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Boeing Boeing

Transcript: French Robert Gloria Sensual Seductress Beautiful Kitten Current Production Italian Gretchen Bernard's Fiancee Boeing Boeing Why JOIN Theatre? 1960 Gabriella Bernard's flat Paris, France Gloria Always in the middle Alitalia Into Pologomy Monotone To be an Air Hostess Married Bernard Sexual Hails from Wisconsin No more than 130 lbs. Berthe German Painter/Writer/Producer/Director at Theatre Michel in Paris Bernard's Fiancee Sarcasm Bernard's Housekeeper Year TWA Never eat/Drink in Uniform Robert Passionate Romantic Clarion University Theatre A place where you become someone you're truly not. Explore the world. Be a new person. Create a bond. Experience the idea of family in a whole new way! Come join us in making people of the world forget their woes. Be a part of our family. Intellectual Gabriella Boeing Boeing opened in 1960, ran 19 years Clarion University ED 417 Lufthansa Characters Marc Camoletti Berthe American Son + Daughter-in-Law Setting Smile is all teeth no gums Gabrielle Pauley November 16, 1923- July 18, 2003 Parisian Architect American living in Paris Bernard's Fiancee No children Single Perfect nails/Hair 5'2''-5'10'' Bernard Must retire at 32 About the author Knight of the legion of honor Not an actor? Do Tech. Not a tech person? Design/Construct Sets. Prefer history/research? Become a dramaturg. Stage crew. Ushers. There are so many possibilities in the theatre, don't let yours go to waste. There are always jobs, always exciting new adventures awaiting you. Come join our family! Bernard's Friend Gretchen French Citizen

boeing presentation

Transcript: Boeing's Materials and their Fuel Effeciency Intro Intro Recently Boeing released the 787 Dreamliner, an absolute monster, carrying up to 335 passengers depending on load factor. Fuel efficiency is a clear problem since these engines are trying to push a 200,000 pound piece of metal throw the air. Currently the planes are made out of aluminum, steel, and other materials. Our goal is to push Boeing toward lighter materials and overall cheaper flight. Benefits to Carbon Benefits to Carbon Increased ability to flex with continuous stress on "thermal expansion" This is very helpful because during takeoff and landing there is a pressure change that comes with a temperature change which causes a strain on the structure of the airplane. Carbon is easier to form different molds. This can be beneficial because typically wings are made from aluminum and other materials. Hypothetically if we made wings from carbon and other composite materials there would be a lower ratio of plane to passenger weight, which would allow more passengers to ride the same plane for the same cost but increased profit. Carbon is so strong because it forms what is called sigma bonds that adopt pi bonds to reinforce the molecule, this is where C-C are overlapped within the atomic orbitals. This also creates a very symmetrical build of the molecule. Current Profit Current Profit Right now Southwest has 737-300,700, and 800 series planes. Averaging about 140 seats per plane, costing about $150 per ticket. Southwest currently has about 3500-4000 flights per day. Averaging $150x140 seats x 3500-4000 flights Southwest's current profit is about $84 million a day. Which is a very liberal number, but let me remind you Southwest makes about $21 billion in annual profits What we can change What we can change Currently on the 737-300,700,800 series the wings and other components are made of aluminum and steel. These metals are significantly heavier than carbon composites. The goal is to turn the wing or atleast 10% of the plane into carbon and other lighter composite materials Concept #1 Concept #1 The first benefit to changing wings to Carbon composities would come with fuel effiency. Now the plane already carries 5,000 pounds of fuel but with a lighter body, the idea is that we would efficiently use the 5,000 pounds compared to being burned up by the weight of the passengers and plane. Concept #2 Concept #2 With better fuel efficiency and the overall weight of the plane lower than before. We can carry more fuel which means longer distances. Longer distances generally means more expensive tickets which is greater profit. Final Profit Final Profit Converting 1 kilogram of steel or aluminum into carbon would save $1,000,000 in the lifetime of the plane. So hypothetically if the plane weighs 150,000 lbs prior to cargo and passengers. And we took the plane and converted 10% into carbon composite you would save $6.81 billion in the life of the airplane. Better fuel efficiency means more profit. Lighter airplane means less gas. There is no down side the carbon, carbon is stronger, lighter and easier then molding aluminum and steel into a wing. Especially when the camber of the wing requires a specific design. Carbon is estimated to cost about $5/lb as of right now. Initially a little more expensive but converting could cost $75-$100 thousand dollars in production. with theb cost of the plane costing anywhere from $200 million to $250 million it is a small price topay for thelike of the plane.

Boeing Account Presentation

Transcript: Value Stake of IoT Improving production rates Higher safety and ROI Lean production with reduction in wastes Improving supply chain visibility Shift to Services Boeing Business Challenges Market and Competitive Overview Customer diversification Increasing productivity Shift to services Workforce strategy Increasing Production Customer Diversification Presenters: AJ Deshmukh, Jamie Ellis, Needham Hurst, Curt Owen Summary Commercial Focus Record backlog of $440 billion over seven years Growth reflects emerging markets Projected growth in air cargo Retiring Workforce “The products that provide the most efficiency will continue to be the products of choice.” - Ray Conner, BCA President Mitigate amount of knowledge lost Reduce education and training costs Recruit new talent Workforce Decisions Norma Clayton, VP Learning Tony Parasida, SVP Human Resources Customer Diversification Strategy Christopher Chadwick, EVP, CEO of DSS Ray Connor, President and CEO of Commercial Production and Operation Decisions Dennis Muilenburg , COO and Vice Chairman Services Direction Ted Colbert, CIO Greg Smith, EVP and CFO Leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined Designs and manufactures rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. Global defense strategy Dependency problem on U.S. government International and emerging market growth Cost cutting initiatives to balance U.S. sector decline “Our 2014 Commercial Airplane priority…continue to leverage our and grow our services business” - W. James McNerney, Jr, Chairman & CEO Key Decision Makers Boeing Account Presentation ""Fifty percent of our top engineers and mechanics will be eligible to retire over roughly the next five years."' - Boeing Co. President & COO, Dennis Muilenburg

Boeing PSU Presentation

Transcript: A litte bit about me... A litte bit about me... ABOUT PSU's ABOUT PSU's What is a PSU?! What is a PSU?! A passenger service unit (PSU) is an aircraft component situated above each row in the overhead panel above the passenger seats in the cabin of airliners. Among other things, a PSU contains reading lights, loudspeakers, illuminated signs, air gaspers, and automatically deployed oxygen masks during low cabin situations. Purposes of a PSU 1. To enrich the experience of each passenger by providing them the flexibility to adjust light and airflow directly on their individual seat 2. To act as a communication system between the pilot and each row of passengers (fasten seat belt sign/speaker) 3. To give each passenger the opportunity to call over a flight attendant to his/her individual row if assistance is needed 4. To provide a source of oxygen to each passenger in an emergency situation such as a cabin pressure leak, a cabin fire, or a emergency landing/rapid decent. 2017 Goals and Strategies 1. Optimize sales readiness for the 250 highest click parts which represent 90% of revenue and 75% of sales 2. Develop a more efficient stocking plan with PECO 3. Decrease number of uncommitted open orders with the new OneSAP system 4. Look for ways to reduce cost of the PSU and it's component parts (USM, Alternative Component Part Suppliers) PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Top 15 Revenue Parts of PSU's Top 15 Revenue Parts of PSU's 3 Year Revenue vs Best Cost Graph Total PSU revenue for 2017 as of June: $8.9 million estimated revenue for 2017 ($3.3 million behind 3 year average revenue) Average PSU Margin %: 54% (some are too high 90% etc) Products of Interest: Masks, Switches, and Oxygen Generators Cost reduction strategies needed. Key Points The PSU Market The PSU Market Overview (PSU ASSEMBLY NG vs BSI) 1. Active 737 NG Aircraft 2. Cost History 3. Price History 4. Click History 5. Conversion % History 6. BACON History 7. ROLT 8. ILS Competition 9. Outstanding PMA's Overview (PSU ASSEMBLY NG vs BSI) Total Number of 737 NG Aircraft NG vs BSI Cost Over Time NG vs BSI Price Over Time NG vs BSI Clicks Over Time NG vs BSI Conversion % Over Time Type A: Currently no type "A" NG or BSI PSU assemblies Type B: 20% of part numbers are type B, almost all of which are BSI Type C: 25% of part numbers are type C, even split with NG and BSI Type D: 55% of part numbers are type D, almost all of them are NG NG vs BSI BACON Over Time NG vs BSI Average ROLT NG vs BSI ILS Availability NG PSU's have a lot of competitions from outside vendors on ILS. There are currently over 1300 stocked PSU's for sale on ILS which covers 47% of the part numbers that we currently sell. BSI PSU's have less vendors and less available PSU assemblies currently available on ILS. Warning** Some newer BSI PSU part numbers might not yet be in our system. NG vs BSI Outstanding PMA's NG PSU Assembly PMA's: No T+C or Identicality PMA's for PSU Assemblies. PECO has the only License PMA BSI PSU Assembly PMA's: No T+C PMA's for PSU Assemblies. PECO owns the IP for all BSI PSU Assemblies and has their own Identicality PMA. 1. Currently much more demand in the after-market for NG PSU's compared to BSI PSU's 2. NG PSU costs are growing, making our prices very uncompetitive in the market 3. USM ILS competition for NG is strong, but thin for BSI 4. Conversion Rates and Clicks are in a steady decline for NG 5. BSI Acquisition costs are high and impeding market success Key Points Open Orders Open Orders Current Uncomitted Open Orders Current Uncomitted Open Orders Uncommitted Orders $ Value Proprietary, Standard, and Vendor Orders Open Order PSV $ Amount $1.1 Million in uncommitted open orders Box and Panel Assemblies are most common parts for uncommitted orders 82% of the uncommitted order value is for Boeing proprietary parts (i.e. NG PSU Component Parts) Key Points Business Summary Business Summary SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Next Steps Next Steps Internal Action Plan 1. Leverage BACON to align pricing of low conversion/slow moving parts to market competitive pricing 2. Increase stocking plans for parts that currently have large amounts of uncommitted orders and low batting average 3. Expand collaboration with supplier and SM team to elevate inventory performance 4. Align with USM team to take steps to enter the serviceable NG PSU market Internal Action Plan 1. Go to Clackamas, OR to meet with PECO and discuss future options in regards to lowering cost of PSU Assemblies and Component Parts 2. Exlore cost reduction opportunities with alternative suppliers such as Aerox and Teknoware 3. Discuss opportunity to improve inventory performance including min/max process, BACON, and ROLT reduction Supplier Collaboration Action Plan Questions? Questions?

Boeing Presentation

Transcript: Ryan O'Connor | Shane Priest | Nikki Mathews | Kayla Huskey | Brett Black Boeing Profile Largest aerospace and defense company in the world. Commercial jetliners Defense, Space and Security Systems Service provider of aftermarket support. Divided into 3 divisions: Commercial Airplanes; Defense, Space & Security; and Boeing Global Services. (Starting in July of 2017). Interesting fact about the company: Southwest Airlines, ONLY flies Boeing 737 models. This is what makes Southwest unique, and noticable while staying uniform. They fly the 737 for its fuel ecconomy, decent ride, and muster copacity. What is Boeing? The Boeing Mission Statement "Facilitate the partnership of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace workers and The Boeing Company in order to provide innovative solutions that improve the Health and Safety, Quality, Productivity and Employee Development in the workplace." The Boeing Mission Statement An American timber merchant by the name of William Boeing always had an interest in planes and wanted to take his interest a step further. So, On March 10, 1910 William Boeing buys Heath’s shipyard in Seattle, Wash.. On July 15, 1916 William Boeing buys out Pacific Aero Products Co. for $100,000. He then moves the operation to the shipyard he bought in 1910. Now that Mr. Boeing has a place to operate he goes out and finds some engineers and pilots that can help him work on his planes. On November 15, 1916 Mr. Boeing watches one of his pilots fly a model C plane over Lake union on its first test flight. After some adjustments Mr. Boeing saw his first working plane be built. Within the next year Mr. Boeing decides to change the name from Pacific Aero Products to Boeing Airplane Co. On July 17, 1917 Boeing Airplane Co. makes its first sell to the United States Navy. The Navy bought 50 Model C's (known as the sea plane trainer). In the coming years WW1 keeps Boeing busy. Boeing ends up signing a contract with the navy which was the event that put Boeing on everyone's radar. From there Boeing just keeps expanding to get to where they are today. Today Boeing is among the largest aerospace and defense contractors in the world. Boeing History Boeing History Philanthropy/Responsibilities Helps schools by granting money for science and math programs. Last year alone Boeing granted nearly 10 Million to local schools in just the Washington area. Helps Military by recruiting Veterans, and donating to wounded warrior fund. Boeing also is a green company. They help the environment in any way possible. In 2011 the Boeing C-17 aircraft factory in Long Beach, California had a 75% recycle rate. Philanthropy/Responsibilities Organizational Structure Boeing has more than 170,000 employees in 50 states and 70 countries. They use the Matrix structure to ensure effenciency. The departments are listed below: Business Development and Strategy Communications Engineering, Operations, and Technology Finance Human Resource and Administration Internal Governance International Law Department Public Policy Organizational Structure Leadership CEO of Boeing: Dennis A. Muilenburg. Main Members of the Board of Directors include: Robert A. Bradway: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Amgen. Lynn J. Good: Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke Energy Corporation. Edward M. Liddy: Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Allstate. Susan C. Schwab: Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy. Mike S. Zafirovski: Executive Advisor, The Blackstone Group; Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Nortel. Leadership Boeing Revenues Boeing Revenues Earnings Per Share Earnings Per Share Boeing Around the Globe America’s largest manufacturing exporter 140,000+ Employed Boeing Around the Globe Boeing is a publicly traded company it is financially strong and has a nearly $500B order backlog with which to grow revenue, earnings and cash. Investor Information Investor Information NYSE: BA $265.08 -$0.80 Change: -0.03% Volume: 513,619 Market Cap: $157.88B NYSE: BA $265.08 -$0.80 Chan... Today's Range: 276 - 281.83 52- Week Range: 150.02 - 281.83 Shares Outstanding: 595.6M Today's Range: 276 - 281.83 52- Week Range: 150.... Boeing is a company of bold innovators and dreamers. Boeing provides employees and their families a wide range of affordable, market-leading benefits. Boeing is where you can begin your career collaborating with amazing people on amazing products. Careers Careers Business Operations Finance Human Resourses Supplier Management Business Business Electronic & Electrical Engineering Flight Engineering Production Engineering Software Engineering Systems Engineering Test & Evaluation Engineering Engineering Aircraft Mechanic Electrical Asslembler Functional Test Technician Aircraft Painter Electrician Flight line mechanic Welder Quality Inspector Plumber Manufacturing Manufacturing Boeing is one of the largest competitors in the aerospace industry with the facilities and sales from all

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