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Boardroom Presentation Template

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Boardroom Presentation

Transcript: Overall Results How can Thinc better support you in achieving these goals? What’s in the works: IT overhaul including Sharepoint & Beezy tools ThincMap Marketing collateral Shareholder promotion process KPI review for staff Succession planning & talent management strategy Improved management reporting Early 2013, TT/BR road show of results to staff (Feb/Mar) “Better investment in individual training and acknowledgement of effort” Learning & Development / Career Progression Thinc needs to be clear on its BD plan and recognise that BD opportunities should be lead by the most appropriate people to increase the likelihood of winning the bid, and move away from the KPIs that every employee must bring in new fees” “Better focus on mentoring and training opportunities. More flexibility in work hours to achieve work/life balance” “Better communication within regions and across regions” “I am quite happy with my current situation” Employee Engagement “Provides a comfortable and encouraging environment to develop and perform professionally” By Gender Next Steps Performance Reviews “Provides an environment to work in that allows maximum flexibility” What we’ve done: Change of leadership at executive and regional levels and associated changes Streamlined performance review templates for staff IKPI-based STIs for shareholders Executive coaching for senior leaders Regular CEO/MD communication to staff Staff Opinion Survey 2012 “More responsibility and a clear path outlined for career progression” Overall Results Key Strengths 70% or better favourable responses Employee Engagement “Company has a friendly culture and the workplace is a pleasant environment as opposed to other larger corporate organisations" “Mentoring – setting clear goals and KPIs and when these are met, provide the associated career progression” Training By Region What is the best thing Thinc does for its employees? Performance Feedback & Career Development “Thinc looks after its employees” “Better communication across regions” “Employs a nice bunch of people” EMO discussion of strategic actions to be taken (Jan/Feb) Employee Engagement “This is something where the initiative needs to come from me” Communication Reward & Recognition Suggested Focus “Breakfast at Monday kickstarts” Management Response Culture & Values Diversity Job Role Teamwork “Thinc currently does support me fully with these goals” “Having a 20+ year experienced person to mentor and work with on a large/complex project. There is a lack of grey hair and at my stage of my career I will learn more from someone on the job than in any other way” “Build a strong team with the right resources for a project – too often we assemble a team which does not have the skills to do the project” Areas for Improvement Below 50% favourable responses Presentation to management team of national results (Nov) If you could change one thing about the company or your job, what would it be? “Promotes a strong culture and a high degree of flexibility” Engaged Employees think, feel and act in a particular way. THINK – believe in and support the goals and values of the company FEEL – have a sense of pride, belonging and attachment to the company ACT – are willing to go the extra mile and envisage a long-term future with the company Engagement levels directly impact client satisfaction and business performance. High Performing companies have high levels of engagement. “Thinc genuinely cares about the well being of its employees" “The company needs to focus more on providing systems which support service delivery” “Calm down, stop trying to do everything at once, concentrate on doing a smaller number of things better” Communication TGH Board Briefing – November 2012 Further analysis of regional/divisional results for RMs (Dec) Performance Reviews Learning & Development/Career Progression Communication


Transcript: The Barco Click share is the first reliable wireless presentation device It uses the USB port which you will find on any laptop Audio and video are presented wireless to your projector / screen A Demo unit is due into Digicom in mid November The dongles are powered by the USB port and contain no battery, just plug it in Hardened devices or locked down USB ports will not work with this unit Discussion Points 12 Month Call History Boardroom Wireless Presentation Device Audio Conferencing Control Panel Pop Up Inserts Projector / Screen Wireless Connection AMX Box Existing Display is working to specification It is a non HD display Quality and brightness are fixed with this type of display 9 x Calls 4 x AMX Panel Equipment modification required 3 x Audio Calls 1 x Power cut 1 x Unplugged 1 x Amplifier tweek 1 x Projector 1 x Lamp 1 x Table Connectivity 1 x VGA port blown The audio conferencing device has been super seeded since its installation. QSC offer the most powerful audio conferencing devices at the moment The better processing power will increase the call quality The microphone type and position on the ceiling is introducing a lot of room noise to the far end call quality The ideal position for microphone placement is on the boardroom table The second best position is a narrow focus ceiling microphone like the one pictured across What is the preferred method of dialling out Through a traditional dial pad? Boardroom a Audio Conferencing Control Interface Popups AMX hardwired touch panel Can either be placed on the table or on the wall but it is not inter changeable System can be remote accessed from help desk HD graphics and swipe motions can be used on panel The current MVP 8400 panel has gone end of sales life and will be end of service life shortly Display System Advantages Existing popups are working to specification They do not contain HDMI They do not contain USB power

Boardroom Presentation

Transcript: Media Literacy Rationale I chose this Pharmacy Technician position to pursue because I believe it would provide me with invaluable pharmacy experience that will aid in my future career goals of becoming a pharmacist. I feel I am qualified due to my former experience shadowing Mrs. Samantha Gallagher at Lakeview Pharmacy in Naples, Florida. During my time at Lakeview pharmacy, I have developed and enhanced my proficiency in problem solving, communication, flexibility, collaboration, and media literacy. advanced critical thinking ability to solve unexpected problems arising in the pharmacy efficiently and effectively may encounter issues such as patients being unable to afford their medication, experiencing undesirable side effects, or not recognizing potentially dangerous drug interactions Taking a proactive approach to resolving problems is necessary to be a successful pharmacy technician. Looking for a reliable, experienced Registered Pharmacy Technician to work in a closed pharmacy environment. MUST be able to perform the following: *Receive and enter prescriptions *Prepare medications *Knowledge of bingo cards *Excellent communication skills *Computer literacy *Understand how to process insurance claims *Basic compounding (creams and syrups) *Be able to work independently *MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH QS/1 pharmacy software The emphasis on cost-cutting in the health care industry means that pharmacy technicians have more independent responsibility than ever before. my ability to think quickly will enable me to adapt to the various situations put upon me strong written and verbal communications skills. amiable disposition able to use medical terms, abbreviations, and symbols correctly also semi-flent in Spanish and fluent in Thai I have proficiency in computer software, QS/q pharmacy software, and cash register techonology that is vital for the job the Phramacist in charge will not have to waste time teaching me how to utilize these tools Communication Empire Pharmacy Consultants, Orlando Collaboration technicians are often required to work with pharmacists, stock, doctors, personal, nurses, and other technicians. my experience in identifying and adapting to different personality and learning styles will allow me to effectively communicated and work with patients, coworkers, and healthcare professionals Problem Solving Pharmacy Technician First run through: 3:32 Second run through: 2:57 Flexibility During my first run through, I went over time because I was not as practiced with my slides and thus, there were more pauses taking up time. My friends said that I was very personable and engaging although was clumsy with maneuvering my prezi. On the second run through, I succesfully came in under three minutes having practiced my transitions and slide order more. For future presentations, I could improve by not having to refer to my prezi at all, maintaining complete eye contact with my audeince members. I can also improve my own skills so that I have more to speak about during the prezi confirm why I am qualified for the job.

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