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Transcript: Student Name: Nurie Langlois Core: 2 The Subtle Knife Main Character(s): Lyra Silvertongue Will Parry Important Minor Characters: Dr.Grumman A.K.A John Parry, Mrs.Coulter, Lord Asriel, Serafina Pekkala, Ruta Skadi, Lee Scoresby, Sir Charles, Angelica, Paolo, Tullio, Dr.Mary Malone, Mr.Paradisi Summary Will Parry and Lyra are on a perilous jorney to the worlds unknown. It all starts when Will finds a window to a new world. In that world he stumbled into a house that had Lyra in it. Lyra agreed to help Will find his father. Suddenly, a man that claimed to be named Sir Charles stole Lyra's alethiometer. When Will and Lyra went to get the alethiometer, Sir Charles would only give it back if they find the knife that can open any door.In search for the knife, In the city of CittagazzeWill and Lyra came upon a man in a building trying to fight off a monster that only children can not see. Will fought Tullio with a rope. In the process of fighting Tullio,Will loses his pinkie and his finger next to the pinkie. Tullio was killed. Will was the new bearer of the sword. Mr.Paradisi showed Will how to use the sword called the subtle knife. One side could cut anything and the other side can cut and close windows to different worlds. Will and Lyra uses this method to steal back the alethiometer. My favorite scene is when Will and Lyra steal the alethiometer back. Near the house Will opens a window to go inside and steal the alethiometer for Lyra while she is on lookout for any danger. I like this scene because it is full of adventure in only one house. I hope you liked my Prezi bookmark!!! By: Phillip Pullman


Transcript: Presented by Ren ACC The "Who" The "Who" Aldrin "Ren" Cognoden, 22 Aldrin "Ren" Cognoden, 22 Crew Learning System Manager RNM (Service) Manager 1 Year 7 Months Dining Manager TIMELINE TIMELINE 2017 CLS Manager (Jun. 2017 -present) Kitchen Manager (Apr. - Aug. 2016) Counter Manager (Sep. - Feb. 2017) BOTP Graduation (May 28, 2016) The "Completion" Sep. - Nov. 2016 The "Completion" Sep. - Nov. 2016 TIME TABLE TIME TABLE OUTPUTS OUTPUTS Better FSC Implementation and Management Better Attendance Better confidence in each other The "GPS" Oct. - Dec. 2016 The "GPS" Oct. - Dec. 2016 OUTPUTS OUTPUTS Improved overall grooming. Better attendance. More knowledgable crew. The "Checklist" Nov. - Dec. 2016 The "Checklist" Nov. - Dec. 2016 OUTPUTS OUTPUTS Increased awareness of all existing checklist. Timely updated checklists Accomplishment of all checklist The "Pull-off" Jun. 22 & Nov. 2 The "Pull-off" Jun. 22 & Nov. 2 1st Visit Better Starting Point Organized Crew Learning System OUTPUTS OUTPUTS The "Others" The "Others" The "Greetings" Aug. - Sep. 2017 The "Greetings" Aug. - Sep. 2017 OUTPUTS The "Greetings" The "Greetings" Increased social interaction Increased awareness of each other Lighter mood working environment The "Tickets" The "Tickets" P72,450 / P266,400 P72,450 / P266,400 S/S WINS ICPA AUDIT 90.17% Vs. 76.40% LY QM AUDIT Gold vs. Non-star LY S/S WINS "Big achievements comes from little sacrifices" - Ren "Big achievements comes from little sacrifices" - Ren

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