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Blackboard schedule prezi template original

Transcript: Service desk Technology Leadership Strategy Delivery and IT Management Exec management Make time aside from the “crisis of the moment” to think in a true “strategic manner” What are Our Priorities- Lean kit Do we have achieve by dates on ALL What Improvements are we making on : our solution stack - productisation of any initiative - messaging and sales What Resources do we need to make the initiative work Where can help each other the most this week. REVIEW 7 GEESE FEEDBACK X 1 GOALS MENTORING - LISTEN/LEARN FRAMEWORK FOR IMPROVEMENT Daily Huddles goal focus and progress business performance Thank you Opportunities & Bottlenecks solution planning design desk Schedule Achievements business Trends Client Update initiative Progress day prior Team advice Whats COming Up BIg Picture Implications - Initiatives Proposals Due/TBR PLAn – Jamie Issues Man - client Risks emerging – Identification – Remediation Plan - Client Approval • Internal IT • Hosted Infrastructure Don't Sweat it... Contribute. USE DASHBOARDS. Rivercity Rhythm Team Month Review MONTHLY ONE ON ONE Quarterly celebration WEEKLY Issue Man vCIO CLIENTS wINS cHALLENGES Separate elements WEEKLY Exec Meeting yOU -chECK IN fEEDBACK (1 PER MNTH) rECOGNITION GOALS -SET AND ACTION ITS YOUR CAREER....... Weekly Team Breakfast People and Purpose Recap and Planning Around the business initiative update WEEKLY Director Meeting People - 7 geese review BUsiness UNit Month to date Strategic Goals Forward schedules Bi Weekly lunch and learn Solution review Tools Process Improvements Bi Weekly lunch and learn Solution review Tools Process Improvements

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