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Black Women

Transcript: Did you know that — Approximately one in seven African American babies in California is born too early or too small? African American babies are more than twice as likely as White babies to die before their first birthdays? African American women are much more likely than White women to die of pregnancy-related complications? The reasons for these health disparities are complex and cannot be fully explained by differences in underlying medical conditions or behaviors like smoking. In fact, many experts believe that aspects of social disadvantage—including poverty, lack of social support, and racial discrimination—are important contributors to the increased risks of poor maternal and infant outcomes among African Americans. Current scientific understanding suggests that experiencing these kinds of stressful conditions—not only during pregnancy, but throughout life—can have dramatic adverse effects on a woman’s own health and that of her baby. The California Black Infant Health (BIH) Program aims to improve health among African American mothers and babies and to reduce the Black: White disparities by empowering pregnant and mothering African American women to make healthy choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. Within a culturally affirming environment and honoring the unique history of African American women, the BIH Program uses a group-based approach with complementary client-centered case management to help women develop life skills, learn strategies for reducing stress, and build social support. BIH clients participate in weekly group sessions (10 prenatal and 10 postpartum) designed to help them access their own strengths and set health-promoting goals for themselves and their babies. In addition to helping clients reinforce the skills and knowledge they develop in the group sessions, one-on-one case management ensures that clients are connected with the appropriate community and social services to meet their needs. Each woman culminates her participation in the program by developing her own individual Life Plan to guide her continued progress after BIH. Reproductive Choice, Health and Justice Intersectionality (or intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination. An example is black feminism, which argues that the experience of being a black woman cannot be understood in terms of being black, and of being a woman, considered independently, but must include the interactions, which frequently reinforce each other. This feminist sociological theory was first named by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, though the concept can be traced back to the 19th century. The theory suggests that—and seeks to examine how—various biological, social and cultural categories such as gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, caste, and other axes of identity interact on multiple and often simultaneous levels, contributing to systemic injustice and social inequality. Intersectionality holds that the classical conceptualizations of oppression within society, such as racism, sexism, biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, and belief-based bigotry, do not act independently of one another. Instead, these forms of oppression interrelate, creating a system of oppression that reflects the "intersection" of multiple forms of discrimination.[4] #SayHerName Let's have a discussion to ask ourselves how we can be a resource to and help Black womxn. In no way did I fully explain the complex state of Black womxn in this country. I did not even truly begin. I encourage all of you though to do your own research to learn more. Be a better ally so that we can achieve our common goal. Remember that in order to achieve true equality and eliminate health disparities, especially when considering reproductive rights, we must fight for even the toughest battles because if won, we all win. Intersectionality Understanding the experiences of Black Womxn and the importance of Intersectionality What can we do? Black Infant Health Program Black womxn are all too often unseen in the national conversation about racial profiling, police brutality and lethal force. Say Her Name begins to shine a light on the ways that Black womxn are policed- whether it's police killings, or the "War on Drugs". It also pushes open the frame to include other forms and contexts of police violence - such as sexual assault by police, police abuse of pregnant womxn, profiling and abusive treatment of lesbian, bisexual, transgender and gender nonconforming Black womxn. These are the facts:

Black Women?

Transcript: Black Women Exposed? “Im going 2 kill you are all my lackeys and I’m going 2 talk about black women all i want! Fuck STD infested whores I HATE BLACK WOMEN” Detail 1 What is a Woman? Topic Black Women? Black Feminist Stop Please That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or gives me any best place! And ain't I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain't I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man - when I could get it - and bear the lash as well! And ain't I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain't I a woman? Women Refining Difference Interactive Questions 1. What are some of traits that the media (or other American influences) portray in a positive light? Negative light? 2. What group(s) of people is normally associated with these traits? 3. Do you believe that these traits are still directly related to the traditional inner circle; white, wealthy, heterosexual male or have our ideals changed upon which traits are considered superior and which are inferior? Give an example. Comment: I hear your points about black men with incarceration, black on black crime, health issues and diseases, but the different between those issues and that of black woman, is that the black man's issues are self inflicted.

Black Women

Transcript: Black Women History Hip-Hop Culture Pillars behind civil rights movement Received less acknowledgment for contributions compared to black males Double standard in hip-hop industry Beauty Ideals Black male stereotypes have been popularized in pop culture "Playing out racial stereotypes worked in black boys' favor, while doing the same was detrimental for black females" (Cadet). When black females exhibit stereotypically behavior seen as ghetto Attempt to act assertive come across as bitchy Other songs & music videos to analyze Stereotypes Examples 1960's Black women’s beauty standards have changed to those of white peers Barbie doll (white, tall, blue eyes, straight long blonde hair) Subconscious effects on little girls As a result of these ideals, many have resorted to body modification to achieve attractiveness Bleaching skin, weaves, colored contacts Culture stripped from slaves Dehumanized Treated like animals Property Black women used to supply more slaves (breeding) Children taken from them Vulnerable to sexual desires of master Sex objects Defenseless The myth of black women as hypersexual served to set white women on a pedestal and excuse white men's rape of black women" (208 Springer). If Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive today he would be appalled by the various forms of discrimination that still exist Black women have been plagued by their negative image in society Media is dominated by white culture Disproportionate representation of black people in general whether it be in movies, TV shows, magazines, advertisements, toys, etc. Experiment on Misogynous Lyrics Why is racism still an issue in 2014? Study 1- Males exposed to degrading lyrics compared to neutral lyrics exhibited more aggressive behavior towards the female confederate Study 2- Males exposed to degrading lyrics recalled more negative attributes about women Study 3- Males exposed to degrading lyrics reported more negative feelings towards women and reported feelings of vengeance Female rappers rarely get opportunity to express empowering messages In order to enter rap as performers and to compete with male rappers, they must follow "male rules" Embody male esthetic and emulate male behavior Must objectify themselves to be accepted within black male-controlled industry Told my old ho, she my new bitch Told my new bitch, she my old ho Well she used to be your ho… I fuck a bitch to sleep, nap time I put my name on it and that's mine Pussy so wet she thought it got baptized -“Paranoid” by Ty Dolla Sign Malcolm X W.E.B. Du Bois Harriet Tubman Jesse Jackson Nelson Mandela “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” - Martin Luther King Jr. Notice majority of these black leaders are males “You have to be a beast. That’s the only way they respect you…when I am assertive, I’m a bitch. When a man is assertive, he’s a boss. He bossed up. No negative connotation behind bossed up. But lots of negative connotation behind being a bitch.” - Nicki Minaj Lyrics Powerful Black Women Women that challenge these stereotypes Slavery Contemporary Society Based off history Light skinned slaves worked inside the home Dark skinned slaves worked on the fields Colorism within the black community Those with lighter skin are treated more favorably and are awarded privileges Brown paper bag test: if skin is darker then paper bag denied access to certain events Instead of discriminating against each other should be working together to combat the oppression they both face Loves fried chicken, watermelon, and Kool-Aid Hair- nappy or fake (weave) Government assistance Angry black woman Teen pregnancy A lot of kids Ratchet Ghetto Loud, obnoxious Big butt (Fischer) Maya Angelou Frederick Douglas Booker T. Washington Medgar Evers Al Sharpton "I Have a Dream" Speech Often negative stereotypes about black women Bottom of Totem Pole Black women face the difficultly of combating both racism and sexism White privilege Black male privilege Rarely discussed or recognized Martin Luther King Jr. Barack Obama John Lewis Thurgood Marshall Rosa Parks Nelly- "Tip Drill" Robin Thicke- "Blurred Lines" Fat Joe- "Make it Rain" Nicki Minaj- "Stupid Hoe" Akon- "Smack That" Ying Yang Twins- "Whisper" Jay-z- "Big Pimpin" Black women did not have financial choice to stay at home Legal segregation and economic inequalities limited employment opportunities Usually took domestic jobs Maids- more of mother to kids than their biological mother Paid lowest wages Music Videos Black Female Civil Rights Activists Models used in videos typically black women Often raunchy In some cases it should be considered porn Dressed in exposing clothing Dance and pose in sexually provocative ways Surrounded by fully clothed men simulating sexual acts Men making fun of them Sexual innuendos Tell women to bounce and shake Degrading to women Women referred to as hoes and other demeaning


Transcript: Lacey Daniels April 24, 2018 Dr. Muhammad HIST 3527-01 BLK WOMEN 'N' The 20th Century THESIS Black women throughout the 20th century have contributed to the equal rights for women, as well as fought through the Black women’s plight. Over the course of this semester, we have learned, analyzed, discussed, and critiqued experiences of race, class and gender for Black women in the 20th century. While focusing on issues of Black women, men, and the black family, Black women have had such a crucial role in the 20th century. To me, after this course I believe that my knowledge of Black women throughout this period of history has increased to a higher understanding. Black women Have served as a vital force for equal rights, combatting stereotypes, fighting against rape and sexual abuse, raising the Black family, and supporting Black men all while maintaining her own life. THESIS: PROTECTION PROTECTION To be kept: the action of protecting someone or something, or the state of being protected. a legal or other formal measure intended to preserve civil liberties and rights. (NOUN) "A BLACK WOMEN'S BODY WAS NEVER HERS ALONE" -Danielle McGuire "POWER TO THE ICE PICK"-Danielle McGuire "STRONGBLACKWOMEN -n- ENDANGEREDBLACKMEN" -Joan Morgan "WHO'S PUSSY IS THIS?: A FEMINIST COMMENT"-bell hooks "Gender Talk"-Johnnetta Betch Cole & Beverly Guy-sheftall BLACK WOMEN'S PROTECTION: HOW HAS PROTECTION BEEN SEEN THROUGH BLACK WOMEN DURING THE 20TH CENTURY? WHO PROTECTS US? 20TH CENTURY PROTECTION: MIND & BODY MIND & BODY "Hamer’s mother and grandmother taught her the painful truth that in the Mississippi Delta, if not the entire South, a black woman’s body was never hers alone." (McGuire, 156) " In the 1940S it was nearly impossible for black victims of sexualized violence to receive justice in the courts." (McGuire, 204) "In order to protect themselves, the female freedom fighters Huddled together at night, taking turns staying awake in case the guards came in to harass them." (McGUIRE, 163) PROTECTION: RIGHTS OF BLACK PEOPLE RIGHTS OF BLACK PEOPLE "Hamer did not shy away from detailing the sexual aspects of her beating. She told her story on national television at the Democratic National Convention in 1964." (McGuire, 159) "VICTORIES OF THE MID-1960'S RESTED ON DECADES OF BLACK WOMEN'S ORGANIZING AND PERSONAL TESTIMONY ." (mCgUIRE,204) PROTECTION: BLACK MEN BLACK MEN "We sympathetically believe they are not necessarily weak but ENDANGERED...Our frustrations are somewhat justified." (morgan, 120) "Every generation of black women has experienced tremendous anxiety about keeping their men alive. We as women always had to learn to protect our men from white society." (Morgan, 131) THESIS WORKS CITED McGuire Danielle L. Power to the Ice Pick. Knopf, 2010 McGuire, Danielle L. A Black Woman’s Body was Never Hers Alone. Knopf, 2010. Morgan, Joan. “Strong Black Women.” “Strong Black Women and Endangered Black Men.” New York: Simon and Shuster, 1999. MRHOLTSHISTORY, “Malcolm X- On Protecting Black Women”. YouTube video, 01.04. Posted [APRIL 2008]. "Protection." Merriam-Webster. Accessed April 15, 2018. g

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