Get exposed to the company's culture and core values. Have the freedom to write new and different pieces of code and test it. Every few months, Facebook engineers pull an all-nighter called Hackathon, trying out software ideas that sometimes turn into real products. Engineers are able to tackle problems on their own accord Engineers determine how they want to contribute Adapt to Facebook's hard-core geek culture Show commitment to Facebook Exposed to breadth of code base Exposed to core tools of engineering Get hands on technical leadership and manager experience Knowledge Knowledge & skills Code base of Facebook Core tools of engineering Build internal tools Make improvements to infrastructure Technical leadership and manager experience Attitude Be passion and highly motivated Facebook's hard-core geek culture Create friendship and professional networks Job satisfaction Improve productivity Reduce employee turnover Provide valuable data and process insights to recruiting Greatly decrease the costs of hiring Consistent with the social networking mission of Facebook Help Facebook compete with competitors for engineering talent WORKER KSA Reaction Fast Growing Team Engineer Fragmentation Needs of Facebook Introduce company values Build a network for incoming engineers Determine individual strengths Feedback Bootcamp helps every new employee Most of them agree that bootcamp is a excellent way to learn. Improvement Incorporate feedback Many former graduates have returned as mentors Behaviour A 6 week journey for engineering recruits. Employee orientation, Software training program and fraternity/sorority rush. Prepares them for a culture of risk taking, collaborative and self starting. A way for them to educate their engineers on how to culturally think about how to attack challenges and how to meet people. Organizational Results CONTENT & PRINCIPLES NEEDS ASSESSMENT ACTUAL PROGRAM EVALUATION TRAINING OBJECTIVES


Transcript: By:Daniel H. & Jasmine T. Role:Adam was the antagonist of the story. The reason he is antagonist is because he was mean and was bullying all the teenagers in the boot camp. No one knows why he is there though. Description: Red short hair, yellow lizard teeth, a little muscle, and short. Role:Garrett is the main character, he was sent to Lake Harmony by his parents. He had a lot of bad experiences there, but also some good ones. The reason he was sent there was because he was with an older woman, skipped school, did drugs, and came home late. Desciption:Brown hair, brown eyes, tall, and a little muscular. Garrett didn't play any sports, but was really smart, so smart that he skipped grades. Conflict & Resolution: The theme of the book is that kids should be more careful on how they treat their parents and that children don't know everything, but then again, neither do adults. Character: Secondary Characters Charater: Antagonist Setting The conflict of the story is Garrett having a hard time at the Boot Camp. He doesn't get along with the other kids there, or even the "fathers" or councils. Garrett fixes the conflict by escaping with Sarah and Pauly. But sadly, that doesn't last forever. The point of view is in first person. The setting of the book is mostly at Lake Harmony, which include TI, Lunch Halls, the Infirmary, and the Living Qu. Other settings of the book are in the woods and roads leading to Canada. The plot is about a boy named Garrett going to a Boot Camp at Lake Harmony. There he gets beaten by the other kids there. He also meets two children there named Sarah and Pauly. Later on in the story Pauly talks to Garrett about escaping, but Garrett isn't 100% sure if he wants to go because everything is going good for him. Finally he decides to go because he knew Sarah and Pauly wouldn't survive out there alone. Rating:Jasmine: I will give this book a 4 star rating. I liked it because I it was interesting to see how bad a lot of people can be. I disliked it because I kinda wanted to know what happened to Sarah and Paul. I didn't find anything confusing, and nothing really made me laugh. Theme The mood of the mood makes a person angry and scared to go there. Point Of View Sarah:Role & description: Sarah has been at Lake Harmony for two years, the guardians don't discipline her because it doesn't work on her. She has black hair, very pale, and very skinny, so skinny that you can see her bones. Pauly: Role & description: Pauly hasn't been there as long as Sarah, but pretty close, he is friends with Garrett. Pauly is just like Sarah, he is very pale, and very skinny, with blonde hair. Plot Character: Protagonist Book Club Opinion Rating:Daniel: I will give this book a 3 star because it was not to good or to bad it talks about more about Garrett then the Boot camp. What made me confused was when they got Garrett naked. The part that made me laugh is when they beat up Garrett. The author of Book Camp is Todd Strasser. The genre is young adult. The publication date of the book is in May 2nd, 2007. The awards the book won was American Library, Association Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers, New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age, and Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award


Transcript: presentation prepared by: Nermine loussif student in cpi-1 at Tek-up trainer: Amine zarouen the bootcamp Training introduction INTRODUCTION Competitive programming is a mind sport usually held over the Internet or a local network, involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Contestants are referred to as sport programmers. Competitive programming is recognized and supported by several multinational software and Internet companies, such as Google and Facebook. There are several organizations who host programming competitions on a regular basis. The problem solving bootcamp is a one month long training organized by TEK-UP University, it is divided into 3 levels : Beginner (0), Intermediate (1) and advanced (2). The bootcamp activities of each level are : -Daily session where we learn a new topic and solve problems. -Daily online contest containing specific problems about the session topic. -Weekly local contest which concludes all the topics from a certain level. the bootcamp strategy the bootcamp strategy improving programming skills preparing for coding interviews objectives objectives Building a better process thinking Learning useful data structures and algorithms Beginner’s training that aims to introduce newcomers to competitive programming. The training main objective is writing an efficient solution in a minimum amount of time. In order to achieve that, practicing problems is the key. Besides solving problems, learning new tricks will help you write your idea easier and in a simpler way. After finishing the level 0, identifying problem topics should be a lot easier which will help you solve easy problems in contests faster. level (0) level 0 exemple of problem level 1 level(1) The training introduces time complexity which will help you know whether your solution will pass the time limit or not. It is an important factor since you will gain a lot of time that you may lose when writing a time limit exceeded solution and get more penalty. Organizing ideas before writing your solution is the key here. In order to write a solution that fits the time limit, new data structures are introduced such as : Vector/Set/Map/Heap/Stack/Queue … and algorithms like Binary Search and Sortings. exemple of problem level 2 level(2) Level 2 is a sequel to the LEVEL 1 training where more advanced topics are introduced like : 2 pointers and Divide and Conquer techniques. These topics will help you solve harder problems and analyze them from new angles. The more you solve the more you learn and get familiar with these topics. The process thinking built while practicing will help you mixing ideas and dividing the problem into smaller subproblems which can be solved easier then merging them all into one solution. exemple of problem conclusion conclusion We’ve said that problem solving is a integral part of the programming process. Although i may have little experience in programming, but now I have lots of experience in solving problems. The key is to stop and think about the strategies that you should use to solve problems, and then use those strategies to devise workable algorithms.

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