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Black and White in Black and White

Transcript: Points of Interest For Discussion What is the point: Cinematography/ mise en scene Leitmotif History/ Colonial Ideology Identity What is the significance of Diouana asking for the mask back? Langford argues that we can use these systems to determine the identities of colonial and post-colonial subjects. Looking at the characters, do you agree? Are there any moments when characters move from one economic system to another? How can we interpret the last scene, when Monsieur returns the mask? Do you think cinematography of the movie being black and white emphasizes the microcosm? Give specific examples. How does the interior and the props (of being black and white) important? Do you agree with Langford that it emphasizes microcosm? Group One: Group Two: Group Three: Group Four: Summary: The article was written by Rachael Langford It focuses on the film La Noire de... that touches upon the issues of colonized and post-colonial identity Collaboration!!! Questions Questions Do you side with Mylkus and Armies or Langford pertaining to the voice over? How does Diouana form a sense of identity within the film? How is the act of suicide, the leitmotif of the mask, and themes of money, gift and production central to the film's confrontation with colonial and neo-colonial discourse on African identity In the beginning of the film, it showed a sequence of Diouana and monsieur driving from the port to the apartment. As they were driving, it illustrated them driving through the beach and people having fun. What is the significance of this scene in terms of identity and Diouanna’s perspective of France? In the end of the film, Diouana commits suicide. How did the French media respond? Did her death help link France and Dakar and if so what was that connection? Danielle Lee Mack Lim Danielle Magalhaes Chino Uy Professor. Hoffman May 8 2015 ENGC72 Black and White in Black and White Identity and Cinematography in Ousmane Sembène's La Noire de.../ Black Girl (1966) By: Rachael Langford Thesis Langford argues that through cinematography and narrative content the movie shows the structural power the French had over Africa, thus preventing Africa and African from being equal (from being independent ) and determines their identity Main Points Identity- inferiority/ representation History/False Colonial Ideology Leitmotif of Mask / Gift giving Mise en scene and cinematography reflects the bigger problem between the French and African

Black and White

Transcript: Black and White By: Collin Edwards MYP English 2 The 1950's and 60's was a time of struggle for racial equality. There were many tragedies from revolutions from African-Americans. This period is known as the "Civil Rights Movement". The book, Black and White by Larry Dane Brimmer, helps to tell the story of Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Bull Connor role in the movement. This book is about the confrontation between Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Eugene "Bull" Connor. Reverend Shuttlesworth was a pastor and a civil rights leader. He helped pave the way for reformation in the South. Bull Connor was the Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama during the Civil Rights movement. He sought to keep things the way they were, but Reverend Shuttlesworth believed differently. Bull did everything to get rid of him and his ways. Aha! Moment Fred Shuttlesworth had assassination attempts all throughout his life. There was an attempt on Christmas Day, 1956, at 9:40 p.m. He and others that were with him survived, this was one of the many attempts to kill him.The biggest thing that I learned from this book was that there was no concerns over background education in jobs. Bull Connor became the Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama without a high school diploma. Accuracy and Authenticity This story's facts are accurate and since the book is up to date because many otherr sources have the same information. The author does include significant facts in the side captions such as, Autherine Lucy: Tests the Brown v. Board of Education Decision. The author presents a balanced view of Facts in the captions help to support the generalization of African Americans struggle for freedom. Content and Perspective The purpose of this story is to inform the audience about critical events in the civil rights movement. The intended audience is for all people especially young people to inform them of key events in history. Style The message, text, and art are clear for the audience in this story. The level of difficulty in the story is average, but the author puts the reader in the book as one of the characters. Even though one of the main characters was a preacher, the story avoided being too didactic. "Black & White." By Larry Dane Brimner. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2012. <>. Organization Gist Opinion I thought that the book, Black and White, was an interesting book. I thought the book provided me with more information on the civil rights movement. This book helped me to learn how Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Bull Connor contributed in the struggle for freedom. The structure of the book was one part tells the story of one of the main characters (Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth) and another character (Bull Connor) and their confrontation. The book does clarify the message throughout the text following additional information from the extension of text. There were very good pictures to explain the stories and the overall situation. The captions in the book helps the reader to clearly know what the reader is trying to describe. There was a normal format in all the selections. Illustrations and Format Introduction

Red, White and Black:

Transcript: On July 17th, 1862 President Lincoln declared African Americans could serve in the U.S. military by issuing the Second Confiscation and Militia Act African Americans were not allowed to engange in combat unitl the Emancipation Proclamation The Importance of Different Racial Groups Different racial groups played a key role in the Civil War African Americans fought for the North, which enraged southerners, Hispanics fought for both sides and Native Americans became scouts and giudes. More than 10,000 served in the Civil War Both the Union and Confederate had hispanic Americans fighting for them, but most regiments were in the Confederate Army because most of them lived in the Southwest of the U.S. The highest known rank of a hispanic american was admiral of the Union Navy African Americans Native Americans 200,000 served in the Union army and navy and were paid less than white men and they could not become officers The United States Colored troops suffered discrimination even though they volunteered Most were placed as factory and construction workers and did not see combat They were given wore down clothes and equipment that the white soldiers did not want When used in battle, they were seen as targets and were put on the frontlines Sources Hispanic Americans Most supported the Confederacy because the union troops abandoned the forts in indian territory making them more vulnerable to the confederacy Some Native Americans owned slaves The ones who remained loyal to the Union were only allowed to fight in indian territory for fear they would turn against white men when armed Many were guides and scouts They joined the armies for they were promised to get their homelands back if that side won Race in the Civil War By: Kelsie Owens and Chance Osborne

Black And White

Transcript: Black And White 1)The homelands middle school girls team playing a basketball game 2)Thomas notices that Denyse's playing skills are really simular to his. 3)After the game, Thomas and Denyse coincidently go to the movies together. They find out that their really simular to each other. 4)When Thomas goes to return Denyse's purse, he gets in an accident while roller blading. When Denyse is fixing is bruises, her brother Jamar steps in and wonder's hat going on between them. 5)After the movies, kids made all sorts of rumors about Denyse and Thomas but they both dont seem to care and start hanging out 6)One saturday, Thomas invited Denyse to go to the skiing resort with him. There while Thomas was teaching Denyse, they accidently fell on top of each other and kissed. 7)After Denyse told Thomas to leave her, someone made a really mean racist comment about Denyse. This got Thomas pretty mad but Denyse told him to calm down if he wanted to be her boyfriend. Which officially made their friends relationship turn into a dating relationship. 8)After Denyse invited Thomas to the church, they were having lunch when Denyse announced that Thomas is her boyfriend which ofcoarse shocked everyone in her family 9)When Denyse was playing a basketball game, the other team started giving her a hard time. She got knocked off and scratched a couple of times . She got really upset. 10)Denyse told thomas and Jamar that they called her an oreo, which means being black from the outside and white from the inside because they saw Denyse kissing Thomas before the game. 11)Jamar gives Thomas and Danyse some advice based on his dating experiences with white girls. 12)Thomas and Denyse decide that they will not break up because of what happened to them. After reading this book, it gives us a lesson that we shouldn't do things other peolpe want us to do infact do the things we want to do. Thomas and Denyse didn't stop seeing each other just because some people don't approve their relationship. Presentation by: Fatima Arif Thanks for watching :)

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