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Blue Bookstack Presentation Template

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Comm 349- BookStack

Transcript: Feasibility and Risks Age: 21 years old Level of education: 2nd year U of S student Job: two part-time (Moxie's and Lakewood Civic Center) Hobbies: Read books and hang-out with her friends Dream: Graduate debt-free and travel the world Cost Effective Convenient Safe Environmentally Friendly Use our own resources and core competencies Outsource the web development Technological advances & e-books may affect future sales Majority of people still want a paper vs. an electronic book Our Solution Market Demand Our Vision Concentrate on raising awareness of the value we offer students Set up a booth in the tunnel at beginning of each term Distribute flyers and put up posters on campus Use social media and word-of-mouth to get noticed P.O.V: enable students to save money and recoup money invested in buying textbooks. To develop the most popular method of selling and buying used textbooks by creating an online used textbook matching system that will be fast, convenient and safe for post secondary students. The Opportunity Start-up Costs and Financials Short-term goals produce side income A lifestyle enterprise The Problem The Market Value Proposition University of Saskatchewan student population=21,000 Capture 20% of within 3 years. Potential for a secondary target market: Educators and book lovers having the ability to share resources. BookStack is the most cost effective, convenient, and safest way to exchange textbooks. No more searching through hundreds of ads to find what you’re looking for. We will charge a $5.00 subscription fee each school year. This fee covers our delivery service and recycling pickups. Target Market Prototypes Low start up cost by using our own resources Seeking $10,000 investment Highest start-up costs will be web development and marketing Willing to invest $5,000 as owners Realize profits in the second year of business The Business Model Marketing Strategy Competitor Analysis Long-term goals expansion in the future franchising web advertising • Amount of students that buy books second hand. 59.4% • High costs of textbooks. -Make up 17.7% of the average students overall costs. -U of S bookstore recommends students budget $1200/year to put towards textbooks. • Tuition costs are going up at U of S and across Canada. -College of arts and science to see a 4.15% increase in tuition next year. Link to website Link to storyboard Meet Megan

BLUE FLAME - Client Presentation Template

Transcript: DESIGN DEFINE Creative Specialist DISCOVER DECENT DRIVE DEVELOP DEPLOY Creative Director Other Department COLLABORATIVE WORKFLOW Creative Manager Utiliztion Rates Blue Flame's creative utilization rate is defined as the percentage of time a resource spends directly on active projects. Target Utilization: approximately 80% CREATIVE WORKFORCE CREATIVE WORKFORCE *data reflecting six weeks of reported hours Creative Operations Manager 149% Creative Operations Manager 149% 3D Designer 71% 3D Designer 71% Graphic Designer 59% Graphic Designer 59% Graphic / 3D Designer 48% Graphic / 3D Designer 48% A creative director is a vital role in all creative industries. The responsibilities of a creative director include leading the design and concept for any assigned projects. The creative director is known to guide a team of internal specialists and external resources with skills and experience related to creative industry fields. The creative director may also assume the roles of an art director, copywriter, photographer/videographer, or lead designer. Some example works can include brainstorming, storyboarding, visual layout, and copywriting. Creative Director 0% Creative Director 0% Blue Flame could concider building a pool of freelance Creative Director specialists to be tapped per project opportunity that matches their professional experience. Events Print Digital Social Pool Pool Blue Flame could test new Creative Director resources through pilot projects. Some projects that can be used as a pilot include: Blue Flame Branding & Marketing (print / digital) New Business Opportunites (events) Pilot Pilot INITIAL REQUEST INITIAL REQUEST EVENT INFORMATION EVENT INFORMATION CLIENT INSPIRATION CLIENT INSPIRATION ASSETS ASSETS VENUE INFORMATION VENUE INFORMATION INTERNAL KICK-OFF / BRAINSTORM INTERNAL KICK-OFF / BRAINSTORM QUESTIONS QUESTIONS RESEARCH & INSIGHTS RESEARCH & INSIGHTS STRATEGY STRATEGY TACTICS TACTICS RESOURCES RESOURCES SCHEDULE SCHEDULE BUDGET BUDGET PROPOSAL PROPOSAL ROADMAP ROADMAP LOOK & FEEL LOOK & FEEL CONCEPT CONCEPT INITIAL CONCEPT INITIAL CONCEPT REVISION 1 (R1) REVISION 1 (R1) REVISION 2 REVISION 2 FINAL REVISION FINAL REVISION MAPS / GROUND PLANS MAPS / GROUND PLANS GRAPHICS GRAPHICS DIGITAL DIGITAL COPY COPY INTERNAL REVIEW INTERNAL REVIEW CLIENT REVIEW CLIENT REVIEW PRODUCTION FILES PRODUCTION FILES INITIAL DEV INITIAL DEV DEV CHECK DEV CHECK FINALIZE FINALIZE SHIP SHIP LOAD IN LOAD IN ACTIVATE ACTIVATE RUN OF SHOW RUN OF SHOW PHOTO / VIDEO CAPTURE PHOTO / VIDEO CAPTURE LOAD OUT LOAD OUT INVOICING INVOICING FILE ARCHIVAL FILE ARCHIVAL PROJECT RECAP PROJECT RECAP POSTMORTEM POSTMORTEM

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