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Blanket Terms

Transcript: Presenters: Lauren Trachtenberg Amie Rodriguez Hannah Achorn Katherine Gross Garret Wyckoff Sarah Andrews The 3 C's Curriculum peer tutoring program flipped classroom model group project- character development critical analysis skills discussion-based activities The End!!!! Stay Sexy, My Friends Innovative Think-Tank Model Curriculum self-guided Capstone presentations current issues and events problem-solving building public speaking skills Student-Teacher Driven Curriculum assessments for teachers, evaluations for grades relevant homework learning styles criterion-based grading: rubrics (teacher-centered) development options for teachers 1. Love of Learning 2. Life-long Learning 3. Self-Guided Learning Education Philosophy Learning Objectives Peace, Love, and Female Orgasm :) Local and Global Curriculum second language proficiency cultural immersion open to community service learning Practicality and Relevance Curriculum connect class to current events new tech = new textbooks (for less!) real skills for the real world class Peace, Love, and Female Orgasm End Activity The End!!! Cross Culture and Cross Curricular Emphasis diverse perspectives in "main text" rather than "margin bubbles" integrate material into class discussion and plans global self-awareness cross-cultural communication, interaction, and experience cross-curricular projects Innovative Think-Tank Model Cross Cultural & Cross Curricular Emphasis Local and Global Community Involvement The Three C's: -Critical, -Cooperative, -Collaborative Student-Teacher Driven Education Curriculum Practicality and Relevance


Transcript: Blanket ~Stay cozy and comfortable~ Product Our product is for all ages that want a cold and hot blanket. We will be mainly focusing on Canada since the weather here needs these blankets. Each blanket cost $60 to make and $100 for sale. Product Cont. Our product is a wireless electric blanket for any temperature. It has the options to turn hot and cold for 10 hours, staying at your desired temperature for the whole night. Product Cont. Production Customization During the production of these blankets we would like to make them more eco friendly and still let the blankets do their job. The materials that we use to make these blankets are able to keep heat and coolness to the product. Colours are also another option to customize for your very own. Marketing For marketing we wanted to optimize our product by reaching customers across the internet. Some social media platforms we have joined already would be Instagram, Facebook and traditional TV. Management For making our company grow globally and expand we would want to join with other companies to make our product more known to our customers. Hopefully at the end of this year we would like to have a in-person store for customers to look at our blankets more closely. Organizing To achieve our goals, we would like to take it step by step to make sure that we aren't facing any difficulties Organizing Leading Our employees here are welcome to taking breaks and doing what they need to do for their bodies to feel active and ready to work. Leading Controlling Our way of managing resources and budgeting our money is to come together and discuss about our current situation. If the situation is too critical we will go to each employee to see where the problem started at. Controlling Human resources For our company we would like to have people on our team that knows how to manage our online store, and employees (manufacturers) to be able to follow directions, as their job is routinely and repetitive. Each employee is payed 25-30 dollars an hour. For clothing we would like our employees wear something comfortable since these clothes is what they feel best in. To keep our employees safe we will give safety equipment and free water to let everyone say hydrated

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