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Board Of Directors Month End Template Powerpoint

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Board of Directors

Transcript: Wave functions and probability distributions for the first four energy levels of the quantum harmonic oscillator. This is Physical Chemistry an introduction to Quantum Mechanics(MIT). One of the people outside of my family or who was important in history that has made a difference in my life is Carlos the Math teacher. I met him last year at East Field while doing dual credit there. He has helped me out when I have had questions and has often made m e have to work to get the answer. It's because of him that I have become more interested in math, and the relationships between the different levels, and how they can be applied to real life. Even though there are people who guide us along the path of our choosing, there are others we will need when we go astray. My older brother has been my social and personal influence. He has also been the one that I look to for leadership qualities considering that he's six years older than I am. When I do something wrong he always makes sure that I never repeat the same mistake, and he's always the first one there for me when something goes wrong. I have always looked up to him, because he has taken care of me, and made sure that I have what I need to succeed. Even if it meant that he had to give of himself he never took another second to decide. It's easy to see how far we have come since we started going to school, but realizing all of the people past or present who have helped us is what really allows us to see who we have become, and who we hope to be. My father was my Educational force when I was in elementary school. He made me study rather than watch T.V. for two hours everyday. If he didn't make do that as a kid, I wouldn't be as good at math today as I used to be. Believe it or not fact for you naysayers, I was not able to multiply three numbers in sequence together back then. Mrs. Watt isn't a bad teacher at all either, and has helped me discover my interest for Calculus despite the fact that sometimes it can be confusing. So when you say you don't get math (Mrs Turner) try again. Results History Phase 2 Phase 1 Math so when you say that you don't get math Mrs. Turner try again. A few of the people in history who have inspired me to get up and try again are, Bill Gates, and Thomas Edison. Bill Gates has proven that you don't need the qualifications or education to succeed. All you need is a good idea and the patience and planning to make it a reality. It's partly because of his success that I want to get a minor in Business Administration or Business in general, but when I feel down or in need of motivation to do something, I look to the past a Thomas Edison. A quote that he has said that has stuck with me and made me push to the very end of my struggles is " I haven't failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work." When I feel like I may never understand something, I remember that there are others who will never have the opportunity to even learn something like it, so I push myself to understand the topic. Foundation Drive Two more people who have influenced me educationally and influenced my career are Mr. Courtney and Mrs. Strickland. Even though I had her class a while back, I realize that Mrs Strickland's class was the most fun I have had in a science class despite the amount of work that I had to put into it. She pushed all of us to work harder, and its because of her that I can stand before you and say that I can survive Ap Biology. Mr. Courtney is a great guy don't get me wrong, but he finds a way to make the class as hard as possible no matter how many times you read straight from the book. Because of Mrs. Strickland and Mr. Courtney, I can say that I can survive almost any class despite how difficult it may be. They have both instilled in me a love of Science, except for O chem and PC or Physical Chemistry. In which case you are on your own, and good luck trying to survive them. Even Mr. Courtney said one of the happiest days of his life was passing PC. My mother is the source of my drive. every day I remember the sacrifices that she made by going to school while she was raising my brother, and I and every day she motivates me to be the best I can be. She is both a leadership director and career director in my life. She leads others by example in her work, and is well known by her associates for all of the things that she knows with the little training that she has. It's partly because of her that I have decided to become an Anesthesiologist, because she has shown me that in the medical field there isn't just a chance to save someone from a disease, but more often than not you have to save them from themselves, and rebuild what they have lost in themselves, and that is something that I would like to do for others. With another 6 billion or so people on this planet I want to do some thing that allows me to help someone less fortunate than myself, because life isn't just about me or you, it's about us. A little competition between two relatives

Board of directors

Transcript: Executive Director *1 staff member ->oversees directors and communicates information from board to all other levels. Serves as the "top guy" and face of the organization. ->has four main staff members that they care for -> Reports to director of development and assists in marketing the agency to possible donors and community members. Field Study Organizational Structure Chart Director of programs *1 position ->Assists office manager of handling accounting and financing. Financial clerk *1 position ->Group of elected individuals who provide insight into policy and procedure and serve as main funders for agency ->communicate to executive director ->12 board members -> Looks after the maitenance and well being of five individual buildings both internally and externally. Reports to director of operations and human resources. Supervises a seasonal summer student who assists with typical maitenance duties throughout the summer months. Emergency services manager *1 position Women's shift supervisors *4 positions ->Supervises individuals who stay at the women's emergency shelter and follows procedure of shelter (facilitates rules). ->Looks after the youth centre and literacy lab. Develops programming for the youth and reports to director of programs. Finance office manager Independent branch *1 position Receptionist *1 position -> Oversees program operation within the organzation. Provides support from director to lower branch staff members. Speaks to the media on behalf of the organization -> Has 3 staff members on team ->Oversees a womens addiction centre and manages six women who live within the home. Serves as management to 4 staff members who report back and help look after women and facilitate their daily routine. ->Report to home manager. Superviors to the addiction centre women, they accompany the women throughout their daily activities and oversee programming. -> Oversees operation management of the organization as well as handles all hiring practices and learning/development. Develops staff training modules in relation to policies and procedures. Inputs payroll data and communicates to all positions within the organization. Marketing assistant *1 position Food program supervisors *2 positions Deanna Aubichon Zeike's place manager *1 position -> Handles all financial and material donations that the organization recieves. Independent branch - no staff members although communicates to Executive director. ->Oversees soup kitchen operation and duties. Facilitates volunteer involvement and works in coordination with the men's shelter workers. Board of directors ->Works at main office and oversees all incoming and outgoing calls, paperwork and email for the management team and board of executives. Reports to finance office manager. Women's emergency shelter workers *4 positions ->Reports to executive director and oversees the organizations finances and handles accounting services ->Has 2 staff members Director of operations & human resources *1 position Director of development *1 position ->Oversees the marketing & development of the organization. Ensures that events happen orderly and has one assistant they supervise which is the marketing assistant. Director of Donor Relations *1 position Mens emergency shelter worker *4 positions ->Supervises individuals who stay at emergency shelter and follows procedure of shelter (facilitates rules). Maitenance worker *1 position + seasonal worker Shayil home program manager *1 position ->Oversees all emergency service areas within the organization. Manages emergency staff and guests who need our services. Has a total of ten staff members and reports to director of programs

Board of Directors

Transcript: My Momma (Social) My mother is another person who I am extremely close to Her kindness and respectfulness have been the qualities that I admire She is not at all selfish and her ability to help others at any time is incredible to me Although I may not have her characteristics, I do attempt to model her behavior to where I become more helpful to others around me Her fun personality has always been something that lighted me up when I was down even as a child Seeing her enjoy life as much as she has has inspired me to pursue that same happiness later in life I know that she may not have accomplished everything that she needed in life, but she has accepted it and moved on and is essentially happy now I wish to achieve that acceptance later on for whatever reason if I do not achieve everything that I would have liked to in life After Carlos was born, I knew my life would never be the same We have all developed different mentalities once a new person is added to the family Carlos has allowed me to bring out my inner child during high school His naivety and innocence has made me realize that this world needs more creativity and happiness as oppose to cutthroat personalities Cecilia Board of Directors Mr. Morgan (Educational) Although she is not alive anymore, her presence is in my heart With every conversation, I was able to get a better glimpse of her past life I absorbed her perspective back in Mexico and felt all the hardship that she went through throughout her life After all the conversations and after she passed away, I understood that I needed to do everything possible in order to provide a better future than that my grammy experienced back in Mexico She gave me more motivation to keep moving forward Daniel and I have always shared a special bond As brother and sister, we have spent numerous hours together As we grew older, I have gained a stronger bond with him I wish nothing more than to keep him safe and well This mentality that I have for my brother I take with me with others I understand that I must not treat others as I do not want my brother treated My Daddy (Leadership) Brother Daniel (Personal) Sharing personal information with another individual makes the bond grow strong Knowing Cecy for four years, our bond has gone through exponential growth Being with her, throughout our laughs, I see that I am an overall better person She has made me realize that I need to have happiness in my life in order to fully achieve my goals in life My Aunt Coco Although history has never been a favorite subject of mine, Ms. Bennett has allowed me too see it in a better light Since I am not so fond of history, her passion for it has enlightened me Her affinity for what she does for a living inspires me to develop a future with that same kind of passion Nalleli Garcia Being with her has made me realize how fast people grow accustomed to one another She has become an individual whom I respect greatly With such respect that I have toward her, I have developed better motivation to not do any actions that may disappoint her or other individuals whom I also respect My Grammy (Historical Perspective) Mrs. Tillery Being my 6th grade teacher, his words have stayed with me ever since Mr. Morgan has taught me the value of knowledge itself He has allowed me to see that everything has a meaning and that will enable each and every person to further their own mentality if they have the time He essentially made me more aware of all the world had to offer Brother Carlos Ms. Bennett My parents are the people closest to me My father has taught me ever since I was little the importance of following through in whatever I begin He has a durability that I admire about him, and I hope to gain his strong mentality one day He has taught me that I need to be an individual who others might look to if they may need any help. My actions thus need to be what others would not be afraid to follow

Board of Directors

Transcript: Communication is integral to process and if it is not done well or done overbearingly, The board can either allow to much freedom and things can go south or can smother an ED and stall progress. Main Idea 1. Determine the organizations mission and purpose 2. select the executive director 3. support the executive and review his/her performance 4. ensure effective organizational planning 5. ensure adequate resources Discussed the three topics.... Lets see what an Executive Director looks like in a perfect environment 6. manage resources effectively 7. determine and monitor the organizations programs and services 8. enhance the organizations public image 9. serve as court of appeal 10. assess its own performance -the board of directors and the executive directors have an important and somewhat complex relationship -the way communication works -board communicates with Executive director -Executive Director communicates with staff -in special cases the staff can talk to the board about the Executive Director Leadership Relation Cont'd Executive Directors are: 1) Articulate and Effective communicators 2)Financially savvy with resources 3)Passionate and personally committed to mission 4)Charismatic, engaging, and motivational 5)Visionaries 6)Experienced Dakota Davis Lauren Bay Jonathan Gowan Matthew Harb What they communicate about: -The board and Director meet regularly depending on charter to discuss numerous things. -Funding,Committees,events,Staff, Goals, Mission, and process in day to day dealing. Most boards protect themselves from illegal actions from Executive director and have ability to hire and fire if things aren't working. Effectively: Describe the role of the Board of Directors in the nonprofit organization Describe effective and ethical leadership of the nonprofit Executive Director Discuss the leadership relationship between the Board of Directors and the Executive Director Board of Directors Role: Role Cont'd Effective and Ethical Leadership Leadership Relation:

Board of Directors

Transcript: Mrs. Kee-GT Bio and AP Bio teacher Church friend who always gives me advice and leads me along the right path outgoing person that brought out certain aspects of my character taught me to be more sociable and branch out 9. Family Jasmine Joseph next door neighbor for 12 years gives me opportunities to babysitt taught me about disciplining children always welcomed me and treated me just like family role model parent 10. Leadership 1. Educational 5. Spiritual/Personal/Social Magoli Leonor Sumin Thomas Jackie Francois Officer Hill one of my closest friends since childhood school friend & church friend always helped each other grow in faith always keeps me grounded mother figure taught me how to properly study and what kind of learner I am taught me I was capable of more than I thought sparked my interest in Biology helped me become the student I am By: Stephanie Thomas 4. Spiritual/Personal really deepened my interest in dentistry and owning my own practice taught me so much about business aspect of dentistry slowly preparing me for DATs giving me great exposure to the field Tiffany Antony 2. Educational/Spiritual Thomas Kurian aka Dad Crimestoppers sponsor always so willing to help others taught me how to be a leader and take charge taught me responsibility 8. Career Dr. Jordan Luna guided me in my walk of faith shares her college experiences with me never forgets to stay in touch showed me how to be optimistic Leanne Joseph 7. Career well known Catholic blogger/youth minister/singer speaks in a way that grabs the attention of youth of today has lead me and taught my so much about my faith Board of Directors 6. Historical Perspecive oldest sister very rough educational career path intially pursued dentistry (what sparked my interest) was always concerned about oral health smart, strong, persistent 3. Spiritual/Personal always reminds me who I am and what family I came from never lets me forget that I am Indian continuously sharing stories of his troubles/hardships and allowing me to learn from them place high importance on eucation

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