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Transcript: Creative responce This photo represents how The United states was the first to complete the Atomic bomb. While the U.S had many people trailing the production of the bomb, we were able to finish the race in first and ultimately end the war. When we crossed the finish line it was a relief to the US and all against Germany, that the massive power of the bomb was in good hands. As soon as we dropped the bombs on Japan, the war was over; this is symbolized when we crossed the finish line of the war. Another aspect of the photo is how many racers are following the person who won. These people represent all the spies, and countries fighting for possession of the atomic bomb. Overall, this picture represents Bomb in many ways. The theme of Bomb is that one thing can make the difference, be it war, such as in Bomb, or much minor things. In the story, several regions race to build the atomic bomb, and in the end, when America wins the race, world war two is won. This shows that one powerful thing can make a difference in something. Without the creation of this bomb, many more lives would have been lost, and maybe the war would have been lost too. The theme can also relate to everyday life. For example, in school, one test or assignment can make the difference from getting a good grad in a class, or not doing very well at all. Overall, the theme in Bomb is that one big thing, or little, can make a big difference. Sheinkin, Steve. Bomb: The Race to Build and Steal the World's Most Dangerous Weapon. New York: Roaring Brook, 2012. Print. Across the Finish Line. Digital image. Run for Montreal. N.p., 09 Sept. 2013. Web. 16 Oct. 2013. Book Written by Steve Sheinkin 266 pages Evan Brown Citations Creative Response Bomb One particular section in the text that stood out to me is when Oppenheimer began gathering scientists for work on the Atomic Bomb. This was a turning point in the story because the US had just realized how important the creation of the Atomic Bomb was. As time went on, and as Los Alamos, the top secret bomb building base, gathered scientists and began work on the Bomb. Before this, work on the bomb was hard to keep confidential, at least more confidential then it was in Los Alamos. The scientists could now work in secrecy, share ideas, and fly ahead of the competition in the creation of the bomb. Many important discoveries were made because of the congregation of the scientist, and in turn the bomb was completed to win the War. Theme

Bomb Bomb Presentation

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