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Body Bio Template

Transcript: Body Bio Template Objective: This assignment will demonstrate a clear understanding of a character from a novel through the use of textual support. Directions: You will create an outline of a body to represent a character from Things Fall Apart. Using your Character Chart as a guide and the reading of Parts 1 and 2 of the novel, choose ONE character (see list of characters below) and complete the following requirements. For EACH body part, you MUST answer the questions AND provide EMBEDDED TEXT EVIDENCE. Make sure to cite it based on which chapter the information comes from. You MUST incorporate a GRAPHIC for EACH body part. To complete this assignment you could use a sheet of paper and draw out a body and label/design, you could create something digitally, create slides, etc. It is up to you! You will upload your assignment to Canvas. You will choose from the following characters to complete your assignment: *Okonkwo *Ekwefi *Ezinma *Nwoye *Obierika You MUST pick SEVEN body parts to complete this assignment. Head- Intellectual side of the character Does he/she analyze situations or just react? What are his/her dreams? Visions? Philosophies he/she keeps inside? Is he/she intelligent/smart? Eyes- Seeing through the character's eyes/POV What memorable sights affect him/her? How? Why? What does he/she notice about others or his/her surroundings? Ears- Hearing through the character's ears What does he/she notice and remember others saying to him/her? How is he/she affected? Mouth- Represents the character's verbal communication What philosophy regarding life and surroundings does the character share? What idea or value does he/she assert is important? What arguments/debates? Arms- Working What is the character’s work ethic? Relationship to work in general? To specific work? Hands- The practical side of the character What conflicts does he/she deal with? How does he/she resolve or deal with conflict? Heart- The emotional side of the character What does he/she love or hate? Whom? How does he/she feel about himself/herself? How does he/she feel about people who are different? Legs- The instinctive side of the character What doesn’t he/she like about him/herself? What is the hidden part of the character? What brings him/her pain? How does he/she deal with emotional or physical pain? Feet- The character's mobility or travels/journey Where is this character going—literally and figuratively? Where has this character been? What roads/paths does this character follow?

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