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Book Powerpoint

Transcript: Book PowerPoint Period 6 The Shining The Shining By Stephen King 1. Introduction - Jack Torrance, his wife, and his son all move in to a haunted hotel. 2. Rising Action - The Overlook residents convinces Jack to kill his wife while he is drunk. 3. Climax - Jack couldn't resist to kill his wife, so he did it and went crazy. 4. Falling Action - The Overlook explodes, and Jack dies. 5. Resolution - Hallorann guides two women to safety from The Overlook. Plotline Plotline This is a Man vs. Man story. The manager of The Overlook, along with the workers there convinced Jack to kill his wife, which lead to more than just his wife's death. Conflict Conflict This story takes place at a hotel in the Colorado Rockies. This hotel is a fake one, and it has the name "The Overlook". Setting Setting Jack Torrance - An average man that ends up going crazy and doing horrible things to hurt people. Wendy Torrance - Jack's wife, she got murdered by Jack, after The Overlook convinced him to do it. Danny Torrance - The child of the two, has "the shining" which means he has psychic powers. Characters Characters Dick Hallorann - One of the people who had the "shining" powers. He shared this with his grandmother. Stuart Ullman - The Overlook's manager, warns people of "cabin fever" where someone killed their family and themselves. Horace Derwent - An accountant who owned The Overlook. Tony - Someone who is thought to be Danny at 15. Characters Characters The Shining is the story of a desperate family of 3, and their son has disturbing sightings in his psychic thoughts, and Jack's writings go nowhere, and The Overlook forces Jack to kill many people. Theme / Main Idea Theme / Main Idea My personal reaction to this story was that I love this story, and wish that I had seen the movie to see both representations of this story. Personal Reaction Personal Reaction 1. The Shining (May 23, 1980) There were no similar books. One similar movie. Similar Books/Movies Similar Books/Movies October 1st - October 5th: Periodic reading of the story. October 20th - October 22nd: Thinking about, and creating the presentation. October 30th - November 2nd: Rehearsal for presenting and then presenting. Timeline Timeline Stephen King was born in born on September 21st, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He married Tabitha King, and they are both authors. King's first professional story was The Glass Floor, then to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967. King's first novel was Carrie, and was accepted by publishing house "Doubleday". About Stephen King About Stephen King That's all? Thanks to my editor: They don't want their name said. That's all?

Blue Book

Transcript: Society's Heroes Urban and Rural Cities This talks of how libraries have been adapting to the modern age. The Schools The Cities Technology Alt Fuels If used correctly, technology can significantly help students learn. It has some neat architecture and some unusual choices (all picture book library?) Renewable Energy Why remake something if nature has already perfected it? Floating Cities The Teachers and Students General Research The Venus Project Kids who have done good things. Most of them have some tragedy in their stories as well. For the best to hapen the worst must happen. A bit odd, but the gesture is nice. Even more impressive is that they don't take credit for their kind acts. Hospitals, scientific outposts, schools, residential housing. But at sea. TED Transportation The Homes Motivation Biomimetic Technology The future of energy has many paths; time will tell if they go anywhere. Solar and geothermal seem the most promising to me. Depending on its function, each building can generate a percent of its power needs. Each building has technology built right into the walls. An article on how ebook publishers and libraries are having trouble setting policies. The schools are scattered throughout the world, but connected. through purpose. The buildings themselves are open in their designs. The Education System Rural housing has strict limits on size and placement to avoid negatively impacting wildlife and the environment as a whole. Similarly, city size will be limited. Technology in Education Future Concepts Eletric cars for short distances, trains and planes for long distances. Library The teachers in my Utopia will guide and support student learning and projects, with less active teaching. Students will explore topics through projects.

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