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Block Diagram

Transcript: Web Browser DNS server Amazon EC2 server Route Determination Status Response Display of the list of trips Web Browser DNS server Route Determination Cannot deal with time-related erroneous traces DNS server Statistics related process PostgreSQL server Django Accelerometer Amazon EC2 server Http server Display of stats Http request Mode Nginx server Port 1 PostgreSQL server Http Request / Send Data Http Ports Django server Google transit web server Database Django Google direction server Assignment 10 Django server Computation of emissions Skyhook Service (WI-FI) Http server port 80 Misc. Phone Data Java server Collecting data process Nginx server User 2 Request stat_sum Nginx server Evaluation of the system Filter Google direction server App Cleared traces Django Java server Filtering process Overview of the system Independent Processes Display of stats Django server Set of trips GPS Http server Database port 9000 port 6543 port 8080 Database Http request Skyhook approved_trip_sum Trip processing Database Django server GPS satellites Django Location http Request port 80 Cell Tower Cell Tower Http server Filter User 2 Django server Accuracy position data: 43% irrelevant points per trip Trip determination and sleeping mode Mode determination: Separation of trips (1/3 of the trips) Route determination (Google) Problem of privacy DNS server Computed for each day (enable time series) and in average Django Trip Determination User 1 Port 2 Remove every erroneous trace that is not spatially consitent with a specific trip Http request Web Browser Analysis of the system MileSense Phone PostgreSQL server Nginx server CE 290I recalculate_info Computation of emissions PostgreSQL server Nginx server port 80 Java server port 80 Accelerometer Data November 2011 Mode Variables computed: Daily Time of travel CO2 emissions Transportation costs Burned calories (walk and bike) Team A Trip Determination Amazon EC2 server Three distinct processes: Collecting data process Trip computation process Statistics process Battery consumption: in average 21% of the battery for MileSense Improvement: user interface HTTP Server processing Http server GPS Receiver Application User 1 Request

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