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Transcript: THANK YOU!!! :) SUDOKU Round 2: 2nd elimination (3 games) ELIMINATION THE MAIN GAME MECHANICS BLOCKBUSTERS ELIMINATION REGISTRATION Winners will advance to the Semi-finals. CROSSWORD A team shall consist of 3 members who are duly enrolled in program offered by the Institute. A registration fee of Php 150.00 per team shall be collected. Registration to the quiz show shall be final, non-transferable, and non-refundable. THE MAIN GAME REGISTRATION GAME 5 ROUND 1: 1ST ELIMINATION GAME 6 GAME 1 GAME 2 ROUND 2: 2nD ELIMINATION GAME 3 ORIGAMI ROUND 3: WILD CARD GAME 1 ROUND 4: SEMI-FINALS GAME 2 THE MAIN GAME From the 12 final teams, 2 teams will play in a single blockbusters game. BLOCKBUSTERS The team that answers correctly the question gets the control of the next hexagon to be chosen. If the team answered the question incorrectly, the opposing team will be given a chance to answer it after the game master re-read the question. If nobody answered it correctly, the game master will ask another question whose answer begins with that same letter. THE MAIN GAME From the 3 losing teams of Round 2, 2 teams will be selected (speed game) for another blockbusters game. The winner will advance to the Semi-finals. Round 3: Wild Card (1 game) Presents SPEED GAME 2 BLOCKBUSTERS The member of the team placed in the middle position is the ONLY one that will raise the flag and will answer the question. Members on his/her sides can signal him/her to raise the flag if they want to answer. Failure to do these will make their turn lost. The first answer will be the only one to be acknowledged. ELIMINATION First 4 teams to finish the game correctly will advance to the main game. Losing teams are now out of the game. Speed Game 3 ELIMINATION First 4 teams to finish the game correctly will advance to the main game. Remaining teams compete in the next round of elimination. Speed Game 1 GAME 2 GAME 4 THE MAIN GAME Winners will advance to the Finals. Round 4: Semi-finals (2 games) ELIMINATION First 4 teams to finish the game correctly will advance to the main game. Remaining teams compete in the next round of elimination. Speed Game 2 THE FINAL BATTLE SPEED GAME 3 BLOCKBUSTERS The game board consists of 20 interlocking hexagons, arranged in five columns of four. Each hexagon contains a letter of the alphabet. The game board is designed in such a way that a tied game will not be possible. Even if all 20 hexagons are filled, there will always be a winner. ROUND 5: FINALS THE MAIN GAME The winning team is declared. Round 5: Finals (1 game) GAME 3 SPEED GAME 1 WORD HUNT BLOCKBUSTERS The first team to cross the board, either from left to right or top to bottom, wins the game. THE MAIN GAME Winners will advance to the next elimination. Round 1: 1st elimination (6 games) PIChE - JCMIT SPEED GAME GAME 1 BLOCKBUSTERS The game master chooses a letter (for the first question only) and asks a general-knowledge trivia question whose correct answer begins with the chosen letter. The teams could buzz-in (raise of flags) during the middle of reading of a question.


Transcript: Find the movie or TV show by browsing our directory Choose your rental option Purchase with cash, credit, or debit The cover on the vending machine will now open, displaying different cords compatible with your device for streaming purposes Connect cord with your device Press the download button displayed on the screen Disconnect cord Thank you The key to our success will be staying will be to stay up to date and adapt as technology advances Innovations of Tomorrow New app compatible with all smartphones and game systems Apple, Android, Windows, Xbox, Playstation, etc. Technology Based We will no longer have tangible products. Everything will be digital. This will prevent us from having limited inventory and makes it easier for the customer Access Codes Kellogs Apple Jacks Cap'n Crunch Cheerios Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocoa Puffs Cookie Crisp Corn Flakes Frosties Honey Bunches of Oats Lucky Charms Raisin Bran Crunch Honey Smacks Tangible to Digital IMPROVED These access codes are for consumers who want to rent games for their game systems They will be able to download the app onto their game console and purchase from there If they decide they want to purchase from a vending machine, they will be given an access code to enter on their game console. Once the access code has been verified, the game will begin to download We have improved our: Website/App new, improved, and faster than before now with 24 hours customer service available Game Selections everything is up to date and current and new releases will be available the same day Budgeting We have cut cost tremendously by getting rid of products all together How to Use Vending Machine The consumer will be able to bring their device (cellphone, tablet, or laptop) directly up to the vending machine and have it streamed instantly This will cut cost and prevent theft Beyoncé Dr. Dre One Direction Zendaya Apple McDonald's Wal-Mart PepsiCo Mountain Dew Mars M&M Snickers Milky Way Skittles Starburst NEW BLOCKBUSTERS We will have vending machines built at various locations (malls, stores, food places, etc) nationwide that are available 24 hours a day. These vending machines will be similar to RedBox except our products will be streamed to the consumers device. HOW? RENTAL OPTIONS Because we are now digital, consumers won't have to come back to a vending machine to return the product. This will also prevent theft Once the consumer's rental time is up, the movie, TV show, or video game will simply expire from their device or they will be given the opportunity to extend their rental for a longer period of time VENDING MACHINES MARKETING Part of our marketing strategy will be to implement coupons on various products and have different advertisements for different age groups e.g coupons inside candies, cereals, and soda tops We will promote on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, OWN, Cinemax, and MTV Thank you! ENDORSEMENTS


Transcript: Com 201 9.26.11 Molly Blewett Benjamin Pike Blockbuster Describes a popular or successful production. The entertainment industry originally used it as theatrical slang referring to a successful play, now it is used primarily by the film industry. JAWS -Cost 105 Million to make -Made 775 Million Production Budget $200,000,000 Worldwide Gross $1,064,404,880 Total production and marketing costs: $460,000,000 Worldwide Gross $2,783,918,982 Bomber Movies — A film for which the production and marketing costs greatly exceeded the revenue regained by the movie studio. — Examples: Slither, Osmosis Jones, Quest for Camelot, Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Sleeper Hits a form of entertainment gains unexpected success or recognition -Despicable Me( $540.2 million) -Karate Kid 2010 ($358.7 million) Production of Blockbusters -Stars become big name stars from being in blockbusters (top 10 world) Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, etc. - Harry Potter Orlando Bloom - Lord of the Rings ---> Pirates of the Caribbean - Big stars in Blockbusters (top 10 world) Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland Anne Hathaway - Alice in Wonderland Shia LaBeouf - Transformers - Remakes/Sequels Harry Potter Series Pirates of the Caribbean Transformers Alice in Wonderland Toy Story Lord of the Rings Promotion of Blockbusters - Harry Potter is cited in the top 20 blockbusters 6 out of 8 times. Websites: Mugglenet is the #1 fan site for Harry Potter Tie-ins: Universal Orlando Harry Potter Amusment Park, Harry Potter Museum Tour Merchandising: commercials, Halloween Costumes, Wizard Candy Interview circuits: Oprah, TODAY, MSNBC, NBC, Scholastic, FHM (British Magazine) Marketing Budgets: Sorcerers Stone: Production Budget $125,000,000 Prints and Advertising Budget $50,000,000 Chamber of Secrets: Production Budget $100,000,000 Prints and Advertising Budget $45,000,000 Prizoner of Azkaban: Production Budget $130,000,000 Prints and Advertising Budget $45,000,000 Goblet of Fire: Production Budget $150,000,000 Prints and Advertising Budget $50,000,000 Order of the Phoenix: Production Budget $150,000,000 Half Blood Prince: Production Budget $250,000,000 Deathly Hallows: Production Budget $125,000,000 Deathly Hallows II: Production Budget $125,000,000 Distribution of Blockbusters -Limited Release: a motion picture that is playing in a select few theaters across the country (typically in cities such as New York and Los Angeles)released on less than 650 screens. A Limited Release does not Halt or Adjust. Instead, it Delists 12 weeks after it is released. A Limited Release may become a Wide Release if it subsequently expands to 650 screens or more -Wide Release: a motion picture that is playing nationally, Wide Releases are Halted and Adjust - Time of release: Harry Potter post-poned release in order to not have to compete with Twilight in the theaters Independent and Low Budget Films -film festivals: Sundance Film Festival -market labs Sources Ex: Harry Potter Series Blockbusters -Cost 8 Million to make -Made 470 Million


Transcript: A visual effects company founded with the production of Star Wars after George Lucas discovered that the in-house effects dept at 20th Century Fox was no longer operational. It was a division of Lucasfilm (which is now owned by Disney) Refers to an easily definable and simple premise. In contrast, low-concept is concerned more with character development and other elements that are not as easily summarized. Extreme example: Snakes on a Plane Steven Spielberg master mythmaker ILM: Creating the Impossible The first BLOCKBUSTER A BLOCKBUSTER is a film that earns $100 million or more at the U.S. Box Office (audience response) Now it usually defines any high budget film that is aimed at a mass market Studios preferred to finance and distribute a few big films with potential for enormous profits rather than a larger slate of modest films with modest profits. One "monster hit" could keep a studio in business and pay for the flops. Movies as myth machines Mythical Villiains Established the movie as a ride: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1980) E.T. Extra-The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Jurassic Park (1993) Also produced movies like Back to the Future (1985) High Concept STAR WARS (1977) dir by George Lucas In hopes of repeating the success of Jaws, the attitude became to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. Given the costs of these films ($100 million+) and advertising costs (as much as the movie) theatre owners were being required to send a higher percentage of earnings back to distributors. Theatres had to learn to earn money on concessions. Created a complete revolution in the technology and aesthetics of film sound and visual effects. Allowed Lucas to become a producer who controlled a multiface creative enterprise (kind of like Disney) Industrial Light and Magic Blockbuster Mentality Halloween (1978) introduced the immortal slasher. Other famous imitators include "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" Budgets Jaws (1975) dir by Spielberg The Hollywood Blockbuster THX-1138 (1971) LUcas' first film


Transcript: Analysing the Marketing: Trailer Characteristics of blockbuster films Blockbusters vs 'High-culture' films Simple, easy to understand plotlines, with themes that have a global appeal Simple, stereotypical characters with simple motives Marketed on their spectacular look (especially the use of CGI). Visual impact may be more important than the use of dialogue Marketed as a brand. The use of merchandising i very important with these types of films (e.g. 'Cars' merchandise earnt more than the film) Marketing Blockbusters Other Terms... Exploring their features, purpose and significance Blockbuster films are very expensive and they need to have 'brand awareness'. This is achieved through marketing. PR - online/ offline Promotions Media Research Creative - trailers... Reviews Target Audience - (genre) How is the film presented to the audience? Comment on: Mise-en scene, camera, genre and audience and editing. Is the trailer successful? Examples of Blockbusters Sleeper hits - films that are generally low in budget and tend to take time to make money. Their success tends to come from word of mouth, rather than extensive marketing (e.g. Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project) Box-office bombs - films that have expensive budgets, but fail to make even their budgets back. However, some bombs have made money after their time in the theaters, becoming 'cult classics'. (e.g. Waterworld, Cleopatra, Mars Needs Mums) What are the purpose of blockbuster films? What might influence an audience to go and see a blockbuster film? How do genre-based blockbusters influence the type of audience that will see the film? Do blockbuster films 'dumb-down' the quality of cinema? Does merchandising exploit people (esp. children)? Reflections... What are blockbusters? Blockbusters are defined as films that are extremely expensive and/ or successful The term was believed to have originated in the 50's They are characterised by expensive productions, casting of well-known actors, stereotypical characters and familiar plot lines and themes in contrast to other films Jaws is generally regarded as the first true 'blockbuster' film They have become increasingly popular since Jaws as they are generally reliable, earning a significant return on investment Blockbusters are generally released around the holidays to reach maximum audience Blockbusters are seen as 'popular culture' texts not as 'high-culture' texts They are designed to be kept simple to please the widest possible audience This is the current driving force behind Hollywood - it is where the bulk of the money is made in the film industry Criticism of the blockbuster centers around their generic stories and characters, with the focus on effects (i.e. the 'wow' factor) over ideas and complexity More recently however, there has been the emergence of some blockbusters which are more complex (e.g. Batman Begins, The Bourne Identity)


Transcript: the graph represents the comparison of Netflix and Blockbuster's Stocks the graph shows that netflix did better than blockbuster since netflix first came out. Blockbuster has been losing money even before netflix and redbox Plans for the Future by: Eliseo Lopez Stocks Redbox started to offer the $1 movie rental and it had no employees and it saves a ton of money to both the company and the customer Blockbusters was asking too much for their movie rentals Netflix offered unlimited movies for $8 a month and from your home. the late fees that blockbuster charged was too excessive. blockbuster had about $1 billion dollars in debt Blockbusters Blockbuster Videos Citation Blockbusters first opened in 1985 1986 Blockbuster goes public 1991 Blockbuster starts having problems with money July 2010 Blockbuster is delisted from the New York Stock Exchange Now Blockbuster is owned by Dish Network. Blockbuster is under Dish Network right now with only 2,400 stores currently open. plans to close 700 more stores in the near future Bockbuster plans to start streamin online with dish network. Blockbusters is planning to place DVD rental Kiosk's around to try to compete. Why Blockbuster almost went under Template by Missing Link Images from


Transcript: Work cited Movies that can easily be described and easily marketed to mass audiences through a wide release. Blockbusters Something, such as a film or book, that sustains widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales. Social trends in film have come and gone when identifying blockbuster films: Jaws (1975) - First Summer Blockbuster, Man Vs. Beast Star Wars (1977) - Mixed Genre, Coming of Age E.T. (1982) - Mixed Genre, Coming of Age Ghost busters (1984) - Comedy, Man Vs. Beast Titanic (1997) - Disaster film, Romance Avatar (2009) - Mixed Genre, Romance/Man vs Self Social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter have impacted the success/downfall of released pictures, as well as influenced what films are to be produced. Snakes on a Plane (2006) Deadpool (2016) Films such as Fantasic Four (2015) and Steve Jobs (2015) were both pulled from theatres early due to negative feedback on social media sites which brought down ticket sales. Analysis Myth is one of the most popular genres in blockbuster films. Travels better than any other genre Has a unique story Originality is very important to blockbuster films although they fall in the same genres they must have originality within them. Another unique aspect to blockbuster hits are cause and effect story line character change (ex. hero to villain or villain to hero) Current Trends J Blockbuster Film Analysis Social Media's contirbutions dictate the success or failure of a potential blockbuster. Though trends in blockbusters come in clusters, currently the trend is comic book franchises. Though it is rumored to be dying out, social media has a hold of the genre and refusing to let go. For example, the upcoming 2016 release of Deadpool. It was shelved after the Green Lantern movie due to lack of positive feedback of Ryan Reynolds as a superhero, but mass media faulted it as a bad fit in cast/bad writing as well as a lack of interesting plot instead of bad acting, so they pushed for the production of this film, reprising his role as Wade Wilson, a character first seen in Origins: Wolverine. Blockbusters Film Analysis Blockbuster Analysis Films are important to culture because they are a.... Form of entertainment A way to escape Learning tool Films stand out compared to television because they push the envelope more than T.V. can How has Culture changed the film industry? Blockbuster films must use the right genre based on the story idea. Genres are very important to block buster films whether it is an action genre, love, or thriller. Genres allow film writers to not have to reinvent every film Blockbuster Genre Trends Big films in the last four out of five years have been geared towards characters or plots that audiences are familiar with: sequals, comic book characters, reboots. 2010: Toy Story 3 2011: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 2012: Marvel's The Avengers 2013: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2014: American Sniper 2015: Jurassic World With blockbusters comes print and television advertising, and dozens of merchandising tie-ins. Blockbusters they are widely viewed and appropriate for all ages, therefore the audience for these films are much larger than most others "All-Time Top Box-Office Films By Decade and Year." All-Time Top Box-Office Films By Decade and Year. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2015. "Blockbuster." The Free Dictionary. Farlex, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2015. "Movies and Their Impact on Society." Buzzle. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2015. Mirrlees, Tanner. "Global Entertainment Media." Google Books. Routledge, n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2015. Solis, Brian. "Music, Film, TV: How Social Media Changed the Entertainment Experience." Brian Solis RSS. N.p., 10 Mar. 2012. Web. 14 Dec. 2015. Truby, John. "Secrets of Blockbuster Movies." WhatCulturecom 12 Most Influential Blockbuster Movies Ever Made Comments. The Writers Store, n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 201

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