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Blanket Terms

Transcript: Presenters: Lauren Trachtenberg Amie Rodriguez Hannah Achorn Katherine Gross Garret Wyckoff Sarah Andrews The 3 C's Curriculum peer tutoring program flipped classroom model group project- character development critical analysis skills discussion-based activities The End!!!! Stay Sexy, My Friends Innovative Think-Tank Model Curriculum self-guided Capstone presentations current issues and events problem-solving building public speaking skills Student-Teacher Driven Curriculum assessments for teachers, evaluations for grades relevant homework learning styles criterion-based grading: rubrics (teacher-centered) development options for teachers 1. Love of Learning 2. Life-long Learning 3. Self-Guided Learning Education Philosophy Learning Objectives Peace, Love, and Female Orgasm :) Local and Global Curriculum second language proficiency cultural immersion open to community service learning Practicality and Relevance Curriculum connect class to current events new tech = new textbooks (for less!) real skills for the real world class Peace, Love, and Female Orgasm End Activity The End!!! Cross Culture and Cross Curricular Emphasis diverse perspectives in "main text" rather than "margin bubbles" integrate material into class discussion and plans global self-awareness cross-cultural communication, interaction, and experience cross-curricular projects Innovative Think-Tank Model Cross Cultural & Cross Curricular Emphasis Local and Global Community Involvement The Three C's: -Critical, -Cooperative, -Collaborative Student-Teacher Driven Education Curriculum Practicality and Relevance

Tempicool Blanket

Transcript: The tempicool blanket was invented by Julianna Jones, Rebecca Holden, and John Spears. Julianna is an app designer, Rebecca is a college professor, and John is an electrical engineer. The blanket is made to cool you down when you are sleeping. you would need market surveys, a prototype, packaging, and a marketing plan to further develop the invention. It would take around 5 months and a week to finish the process of making the blanket. The project budget for this invention is $18,000. Materials for Invention: Cloth (one kind) $50 Electrical wire $200 Controller $400 Cooling materials $300 Packaging $500 Total: $2000 Design Team Tempicool Blanket Salaries for Engineers/Designers Photographer for packaging $2000 Engineers $6000 Developers $2000 App $5000 Purpose of Invention Project Budget Materials for Testing: Cloth (different kinds) $200 Electrical Wire $500 Controller $600 Cooling Materials $300 Packaging $50 Packaging (1 month) Finished Product (3 weeks) Total: $15,000 Julianna Jones: app designer Rebecca Holden: college professor John Spears: electrical engineer Invented by: Julianna Jones, Rebecca Holden, and John Spears Tempicool Blanket Step one: Market Surveys (Ex. how big, what kind of material, what features should the app have, should the blanket have dual controls) Step two: Develop the product with the surveys in mind. Get opinions from other engineers (prototype) Step three: Develop packaging (Ex. how big, what should it look like, photographer to take pictures to put on the box) Step four: Marketing Plan (Ex. Where should it be sold? How should it be advertised? Who is the target consumer?) A blanket that cools you down at night when you are sleeping. Turns on when your body or the outside air gets to a certain temperature. The blanket also turns off when it gets to a certain temperature. You can set the temperatures when you want the blanket to turn on or off. You can also get an app for your phone to control the blanket. Overall Project Budget: $18,000 Market Surveys (2 weeks) Timeline Overview of Procedure Prototype (2 months) Summary Marketing Plan (1 month) Total: $1000 Total Time: 5 months and 1 week

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