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Transcript: INSIDE MY HEAD (FREE POEM) The night peevishly in silence (a) Here on the grass I sit but my heart stood (b) I hear my tiny thought tingle (c) It fluttered in my head like the wings of a bird (d) But, will this peace that I seek find me? (e) Even the sea is a lion that dares the dry land (f) Tick tock the clock sounds endlessly (g) Everyday was never a happy day (d) Fightings fightings killings (e) What a sad joy (f) More dead at hand. Souls finding the sole way to live (e) Whilst every smile was a pretense, there was more pains to harbour (g) The world drift slowly to its extreme end every seconds (h) But, will man wait, patiently , till love and unity king again. (d) Many people are worried because the don't want to Abstain. (d) And they don't to be responsible for staying safe in their homes.(i) Until one day they will stay alone.(i) Today I will be happy (Free poem) Today will be a good day. I won't complain and moan, About the things that I don't have, Count curses all alone. Instead I'll count my blessings, Thank Him for what is mine, Appreciate what He has done, To make my life sublime; For others do not have the things, That I just take for granted, Good food, good clothes, a place to live, It's really as I planned it. Though everything is not the way, I'd have it, truth to tell, He's satisfied my every need, Most wants supplied as well. I have all I really need. I really can't complain. Though some have more, it's still just fine, For we aren't all the same. We each are blessed according to, What's best for you and me. It's personal and custom made, For personalities. Thank You Dad!! To a dad who is terrific,(a) To a dad who’s real neat. (b) To a dad who makes the best of things, (c) Even when they’re not so sweet! (b) To a dad who’s growing older, (d) To a dad who’s going gray.(e) To a dad who just gets smarter, (d) It would seem from day to day! (e) My Favorite Fruit (Cinquain) Strawberries Ripe, Juicy Beckoning, Dripping , Biting A herald of springtime, Fruit I wrote this poem for the people who like strawberries as much as I do. Cold Winters (Haiku) Winter fights to stay. (5) Sweet Spring always wins her way.(7) Flowers bloomed today! (5) Spring “Flowers and Happiness” ( Haiku) Spring brings happiness (5) Flowers, songbirds, and green grass.(7) God's love on display. (5) As I said before, when spring comes, people get happy because winter is over. This poem is for all the people who have gone through those moments of extreme cold. And when winter passes they fill very happy because the spring has arrived. In Quarantine (Limerick) The Quarantine makes people sad (a) But working at home makes them glad(a) Some may even pout (b) It can all work out (b) It drove the wife stark raving mad (a) I am writing this to all the people in the world who have to stay at home and have to work through the computer. By: Sofia Saa 7C Litary Devices: 1. Inside my head ....................................................1 Free Poem 2. Today I will be happy............................................2 3. Thank you dad!!........................................................3 Cinquain: 1. My favorite fruit........................................................4 Haiku: 1. Cold Winter................................................................5 2. Spring “Flowers and Happiness”.........................6 Limerick: 1. In Quarantine..............................................................7 Proverb 1. Time flies when you’re having fun......................8 THE BEST POEMS THANK YOU FOR YOU ATTENTION!!! Time flies when you’re having fun (provreb) I hope you like my poems!!! This Graphic provreb is ferry fun because when you are having the time flies, but when you are bored the time passes super slowly. I wrote this poem for people who live in very cold places and who want spring to come and warm them up. I wrote this poem for my dad, because sometimes we can behave in a bad way with them and we don't realize how nice they are and how important they are in our lives. Index: I wrote this for everyone in the world, because sometimes we are so ungrateful and don't realize all the nice things we have around us. I am writing most of these poems for everyone, because I want to leave a lesson through them. I wrote this poem for myself, because sometimes I feel very bored, lonely, etc.


Transcript: Brainstorm  Intro: London here we come  Map(from London) + information about London  What to bring  Transport-to-in- London and back home  Elthem: map + information  Hostfamelies  Week format, program  Day format + info about activities  Games  Information .......... ideas? Research intro 1)Some information: Eltham is a district in the region Greenwich in Greater- London. It is a big neighbourhood beacouse there are nearly 88.000 persons, the language they all speak is ofcouse English. Eltham is a city whit a varied topography: the center of Eltham is situated on a plateau high enough to see clear views of the south of London. There are also many parks and open spaces in Eltham like: Avery Hill park is a big open park, located at the East of Eltham, there is also a park at North-Eltham and South-Eltham. what to bring Clothes: sweater T-shirts Raincoat Trousers walking shoes Sokken Warme jas Gala-kledij (voor naar de musical) Toiletgerief: Handdoeken Washandjes Zeep Tandenborstel Tandpasta Maandverband Borstel Haardroger Make-up Andere: Lunch packet voor de eerste dag Rugzakje Schrijfgerief Kursusblok Identiteitskaart + SIS-kaart Zakdoekjes GSM Paraplu Zakgeld Camera -> eigen risico 'world' adaptor swimsuit slippers eltham two (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr doodles 21 22 notes Budapest San Francisco Results Compare Notes waffles 965 € jewels Puppets for Christmas Sport evenement 300€ Spaghetti evening Valentine 20 Candy sale Peanut-rocks Stockholm Our Project (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr 12 (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Double click to crop it if necessary 11 one outlook week- format photo frame 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Place your own picture behind this frame! (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr details Assets map London here we come, Finally it’s so far, we have raised enough money for our five day long trip to London. It effort allot of time and energy to raise all the money and to do actions. Also the 20 000 meetings where very exhausting. But we did it. Here is an overview of all the actions we did: Important Details

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Transcript: Opened : December 19, 2001 • Bungy Jump – take on the world’s highest Bungy Jump from 233 meters with a free fall at 200km/h! • SkyWalk X – walk around the outer rim of Macau Tower – no handrail in sight! • Tower Climb – the only tower in the world where you can do this! Climb to the very top of Macau Tower’s antennae mast, a dizzy 338 meters up! Macau by night: For a fun experience as a group, head up the Tower at sundown and watch the lights of Macau come to life from the highest point in town. It’s sky-high fun! About our Booklet Route: 9A, 18, 23, 26, 32, MT4 Bus stop: M177 Macau Tower Phone : +853 2893 3339 At the age of 26, Sun Yat-Sen graduated from the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. In 1892, Dr. Sun was invited by Kiang Wu Hospital in Macau to set up the Western Medicine Department as a voluntary doctor and diagnosed patients for free. He became the first Chinese doctor to practice Western medicine in Macau. With borrowed funds from the hospital, he subsequently opened the Chinese-Western Medicine Joint Clinic in Rua das Estalagens and was well known for his outstanding medical skills and enjoyed widespread admiration in the community. 3.“Leal Senado” Building Height : 338 m The “Leal Senado” Building is neoclassical in design and has retained all its original master walls and primary layout, including the courtyard garden in the back. The main façade is 14.5 metres high and 44 metres wide and is divided into three sections by vertical granite projections. The central section of the main façade juts out slightly from the rest of the building and is topped by a triangular pediment which, at its highest point, is 17 metres above the ground. Granite Doric columns, supporting lintels made of the same material, flank the main entrance. Inside the building on the first floor there is a ceremonial meeting room that opens onto an elaborate carved library styled after the library of Mafra Convent in Portugal, and a small chapel. Booklet presentation Sitting on Rua de Silva Mendes, the home is surrounded by a low wall, and the building itself is symmetrically designed, with an inscription by prominent early Kuomintang member Yu Youren placed above the door. In a sign of the respect Macanese have for Sun Yat-sen, despite the territory having become part of the People's Republic of China, inside the memorial hall one can see 12 flags--all the "blue sky, white sun, and red earth" flag of the Republic of China, hanging proudly regardless of the changes Macao has seen. Awards A number of stone statues of historic value were carved on the wall of the lobby. The relief on the arc over the stone steps is the statue of Queen Dona Leonor which was originally part of the Holy House of Mercy – one of the earliest charitable organizations in Macao. The church building was demolished in 1833 and the statue was moved here in memory of the founder of the Holy House of Mercy. The library in the building managed by the Cultural Institute, the library of the IACM Building is the oldest in Macao. Construction started in the early 20th century, the library building reflects the architectural style of the Convent of Mafra of Portugal, and is elegantly furnished in the style of the era of D. Joao V. The library holds more than 20,000 books, including antique publications and rare editions. Architectural Elements Recommended Experience 1. About The Macau Tower Macau Tower Basic Information: In addition to this, the home is host to various items from Sun's past, including the wicker chair and table he used while serving as generalissimo of Guangdong, handwritten documents from that period, and medical instruments he used in his practice as a doctor. All of these make this a location not to be missed for anyone visiting Macao with an interest in contemporary Chinese history.The house bears witness to his short but significant stay in Macau at the beginning of the last century when, while fleeing the power of the imperial mandarins, he tried to move his supporters in order to plan for the establishment of a new regime in China. In Macau he received the support of friends, at the time important and powerful persons in political and social of Macau. 2. About The Sun Yat Sen Memorial House History Background About The House Lei Lok Teng SB319384 Fong Ka NGAI DB22719 Ao Leong Fu BB203167 Kouk Wing Ching SB219532 Chu Kai Ian HB310234 Kuong Lok Hang BB202625 Sun Yat-sen and his family frequently set themselves up in Macao in the course of promoting revolution, and the Western-style house they occupied there in 1930 now stands as the Casa Memorativa Sun Yat-sen.Sun's first wife, Lu Muzhen, and eldest son Sun Ke moved in soon after the building was completed. The building was initially a brick and stone structure with a walled Chinese-style courtyard. It was redeveloped into a two-storey building of baroque style in 1784. After many years of dilapidation and weathering, the building was reconstructed in 1876 in neoclassic style.

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Transcript: Quote booklet presentation Charles Dalon "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now." Richard Nixon John was in the military during the vietnam war, the navy to be exact. He took part in several military operations during the course of it. He was awarded three purple hearts for being injured in combat, and also recieved a silver star. John F Kerry The commander of the armed forces in vietnam, for some time. He tried to fight a war of attrition to inflict loss upon the enemy side, but they were fighting on their home turf and William's strategy failed. George Mcgovern was a smalltime Dakota senator. He was staunchly against the vietnam war, running as the opposition to nixion in his bid for presidency. He was also involved in congressional efforts to stop the war, but he did not succeed. William Westmoreland "I thought the Vietnam war was an utter, unmitigated disaster, so it was very hard for me to say anything good about it." Nixon was the president of the united states on the tail end of the vietnam war. He was elected promising to end it - he managed to do so more than 4 years after. He had wanted to end Vietnam with 'honor'. George McGovern "I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service." "I do not believe that the men who served in uniform in Vietnam have been given the credit they deserve. It was a difficult war against an unorthodox enemy."


Transcript: White Tail deer State flower The pink and white lady’s slipper, also knows as the showy lady’s slipper or queen’s lady slipper, was adopted as the state flower in 1902. Found living in open fens, bogs, swamps, and damp woods where there is plenty of light, lady's slippers grow slowly, taking up to 16 years to produce their first flowers. They bloom in late June or early July. The plants live for up to 50 years and grow four feet tall. A century ago, the showy lady’s slipper was a favorite adornment in rural church altars during the summer. Since 1925 this rare wildflower has been protected by state law (it is illegal to pick the flowers or to uproot or unearth the plants). State rock Lake Superior Agate The Lake Superior agate differs from other agates found around the world in its rich red, orange, and yellow coloring. This color scheme is caused by the oxidation of iron. Iron leached from rocks provided the pigment that gives the gemstone its beautiful array of color. The concentration of iron and the amount of oxidation determine the color within or between an agate's bands. The gemstone comes in various sizes. The gas pockets in which the agates formed were primarily small, about the size of a pea. A few Lake Superior agates weigh more than 20 pounds, about the size of a bowling ball. Such giant agates are extremely rare, but no doubt others are yet to be discovered. Wild Rice Minnesota designated wild rice as the official state grain symbol in 1977. Wild rice is an aquatic grass not related to common rice.* Wild rice is native to North America and grows predominantly in the Great Lakes region. For many years, nearly all the wild rice produced in the world came from Minnesota, and most still does. Milk Milk was designated as the official state drink of Minnesota in 1984. Minnesota produces 9.7 billion pounds of milk a year (6% of the nation’s total) and ranks sixth in dairy production among the states. Milk has been called a nearly perfect food - a source of protein, calcium, and several other important nutrients. L'Etoile du nord Minnesota formally adopted the French phrase "L'Etoile du nord" (The Star of the North) as the official state motto in 1861 (the motto also appears on the state seal). 6 Mammals WhiteTailed Deer The White Tailed Deer is one of the many animals we hunt in Minnesota.The white-tailed deer is one of Minnesota's most popular big game animals. It is found in every Minnesota county and adapts well to most surroundings. Whitetails have an great sense of smell and hearing. White-tailed deer eat many foods, such as acorns, corn, soybeans, mushrooms, grasses, tree leaves, buds, twigs and bark, wild grapes, apples and assorted shrubs. Pine Marten Black Bear Bobcat Canada Lynx Snow Shoe Hare 6 Birds Mallard Canvasback Ring-Necked Pheasant Wood Duck Canada Goose Ruffled Grouse 6 Fish Large Mouth Bass muskellunge Northern Pike Walleye 30 inches 26 inches Yellow Perch Burbot\ Eelpout worlds largest Burbot Forestry Minnesota has 16.3 million acres of forestry. we have 58 state forests which have covered 3.9 million acres of forest land. MN has the nations largest Jack tree 58 ft. tall and the biggest White spruce that is 130 ft. Minnesota Lakes rotten winter won't go away:( Hoping soon:) Outdoor attractions Indoor attractions Minnesota Facts *Lake of the Woods shoreline has more than California has coastline. *Minnesota's capital is St. Paul. *Nickname of Minnesota is Land of 10,000 Lakes. *Minnesota invented the roller skate. *Minnesota has the biggest mall in the nation. Resorts\Hotels Restaurants Government Attractions\ Activities Lumbering As the U.S. grew so did the need for wood and Minnesota had it.The east coast had Played out their forests. The New England lumbermen had there eyes westward. They first when to the Ohio and Michigan valleys first and after that they went to Wisconsin and Minnesota. Mining Minnesota is the largest producer of iron ore and taconite in the United States. Even though nearly all of the high grade natural iron ore in Minnesota has already been mined, advances in technology have found a use for lower grade iron ore, called taconite. The taconite is crushed, processed into hard, marble-sized pellets, and shipped to steel mills. Farming Minnesota has 26.9 million acres in this state. The number of farms in this state is 81,000. The average farm size is 33 acres. Minnesota's growing season is 100 days in the north and the south is 150 days. Minnesota is leading the nation in sugar beets, turkeys, soy beans, corn, and green beans. Minnesota has 19 ethanol plants. Tourism Minnesota offers an enticing selection of things to do for a vacation or quick getaway. This Land of 10,000 Lake is well known as an outstanding place for outdoor fun. Minnesota has fine fishing, great golf, a bounty of hiking trails, and some of the best paved bike trails in the country. There are canoe and kayak routes, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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