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Transcript: Credits Any more examples? Blends A Morpheme is the smallest part of a word that carries meaning. This means a non morphemic part is a part of the word that doesn't carry any meaning. For example, the word 'smog' is actually a blend of two words, 'Smoke' and 'Fog'. In order to make this, you would take the parts with no meaning, like Sm, and the other section, Og, and combine it to create smog. Blending and compounding do sound similar, but are totally different, however. Blending is when you take the non morphemic part of the words and combine them, but compounding is when you use the morphemic parts of the word to create said word. A blend is when the sounds and meanings of two words are merged together to form one. This term can also be recognised by the term 'portmanteau word'. Why can't you have other parts of the word combined? What exactly is a 'blend'? In a research article (A quantitative analysis of blend structure in English by Stefan Th. Gries), this was explained. Since Journal articles are generally complex, this was summarised on the University of Sheffield website: The part of the word that contributes less is used. The way this is determined is by how much recognisable it is. What does non morphemic even mean? The University of Sheffield This sounds a lot like a compounding of words... Gleam + Shimmer = Glimmer Motor + Pedal = Moped Situation + Comedy = Sitcom The reason that these are combined is because it makes things easier to say, and basically summarises the whole thought and idea into one word.

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