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Transcript: Artifact: The Hunger Games created in 2012 Setting: The Hunger Games takes place in Panem (North America). In Panem, there are 12 districts, each providing resources for the capitol and the people of Panem. The actual hunger game is taking place in an arena just inside the capitol. Circumstances: Suzanne collins was watching Reality TV and a war channel and she then blended them together, including young people in her plot, the hunger games was created. Artifact: The song "revolution radio" by Green Day Released: October 7, 2016 Circumstances/Setting: the whole album is meant to reflect the current state of violence in the United States. Historical: also meant to show the affect of shootings around the United States. Theme: People can rebel in many different ways 1984: Every generation after World War II, because it has lots of allusions and relations to World War II and the Nazis, and it helps to spread lght on the dnagers of that time. The Hunger Games:Young adults/teens, because it targets violence and drama, but it is not for adults or for little kids. Revolution Radio: Teenagers/adolescents who listen to punk rock, adults who listened to Green Day growing up. These were targeted because Green Day appeals to the younger generations sense of anarchy and chaos, while they kept most of their same sound to appeal to the older generation that listened to them growing up. Occasion: Audience Purpose Occasion The theme means that people can rebel in many different ways including physical rebellion, but also things including thoughts or beliefs against the people or thing in charge. 1984: 1984 was written by George Orwell to inform others. He informs them of totalitarianism, and he informs them of his stance against it, because he has experienced it first hand. The Hunger Games: No purpose, just late night television inspiration. revolution Radio: The song was written to reflect the mass shootings in America and the narcissistic media coverage. 1984 Theme Triangle Occasion: Example: Winston not only rebels physically by having sex with Julia, he also commits thought crime against the party by writing in his journal. === Artifact: 1984 created in 1949 Setting: the fictional country of Oceania some time in the future. Orwell, having written the book in 1948 project this future as the year 1984. Oceania is one of three world powers; the other two are Eurasia and Eastasia. War with one or the other world power is constant. Circumstances: The events of World War 2 led to the creation of 1984 Era/Historical Context: This book was written during World War 2, so it takes some direct concepts out of the time period.

Blue Theme

Transcript: International trade agreements caused worry for American workers because some jobs might be taken to other countries that produce the same goods but at a lower cost than the US. This led to a higher unemployment rate in the US. NAFTA also makes exports and imports free trade not fair trade. Fair trade takes into account wages, working conditions & environments. This is the History of the NASDAQ/The Economy. p.869 Immigration began to soar with different people from all over the world coming to the United States in bunches. More people from more different parts of the world immigrated to America. Between 197 and 2010 the population grew over 100 million. Now more people with different backgrounds shared a place to live, and enhanced the United States diversity levels. With America now being much more diverse some ty groups began to face problems. Certain groups saw rise in suicide rates, and alcoholism rates. Legal battles for these minorty groups helped to lessen the damages. But THe United States ill struggles with diversity problems. The immigration in this time period represeents diversity because it resulted in many new ethnic groups coming to America A big change during the 90’s was that the United States of America was aging. The median age had raised 4 years between 1990 and 2008. And because of this there were a lot of changes in the culture of the united states, and there were new demands for health care of the elderly. This change was important because it played a role in the changes of healthcare policy. In 1995 programs that provided care for the elderly only made up 6% of the national budget. But by 2010 it had become more than one third of the national budget. These changes align with the theme of demographic change. because the changes in things like birth rate, death rate, and life expectancy caused a shift in the demographic of the United States. And brought changes to policy Diversity Science & Technology By: Aubrey, Graciela, Patrick, and Ethan "Blue Theme" p. 860 Political Comic strip from side walk web page Reform President Clinton presented the health care reform bill to congress in September 1993, Congress debate plan for 1 yr the congress never voted on the bill.Republican attacks on plan for promoting “Big Government” Bill Clinton was important to life in the 90s because he presented this plan to the congress with his wife Hillary Clinton . Pg 861- 862 Foreign Policy Yugoslavia broke into 5 nations, Bosnia - one of the five began “ethnic cleansing” led by Serb militias and killed people of certain ethnic groups. In 1995- Clinton sent US troops to join NATO troops to force Serbians to step down, Also for NATO to ensure the peace agreement afterwords. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) invites Mexico into a free-trade zone which the US and Canada had already been using. The NAFTA policy was supposed to strengthen all 3 economies and make more American jobs. Although, many jobs moved to Mexico because of the lower wages of Mexicans. American entrepreneurs would have to pay mexican workers less than american workers (The NAFTA contract was signed in 1993). During the election of Bill Clinton he promised to move away from Traditional Democratic policies. Clinton wanted to Modernize liberalism by doing so he created a new Democratic party. Bill Clinton was important to life in the 90s because he Led in a more Moderate direction Vowing to strengthen the nation’s weak economy. Bill clinton's Presidency illustrates the theme because it has everything to do with politics and government. Ch 26 pg 860- 861 Bill Clinton is waste all of the goverments money buy trying to reform Fossil fuels have been provided energy for years but soon there won't be anymore. Sientic and engineers have been trying to find a alternative for gasoline. Alternative energy is energy generated in ways that do not cause natural harm to the environment. People have built alternative cars for example a solar powered car, also a vegetable oil car. Air pollution is definitely damaging the earth, people are trying to reduce the nation's dependence on fossil fuels. Tesla is a car company that fuel their cars by renewable energy, solar,wind,hydroelectric,etc Fossil fuels had made a big impact in the world and not for the better they have damaged it very much but there is some cons in 2007 recycling saved energy= nearly 11 billion gallons of gasoline. Environment Demographic Change In the 1990s entrepreneurs turned innovative ideas about computer technology into huge fortunes (which were inspired by Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft). National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ) was a technology-dominated stock index. NASDAQ was the start of internet and dotcoms, (.com), this was called “The New Economy” where the flow of business from companies could work directly with consumers or other companies. This image represents my theme because Bill Clinton is the main person in the theme

Theme: Blue

Transcript: SALES PROMOTION Broadcast: Radio: Ads on ESPN radio during the NCAA games Obstacle coarse (Consumer): In the first rounds for each game during halftime, obstacle course that three people will go through and whoever works hard and is the first one out wins. They earn 5 packs of free Gatorade. Email: Daily emails about Gatorade promotions and ways to get Gatorade merchandise. Contest & Sweepstakes begin Ad on transit where championship game is being held Traffic Builders (Prizes): Sweat bands, cup holder, t shirts, hats thrown out at halftime by cheerleaders with Gatorade logo on them PR winners are being announced at halftime of championship game ADVERTISEMENT Contest & Sweepstakes winners chosen Press Release DIRECT MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS Radio ads begin Gatorade Scholarship Hits the Nation with Awe Mail to house: Gatorade promotions and coupons. THEME: Work hard, sweat, blue MM GATORADE. Print Media: Magazines: Sports Illustrated- February/ March edition. Middle. SLOGANS: "Sweat More. Get More." "Sweat. Hydrate. Sleep. Repeat." New Logo: Transit Bus ads in first round cities GATORADE MARCH MADNESS Campaign Home Billboard Transit: Ad on buses in all first round cities and in Houston, Texas (Championship). Consumers begin to receive Direct Marketing Selection Sunday Deals&Discounts Contest winners recognized at game 60 Second Radio Ad: Announcer: Hey you athletes out there, do you push yourself to the limit and work hard everyday? College student: I’m a full time student as well as work full time. Announcer: Gatorade wants to recognize people just like you! Throughout March Madness, buy Gatorade at your local Safeway and you will find a code on your bottle. You enter in the code at and enter in your information and a video about you working hard. 50 of the most hard working people will be given tickets to the NCAA championship game! College Student: I can't wait to buy my gatorade and enter my video into the contest! Every 20 palates Safeway orders 1 pallet of Gatorade free. Contest Gatorade bottles with code distributed By: Jen Crane All around the nation starting on March 3 Gatorade has recently created a "competition" where hard working students who are unable to pay for college get nominated for a Gatorade scholarship. There will be five winners which will be announced at halftime of the championship game on April 4. The students will be nominated by their teachers/mentors who can enter a profile of them on People who work hard in this country can often not be recognized, appreciated, or rewarded. Gatorade wants to change this. Gatorade's philosophy in life includes working hard and trying your best at everything you do in day to day life, whether it's school, athletics, or just trying hard to be nice and make the world a better place. With Gatorade's long history of providing people who work hard their drinks, they want to give back to those kind of people in a different way. College is expensive these days so rewarding hard working young people to earn a chance to excel in that environment. Want more information? Visit: or call toll free at 845- 243-9073 Nonprofits around the country will nominate hard working students Gatorade will choose five of the most hard working students to donate money to in order to get them in college. 3.8, work a full/part time job, volunteer hours, references, and are unable to pay for college. Press release in newspapers and Sports Illustrated to get the word out. With Gatorade's ability to hydrate you, we allow you to work hard and strive for greatness. Contests and Sweepstakes (Consumer): Code on every Gatorade logo. Enter in code at and put in your info and post video of you working hard. 15 winners. Prize is tickets to championship game. Contests during halftime for 1st round games- win coupons Sales Promotion (Trade): Every 20 palates Safeway orders 1 pallet of Gatorade free. Contest Gatorade bottles with code distributed. Print Media: Advertising in Sports Illustrated March Edition Print Media: Advertising Sports illustrated Feb edition & Amanda Hegstrom CALENDAR Prizes thrown out at halftime during the sweet sixteen round

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Transcript: This is a shout out for anybody in 8th grade interested in joining our newspaper. There are multiple spaces to be filled, and if you have any idea for the newspaper please come to room 220 on flex days 1 and 2. Along with this, if your interested in filling one of these roles please come as well. They are the following: Comics, Editorials, Opinion(s), Middle School Sports, Advice Column, Quote of the Day, Syndicated Column, Guess Which Teacher, birthdays, Pillar, Mystery[Any kind], Interviews, Local Events, favorite Books, Announcements, Jokes, Movies of the week, games, artists, fun facts, Schedules for games, ballots, surveys Schdule: Bills vs. Jaguars Raiders vs. Chargers Seahawks vs. 49ers Eagles vs. Panthers Vikings vs. Lions Monday Saints vs. Colts Ravens vs. Cardinals Jets vs. Patriots Falcon vs. Titans Cowboys vs. Giants Browns vs. Rams Texans vs. Dolphins Steelers vs. Chiefs Buccaneers vs. Redskins Announcments Sebastian Boyum, Christian Melendez, and Savannah Mower: Fun run to help make money for breast cancer Madison Russell, Hannah Cornell, Allison Burkett: Scrapbook of team Glaciers Karter Craig: Fantasy football Sam Burg, Ayden Butler, Alex Doyle : Movie reviews Kids 20% time projects $1.00 Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 Quote of the Week Byweek: Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers Joke of the Day Come help with Ink Splatter! Sports Vol I, No. 1 Visit room 220 to sign Up!!! Ink Splatter Sports Match Up

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