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Blue and Gold

Transcript: By: Alice Whitmire Blue and Gold SUMMARY SUMMARY My First Semester This semester was definitely a learning experience for me. It was my first time living away from my family for an extended period of time and there were definitely challenges involved. It took some time to get used to being independent and managing college. However, this semester has been so great. I have been able to meet so many people, do so many fun things and to grow so much as an individual just by being here. So in review I would say this semester has been challenging but so rewarding. I cannot wait for what is to come. Growth Growth 1 2 3 Balancing my time: At the beginning of the semester it was difficult to balance my time and find enough hours in my day to juggle all the things I wanted to do. After working through the first few weeks and sitting down with a planner to budget my time, I got really good at time management. I am really proud of how far I have come in terms of my capability to fit all of the aspects of my life together in a way that works for me. Academics: Coming into college I really wanted to do well academically. I knew it might be easy for me to get overwhelmed by all the other aspects of my transition and forget the school work. So, I made it a goal of mine to study hard and do well. I think that having this goal really helped to motivate me to keep my grades up and stay focused not only on friends and extracurricular activities and transition but also on my academics which are important as well. I learned how to study well and how to take advantage of things that are offered on campus like the writing center. Getting involved: It has been super fun for me to get to explore UTC this semester and figure out where my niche is. I have tried out a lot of different clubs and organizations and found the ones I think I'll stick with. I knew coming in that I wanted to get out, have fun and get involved and I think I have grown a lot through the pursuit of this goal. I have met great people, learned a lot about UTC and had a lot of fun in the process. I am so excited to see where my involvement with things like Young Life here on campus takes me. 3 objectives/goals/topics I learned something from or grew the most in Goal Moving Forward My Goal for Spring 2019 Next semester I want to work on identifying and locating new and varied resources on campus in order to increase my awareness and use of them. While I do think I have done an adequate job of this so far, I do have a few specific and certain places that I go to regularly and hardly explore all of campus. There are parts of campus that I could take more advantage of and that I just never go to but would like to start. I'm not saying I will stop going to my favorite spot in the library, but maybe I will explore new areas of campus to hang out in. Advice Advice to Future Freshmen: Having survived my first semester at UTC, here are two of my suggestions for any freshmen entering into the craziness of college: o Get out of your dorm! Your experience will be so much richer if you are out and about and with people doing things, whether that means studying in the library, exploring Chattanooga or participating in a campus organization/activity Get out of your dorm! #1 o Budget your time wisely. Make sure you are getting enough time to rest, eat, and study, as well as hang out with your friends and get involved. These things are important for your success mentally physically and emotionally. Budget your time #2

Blue and Gold

Transcript: Blue & Gold Experiance By: Hailey Abston My First Semester at UTC Blue & Gold My first semester at UTC has been crazy and exciting. I have had many ups and downs as a frehmen like being away from family and friends. Even to learning how to study right to commuincating with proffesors and time managment. Pic Pic Blue & Gold Impact of UTSU 1250 The first year experiance class has been super helful in showing me what events are going on campus and helping me make the right decisions with being a freshmen. Pic Blue & Gold 3 Objectives One objective ive learned how to be more efficiant at is time managment. Ive learned how to make a schedule and follow that schuedule each and every day. #2 The second thing ive learned more about is money managment. How to spemd your money wisely like loans or just cash in geneal. Its helped me to save money or only spend it on things that are needs. #2 #3 #3 The third objective i have learned is studying habits. How to study and when to study. Its helped me not to study things that i dont need and to better focus my studying One area i need to improve on is just not being lazy and procratinating. Its better to be ahead then behind. I plan on trying to be ahead or on time with every assignment. Things to work on Things to work on Advice Blue & Gold #1 My first peice of advice for upcoming freshmen wpuld be dont be afraid to get out and get involved. #2 My second peice of advice for upcoming freshmen would be to not get behind. Once you get behind in your classes its extremly hard to catch up.


Transcript: Medical Assistants Probation officer Social and Human Service Assistants Counseling Psychologists Teachers Registered Nurses Musicians, Instrumental; Special Education Teachers Makeup Artists, Theatrical and Performance Personal and Home Care Aides Martin Luther King, Jr. Julius Ceasar Mother Teresa Ghandi Mozart Thomas Jefferson Oprah Winfrey Sigmund Freud Jimmy Carter Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Mohammed Ali Emily Dickinson Isabel Myers Briggs Abraham Lincoln Economics Teachers, Post Secondary Construction and Building Inspectors Insurance Appraisers Pharmacists Air Traffic Controllers Accountants Economics Teachers, Post Secondary Court Reporters Travel Clerks Medical Transcriptionists Audio and Video Equipment Technicians Henry Ford Santa Claus Harry Truman Archie Bunker Joan Rivers Lucy (Peanuts) George Washington Florence Nightingale Gerald Ford Lone Ranger Mr. Rogers Nancy Reagan Johnny Carson Joe Friday Queen Victoria 4 Shades of Carson Positives: loyal responsible organized natural leaders dependable direct Negative: controlling perfectionists Famous Golds BLUE Isabell Myers Briggs Blues: tend to be very loyal and conscience of the other persons feelings, however they avoid confrontation at all costs so are often bad at communicating their own feelings. This can cause pent up emotions that will eventually explode. Relationships: Mother Teresa CARSONS COLORS The colors of Christ Famous Blues: Gold Blue Careers: Gold Careers: Jesus demonstrated gold and blue at the cross. loyalty and justice and mercy and selflessness. Positives Peacekeepers Empathetic have good people skills helpful understanding/sympathetic creative Honest / sincere Negatives easily influenced unorganized can be self-damaging BLUE: 43 GOLD: 37 ORANGE: 21 GREEN: 17 Lucy (Peanuts) Gold: Are very loyal and traditional, take care of the other person. However they also have overly high expectations for themselves and others and are often not good at verbally expressing their feelings.

Blue and Gold

Transcript: On the sides of the circle, I chose to put the effects to nature upon not receiving sufficient water. The result is drought in the area not being supplied with this resource. In the essay, Jim gives us an example of California being of many areas suffering severe drought. Blue Gold by Jim Hightower Miguel Mendoza Equality is one of the main concerns upon reading the essay. In order to enforce this principle, organizations such as NAFTA and the WTO must impose regulations and laws thus, the emblems of the WTO and the NAFTA was necessary. Blue Gold The essay, Blue Gold that is written by Jim Hightower explains to the audience that countries must come become as one upon handling a very critical issue reagrding one of the most important resources, water. With the use of a collection of images, it may be easier to highlight the topic at hand. The images above help represent how much water is crucial to our lifestyle which was also one of the main ideas that the author depicts. Upon issues regarding one of the most important resources on the earth must come the economical side of the issue thus, I chosen to put a picture of money to symbolize that companies want to privatize the use of water and gain profit. On the center of the circle I have chosen to put the Canadian flag because Canada" has a blessing of agua fresca" since 20 percent of the world’s entire supply of fresh water is in its winding rivers and countless lakes thus, also explains pictures of the lakes in Banff and Niagara Falls surrounding the Canadian Flag in the circle.

Blue and Gold

Transcript: Where can I Grow? Even though I believe that my study habits have improved, I feel that my time management skills still has plenty of room for improvement. I find myself procrastinating alot and that is not a key to sucess. I plan on working on this by getting a planner and writing down my daily to do's. LASTLY GO MOCS!!! I came to UTC not knowing anyone so, starting off college here in Chattanooga was everthing but comfortable for me. That changed rapidly as I chose to rush a fraternity. I began to feel more and more comfrotable with my surrondings and felt alot more happy. Finding friends also helped me out with school, it gave my people to study with. All in all I would say this has been a great semester for me. First Semester Any Advice? I feel that the main area this course has helped me out is getting active on campus. The assingments require and help you to get out and explore your environment. This is key becasue I feel new students are overwhelmed with a their new home and just getting to know where everything on is a huge help for stress. First Year Experience Ways I Have Grown Zachary Tillery '22 1. The first peice of advice I would give the next wave of mocs would be to get involved on campus and find people you enjoy to be around. 2. The second peice of advice I would give is to prolonge your first absence of class as long as possible. I say this because I feel its alot easier to skip class after you do it the first time. 3.My last advice I would give is to enjoy it while you can. I say this because it has felt like the first semester has blown by and I want everyone to enjoy while it lasts. I think UTC and college has made me grow very much as person. I feel that I have become more of an outgoing or social person. I find that I'm very much more of an active person in college than high school. I also believe that my study habits have improved drastically from high school. Lastly, I think I have become better on getting out of my comfort zone. I feel that coming to Chatt not knowing anyone and then becoming happy, has showed me that it is a good thing to do. Blue and Gold

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