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Jeopardy Template

Transcript: The Game of Thrones t.v. show was inspired by this book What is a password? The President of The United States of America What does team DRAG stand for? Stone, Chamber, Prisoner, Goblet, Phoenix, Prince, Hallows Movement/idealogies that promote equality for women "It is no more radical for a girl to fall in love with mathematics or basketball than to fall in love with another girl" This includes things such as sending hurtful text messages or emails, or setting up a hate group on a social networking site. "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." What is cyber bullying? In 2008, California's Proposition __ posed to eliminate gay marriage, but was eventually deemed unconstitutional An expression of objection against an organization promoting an idea or law. At the 2014 Oscars, John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel as ____, creating a huge viral faux pas Did somebody call the geek squad? "I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain't I a woman?" What is "netiquette". Support for gay marriage decreases roughly after this age TBTN The labelization as a man or woman at birth AAUW In the Daily News Type of sexuality within the same sex HRC OMG!!!.. Utah was the __th state to legalize gay marriage “I am very disappointed an activist federal judge is attempting to override the will of the people of Utah. I am working with my legal council and the acting Attorney General to determine the best course to defend traditional marriage within the borders of Utah.” 2015's Batman Of U.S. Citizens, approximately ___ of 6 citizens support gay marriage __ of 3 justices refused to stay Shelby's decision in the 10th circuit's hearing of parent's roles in child-rearing Got Game? Highest Grossing Animated Film in History "You'll be coming home with me tonight And we'll be burning up like neon lights" The online equivilant of having good manners, or being polite - in other words, using proper "etiquette". Openly gay talk show host; 2014 Oscars host "It's a victory for all transgender people to know that we have a voice, that we have recourse, and that when it comes to workplace protections we deserve to make a living" Manners Much? "I got ______, ain't nobody got time fo' dat" M.Y.O.B. EEOC A first line of online defence against intruders and imposters - usually consisting of at least 8 characters.

Blank template

Transcript: A history of submarines 1580 The first published prescription for a submarine came from the pen of WILLIAM BOURNE, an English innkeeper and scientific dilettante. Bourne first offered a lucid description of why a ship floats – by displacing its weight of water -- and then described a mechanism by which: "It is possible to make a Ship or Boate that may goe under the water unto the bottome, and so to come up again at your pleasure. [If] Any magnitude of body that is in the water . . . having alwaies but one weight, may be made bigger or lesser, then it Shall swimme when you would, and sinke when you list . . . ." 1623 Dutchman CORNELIUS DREBBEL, hired in 1603 as "court inventor" for James I of England, built what seems to have been the first working submarine. According to accounts, some of which may have been written by people who actually saw the submarine, it was a decked-over rowboat, propelled by twelve oarsmen, which made a submerged journey down the Thames River at a depth of about fifteen feet. There are no credible illustrations of Drebbel's boat, and no credible explanations of how it worked. Best guess: the boat was designed to have almost-neutral buoyancy, floating just awash, with a downward-sloping foredeck to act as a sort of diving plane. The boat would be driven under the surface by forward momentum . . . just as are most modern submarines. When the rowers stopped rowing, the boat would slowly rise. Reports that Drebbel's patron, James I, witnessed a demonstration, may be true. Reports that James I took an underwater ride are most unlikely. 1654 The 72-foot-long "Rotterdam Boat," designed by a Frenchman (named DE SON) was probably the first underwater vessel specifically built (by the council of the Southern Netherlands) to attack an enemy (the English Navy). This almost submarine – a semi-submerged ram – was supposed to sneak up unobserved and punch a hole in an enemy ship. The designer boasted that it could cross the English Channel and back in a day, and sink a hundred ships along the way. 1729 English house-carpenter NATHANIEL SYMONS created a one-man expanding/contracting sinking boat – no locomotion – as a sort of public entertainment. Sealed up inside, in front of a crowd of spectators, he cranked the two parts of his telescopic hull together, spent forty-five minutes underwater, then expanded the hull, rose to the surface, and passed the hat. One man gave him a coin. Now it gets really interesting!! People start to take real chances with their lives! 1776 Yale graduate DAVID BUSHNELL (‘75) built the first submarine to actually make an attack on an enemy warship. Dubbed the "Turtle" because it resembled a sea-turtle floating vertically in the water, it was operated by Sergeant Ezra Lee. The scheme: be towed into the vicinity of the target; open a foot-operated valve to let in enough water to sink, close the valve; move in under the enemy by cranking the two propellers – one for forward and one for vertical movement – turned by foot treadle "like a spinning wheel;" drill into the hull to attach a 150-pound keg of gunpowder with a clockwork detonator; crank to get away; operate a foot-pump to get the water out of the hull and thus re-surface. In early-morning darkness on September 7, 1776, "Turtle" made an attack on a British ship in New York harbor, probably HMS Eagle. The drill may have hit an iron strap – it would not penetrate the hull. (Contrary to most reports, the Eagle of 1776 had not been fitted with a copper-sheathed bottom.) Lee became disoriented, soon bobbed to the surface and was spotted by a lookout. He managed to get away. 5:38-8:25 Several other submariners tried and failed, until 1861. The CSS Hunley is a story of true grit in the face of overwhemling odds and desperate circumstances. 1861 Early in the Civil War, the Confederate Government authorized citizens to operate armed warships as "privateers." A New Orleans consortium headed by cotton broker HORACE L. HUNLEY was approved for the operation of "Pioneer," a 20-foot long three-man submarine (one to steer, two to crank the propeller) designed and built by JAMES MCCLINTOCK . In a March 1862 demonstration on Lake Pontchartrain, a submerged "Pioneer" sank a barge with a towed floating torpedo. In April, 1862, the U. S. Navy captured New Orleans, and "Pioneer" was scuttled by its builders. Soon discovered, the boat eventually was sold for scrap in 1868. The Pioneer, and a second model, the American Diver, failed. Undeterred, Horace Hunley consortium built a third submarine. This submarine was about 40 feet long. Crew: possibly nine, eight to crank the propeller and at least one to steer and operate the sea cocks and hand-pumps to control water level in the ballast tanks. This submarine was sent to Charleston, to try to break the Federal blockade. Almost immediately, it, too, sank -- possibly twice, swamped by the wake of a passing steamer, with the loss of some crewmembers. Confederate Commanding General P. G. T.

Jeopardy Template

Transcript: 25 degrees What is the Latin name for lead. Both chemical and physical. Answer to 3-5 Water molecules form hollow crystals when they freeze. What do you call a chemical reaction that produces heat? A precipitate Write a four line poem that rhymes about the states of matter. Yes because the density is less than 1 g/ml Name 10 elements. Will a object that be that weighs 50 grams be more likely, less likely or just as likely to float as an object that weighs 100 grams. Why does ice have a greater volume than the same mass of water. -273 degrees What is it called when you mix two liquids and a solid forms. What is the lowest temperature possible in the universe (approximate answers are acceptable). Temperature 1993? What state would water be found in at 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Answer to 1-5 Answers may vary Measuring Matter What year did this school open? Answers may vary What do you call the curve shape that the water surface makes in a graduated cylinder. Silver 13 Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, calcium, potassium, sulfur, sodium. Physical Answers may vary What would be a reasonable method for measuring the density of an elephant. When you light a candle, what type of change occurs? Properties of Matter Name one new chemical that is formed when you combine acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate. Carbon dioxide Its already taken by sulfur so they use Na which comes from the latin name natrium. Define the word property using exactly 10 words. Name three elements that are found in high levels in the human body. Lily the cat and Trooper the dog What is the name of Mr. Newbold's pets. Equally as likely What high school did Mr. Newbold go to. Answers may vary 24 boys and 23 girls If you put a clear liquid on a hotplate and bubbles form is a physical or chemical change occurring. Fleetwood Park Name four quantitative properties that you could describe for a person. States of Matter Liquid What state would Mercury be in at 10 degrees Celsius. Answers may vary What temperature is most reasonable for a classroom. 5 degrees C, 25 degrees C or 50 degrees C. How many boys are there in grade seven at this school and how many girls are there? List 10 qualitative properties of this classroom. Why doesn't sodium have S as a symbol on the periodic table3 of elements. Know Your School Which element has the symbol Ag. Temperature, height, width, mass, density, etc. The meniscus Elements Which is not a qualitative property: Colour, Texture, Taste or Temperature. How many classes are there at Janice Churchill? The a sample of the imaginary substance unobtainium has a mass of 100 grams and a volume of 200 cubic centimeters. Will it float? Liquid Changes in Matter Answer to 2-5 At approximately what temperature does table salt boil?

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