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Blue And Green Presentation Background

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Blue and Green Screen

Transcript: Used for weather forecasts on live television (blue screen) For special effects in films and video games (green screen) Adding backdrops in films and TV series (blue/green) Computer-generated effects and images have become a staple in almost every film currently being released in this day and age. A popular and widely used effect which harnesses the currently high level of computer-generated is blue and green screens. It enables actors or scale models to be imposed on a separate filmed or computer generated background The Disadvantages of blue/green screens How it works! BLUE AND GREEN SCREENS The benefits of blue/green screens Behind the Magic: "Marvel's The Avengers" - Anatomy of a Shot Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2009 . Background Colours BG and FG of a scene are shot separate as two pieces of film and combined in composting achieved using digital technology. First the BG is filmed or created using CGI which is called the background plate. Then the actor is filmed against a blue or green screen. The footage is then passed through a red filter to make it appear black. Silhouettes or mattes are created of the actor from the green screen footage; one is black on a white background and other is white on a black background. This creates four layers of film: CGI background – background plate Film footage of the actor in the foreground Matte- black silhouette on white background Matte- white silhouette on black background These are then combined to make the composite image. The purpose of the black silhouette is to create a ‘hole’ into which the footage of the actor can be placed (similar to a mask on Photoshop) The technique can be used to create scenes which are impossible or too dangerous to film. Plus it also allows for the placement of actors or actresses into scenes which are futuristic or fantasy which could never exists. Creates flexibility in dealing with multiple locations, rather than developing a whole set which can also save money. The green screen has a lot of portability; once learned, it can then be quick and easy to setup in any location. Consistent light levels instead of ambient light created by the sun allows for the time of day to seem consistent for the whole scene Green screen interviews provide branding opportunity’s in the background of clips without excessive money spent on posters and the like. It also allows the modification of the branding if it later changes, to prevent the wastage of perfectly good footage You need to keep even lighting on your background, no shadows or wrinkles. You need to keep your subject a decent distance from the back and make sure the light doesn't splash green on your subject. Curly hair doesn't extract as well as straight hair, even with the best extraction programs. You need to keep backdrop light and subject similar for believability. Developments in digital technology have made it easier to incorporate motion into shots which allow for the CG background to move as the character moves by using painted “X”’s on the green background. In post-production, a computer can use the references to adjust the position of the background, making it match the movement of the foreground perfectly. Unwanted elements such as safety wires are removed in post-production by 2D painting. The choice of colour for the background screen is up to the effects artist of the specific shot. Red is usually avoided since human skin tones contain some red in them, but could be used in a shot which doesn’t have people in. This depends more on the colour of the objects in the scene as well, because a scene heavy with blues will be harder to extract using a blue screen so red might be used. Motion in shots Where Green and Blue screens are used Blue and Green Screens Game of Thrones SSVFX Breakdowns by Jonathan Flynn

Blue in Green Presentation

Transcript: Geothermal Circuits to communicate subtle sustainability through music, art, and community relationships (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Audience opportunity to explore innovative interchangable technologies that can be implemented individually in any building How do you motivate students if there is such a low possibility that their work will have an impact? Water as Acoustic Insulation to bring more job oppurtunities to the Oberlin community while supporting locality RESILIENCE!!!! Design Element Goals design probably won't be realized... Community Study Floating Stage Design to promote the closure of the cycle of material flow throughout the local community Jake Holtzman, Sayer Rippey, Isy Rooney, and Ren Wiscons to provide a venue in which more established bands could perform Blue in Green Final Product Includes... - interview questions - demographic sweep for random sampling Functionality - economic revitalization -increased job opportunities - social cohesion and community development -community programming - closing the barrier between the college and the community Oct 21st: Oberlin Community and future Blue in Green Investors Growth Opportunities Vegetative Insulation Low Decibel Absorption Brainstorm diversify inputs widen audience organize complementary parts to reinforce the whole make sure parts can survive individually Methods Cultural Resilience Oct 3rd: Oberlin Students and future Blue in Green Investors Architectural Splaying Lessons of Resilience research design justify test flexibility, interchangability, and growth properties of design components present findings creatively Today: Oberlin Community, Project Architects and future Blue in Green Investors Resilience Theories (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Community Partner: Gabe Pollack Designing Resilience

Blue, Green, and Purple Archetype Presentation

Transcript: Bibliography . artistically classified as cold colors . together are generally considered to be calming and refreshing East . Associated with: - infidelity in China (a green hat symbolizes this) - spring in China - long life and strength in China - Ming Dynasty (nobles wore green) - fertility -youth - exorcisms . Associated with: - wealth - royalty . Associated with: - Christmas - luck (Saint Patrick's Day) - the Devil and was considered unlucky to wear in medieval Europe - Emerald Isle/ Independence form Great Britain in Ireland . The Green Man was a Celtic Folklore god of vegetation and fertility . Associated with: - gloom, sadness - frustration Blue Green . Associated with: - femininity - romance - nostalgia . Associated with: - money - military - nature, the environment, and plant life - environmental protection causes - positives such as: new beginnings, new life, awakening, growth, and fertility - negative things as: envy, jealousy, illness, supernatural powers, danger, and death Purple, Blue, and Green Archetypes Blue in Different Cultures East “Archetype Notes.” UT College of Liberal Arts: UT College of Liberal Arts, 21 Aug. 2017, Bourn, Jennifer, et al. “Meaning of The Color Purple |.” Bourn Creative, 4 June 2016, Cousins , Carrie. Color and Cultural Design Considerations. 27 Aug. 2017, file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/Color%20and%20cultural%20design%20considerations%20_%20Webdesigner%20Depot.pdf. Yu, Hui-Chih. “A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Symbolic Meanings of Color .” Chang Gung Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences , Apr. 2014, pp. 61–64. “Symbols.” ALGBTICAL, “A Little Plant Growing in the Soil | | Free Textures, Photos & Background Images.” | 1000+ Free Textures, Stock Photos & Background Images, 20 Nov. 2014, “Alternative, Dark, Grunge, Heart, Lights, Neon, Purple, Sad, Tumblr - Image #3466264 by helena888 on” Latest Images, “Blue Peace Sign Clip Art.” CLKER FREE Clipart, Bokowski, Jerry, et al. “Reflection On Ocean Blue Green 6 by Susanna Katherine.” Pixels, 1 Mar. 2018, Footagefirst. “Stock Video of Green Money Background Loop | 454504 | Shutterstock.” City Of Forks City Limit Sign - FORKS / WASHINGTON. APRIL 13, 2017 Stock Footage Video 28374238 | Shutterstock, “Green Aesthetic #Aesthetic #Green #Tumblr #Grunge #Aes #Alien Ғollow Ғor Мorə; @нodayaвə13 | a. | Color | Pinterest | Oc.” Pinterest, Safest color to use with a global audience as it usually is not culturally associated with strong negative symbols or feelings East . Rarely occurs naturally in nature so was used in many cultures to dye garments for the privileged . Appeals to children . Used in LGBTQ+ community in different sexuality and gender symbols . Sometimes thought to be artificial colour/ associated with mistrust . Associated with: -nobility, luxury, wealth, power, ambition - spirituality and mystery - wisdom -flamboyance - elegance West . Associated with: - wealth and nobility - mourning in Thailand (a widow wears purple after her husband's death) . Associated with: - immortality - Hindu god Krishna (symbolizes strength) - femininity in China - anger traditionally in China . ghosts and demons traditionally depicted with blue faces in China Purple Green in Different Cultures West Bright Purple . Associated with: - royalty - wealth and fame - modernism and progression - honor in the United States (the purple heart) Associated with: - a celestial or oceanic feeling of wide open space - authority, stability, and conservatism - positive feelings of calm, soothing, or peace - negative feelings of depression, sadness, withdrawal, isolation, loneliness, instability Associated with: - masculinity - peace and purity as Virgin Mary wears it - truth, eternity of god, and human immortality as Jesus is depicted as wearing it when teaching - fidelity in Old English Culture West Dark Purple - China does not and many different cultures in history did not have a word to distinguish blue from green Light Purple Logo

Green and Blue

Transcript: Green and Blue Who do these colors relate to in The Great Gatsby? Green represents more Gatsby than any other character. Blue best relates to Jordan and Myrtle. In psychological terms blue represents feelings of calmness or serenity but can also leave one with feelings of sadness or aloofness. Fitzgerald's use of the color blue represents Jordan and Myrtle's dishonesty and concealment, shown in the blue dresses of both Jordan the liar and Myrtle the cheater, and also the fact that Gatsby’s gardens are described as blue during his parties, when they were filled with dishonest people only there for a good time. One example of Fitzgeralds use of the color blue to represent a liar and cheater was Tom's car, which was blue. The color blue unifies the elements of dishonesty throughout the novel, creating a single overarching theme. Fitzgerald uses blue to describe Gatsby's garden, “In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars” (39). Fitzgerald again uses the color blue, "... ghostly birds began to sing among the blue leaves" (152). The use of the word "ghostly" and the color blue creates a morbid and depressing sentiment. Psychological studies show that the color green can represent tranquility, good luck, health, and more importantly jealousy. Green represents envy, therefore the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock, which Gatsby would stare at for hours, was the symbol of his envious longing for her The color green hints at Gatsby’s true motive early in the novel. Fitzgerald describes the green light, “I could have sworn he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward- and distinguished nothing except a single green light” (16). "In the sunlight his face was green"(123). That quote shows the use of green to convey envy. Green was the color of Wilson's face once he had found out his wife was cheating on him. Green also represents the color of money, which is a prominent theme in the novel. For example, Fitzgerald distinguishes between old and new money, "I lived at West Egg, the — well, the less fashionable of the two, though this is a most superficial tag to express the bizarre and not a little sinister contrast between them" (5). MLA Citations: Picture of green light with gatsby: Francis, Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby. 1925. Photograph., New York City. Web. 24 Feb 2014. Where we got the quotes: Francis, Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby. 1st. New York: Scribner Books, 1925. 1-180. Print. Picture for green side: Picture for blue side: By Issik Drew, Aaron White, and Linwood Burden There are some quotes that represent blue and the meaning of it in this book.

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